“Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd” Video Game Review: The Vocaloid Experience Just Got Better!

★Writer: Richard K. Moe 

Both Covers.jpg

  • Platforms: Playstation 3, Playstation Vita 
  • Publishers: Sega
  • Developers: Sega, Crypton Future Media
  • Video Game Review Platform: Playstation Vita


♥ Renowned digital sensation, Hatsune Miku, returns for a second time! ♥

There’s no story once again, but Hatsune and the gang are back again for another fun filled Vocaloid experience.  Dance and sing to your hearts content as Hatsune Miku, Rin Kagamine, Len Kagamine, Luka Megurine, Kaito, and Meiko. With new and classic Vocaloid songs, create a new and everlasting vocaloid experience!






  • Rhythm games are addictive, fun, accessible, and with it’s new sliding notes and double notes mechanics, it becomes more refined. 
  • Countless hours can be spent on perfecting your skills in the rhythm games alone.
  • The new “items” feature really help change things up in rhythm games. (E.G. Some items will make things more easier. Some items will replace buttons. Some items will make things more challenging.) 
  • Some rhythm games have you creating cool shapes through gameplay.
  • The hard and Rin'sRoom.jpgextreme difficulty settings presents a good challenge to the rhythm games. 
  • Unlocking new songs to play and listen to is always exciting.
  • There is an abundance of different songs to choose from. 
  • The colorful cast of Vocaloids to choose from is splendid. 
  • Customizing your favorite Vocaloid in different outfits and accessories is a blast of fun. 
  • There are a load of new and dashing outfits to earn and choose from. As well as old and nostalgic outfits.
  • The new “unlockables” feature for each song makes repeating a song, getting a righteous combo, and playing on different difficulties worth it. PerfectExtreme.jpg
  • Spending time with your favorite Vocaloid in the “Diva Room” is a dream come true. 
  • The new features and animations in the Diva Room make the interactions feel
    even more interactive and authentic than before. (E.G. Characters will now decline a gift for a set amount of time if you have already given them one. Characters will become upset if you pet them wrongly. When raising a Diva’s affection meter, you are given a short and personal cutscene.)
  • Earning and spending Diva Points is always a real joy. 
  • Edit mode is a fun place to spend a load of time crafting music videos while testing your patience and creativity. 
  • AR Portrait mode gives you a fun opportunity to take pictures of your favorite Vocaloids hanging about in your world. 
  • AR performances are spectacular and bring the concert into your world. 
Presentation and Music
  • The anime like Decorator.jpgcharacter models are both adorable and good looking.
  • The new menu design is stylish and refreshing. 
  • Great and adorable looking art fills the loading screens once again. 
  • The Vocaloid’s movements are spectacular in performances. Customizing Rin.jpg
  • The newly implemented English subtitles help by giving clear translations of the songs. 
  • The new animations that appear in the customization mode and the results board make things feel more up to date. 
  • The new “skins” feature for the meter and score sections make rhythm games look even more stylish.  
  • Songs are accompanied with both nice and extravagant looking music videos. (E.G. The song, “Decorator”, music video has all the Vocaloids coming together on a grand and colorful stage. The song, “Two Breaths Walking”, music video presents the viewers with shapes and transformations surrounding Miku while she rocks out with her guitar.) 
  • The background music that plays in the menus and Diva Rooms are delightful. 
  • Songs are catchy, tuneful, poppy, and enjoyable. (E.G. “Melt” by Ryo is a lovely pop song. “Packaged” by kz(livetune) is a melodic song. “Two Breaths Walking” by DECO*27 is terrific rock song. “Doubleganger” by KulfiQ is great duet rock song. “The World is Mine” by Ryo is a sensational pop song.) 
  • Songs provide a splendid amount of different musical sounds from pop, rock, party, and much more. 


  • There are Miku Swinging.jpgrecycled animations, voices, and features in the Diva Room mode. 
  • When playing a song in the Diva’s Room the song is completely stopped when a cut-scene happens and restarted once the cut-scene is done. 


Things Are Looking Up.gif
★ You guys are shining even brighter! ★


I’ll say it again.

“The Vocaloid experience just got better!”


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