“Kiniro Mosaic: Pretty Days” Anime OVA Review: A Glimmering Painting Worthy Of Gold

★Writer: Richard K. Moe

Pretty Days Promotional Art 2


Aya Smiles.gif
★ Aya takes the lead role this time ★

As the school festival approaches Shinobu is tasked to lead a play for her classroom and is helped by her best friends Yoko, Aya, Karen, and Alice. While the group of friends work on the play they begin to stumble on past memories with Shinobu. Aya begins to feel distanced from Shinobu because everyone in the group seems to hold more importance than she does to Shinobu. Aya begins to look at the past and wonder if she was ever important to Shinobu. 

Behind The Anime:

Karen Reacting Cute.gif

★Original Creator – Yui Hara (Wakaba Girls, The Witch of Artemis)

★Animation Studio – Studio Gokumi (A-Channel, Yuki Yuna Is a Hero, Saki Episode of Side A)

★Director – Tensho (The Eden of Grisaia, Rewrite)

★Assistant Director – Munenori Nawa (Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn, Lodocol)

★Character Design – Kazuyuki Ueda (Hinako Note)

PrettyDays Cards Compilations Cropped edit edit Super Another One.jpg




  • From the Shinbou Youngin.gifbeginning to end the story is entertaining, fun, funny, a bit emotional, and engaging. 
  • All the characters are even more likable than before. 
  • The internal conflict that Aya goes through is compelling.
  • Yoko, Aya, and Shinobou are given much more character depth than the television show. 
  • The flash backs of Yoko, Aya, and Shinobu are some of the best parts of the OVA. 
  • The friendship between Yoko, Aya, and Shibobu felt authentic. Fideget Dancing
  • The dialogue is terrific and charming. 
  • The cute moments of the OVA are down right adorable. 
  • There are silly little unique things the cast do. (E.G. Karen and Alice’s fidget dance moment.)
  • The emotional sequences are both sweet and endearing. 
  • The comedy is hilarious and golden. 
  • Although silly, the solutions for most of the problems in the story somehow worked. 
  • Even though every character couldn’t make a huge impact in the story, they were able to be at least apart of the story. 
  • The ending is delightful, heart warming, and absurd. 


Directing, Music, and Illustrations

Whooo Whoo!

  • The music cues in perfectly for every happy moment and melancholic  moment. 
  • The pacing was great for most of the part. 
  • Once the backstory of the trio (Yoko, Aya, Shinobu) kicked in the whole feel of the OVA felt different. 
  • The music used throughout the OVA was soothing and nice. 
  • Although not much different from the show, the character designs are still wonderful.
  • The character’s cuteness and prettiness shines through the illustrations. 



Yoko Ayayayaya.gif

  • Due to the story focusing on Yoko, Aya, and Shibobu’s friendship, characters like Alice and Karen aren’t given much story impact. 
  • The build up of Aya rethinking about her friendship with Shinobu felt like it was lacking a little.
  • Yoko felt like she was push to the side a bit because the story’s focus was more on Aya and Shinobu’s friendship. 

Animation and Illustrations

  • The animation was pretty inconsistent throughout the OVA.
  • The illustrations were also inconsistent throughout the OVA.



♥ You were absolutely dazzling Aya! ♥

★8.5/ 10★

I laughed, I smiled, and I even felt melancholic.

This small story was an absolute delight!

It’s definitely Pure Golden!

(Reference Source for “Behind The Anime” – Anime News Network)


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