Anime Games Of 2017: Richard K Moe’s Anime Games To Look Out For This Year!

★Writer: Richard K. Moe 


Hello, today something I deem important came to mind today. It’s 2017! And you know what that means! So many different types of video games are releasing soon. You have games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 7, Gravity Rush 2, Mass Effect: Andromeda and so forth. But since Saechao Circulation only talks about anime or manga related things, those aren’t the type of games i’ll be discussing today. Instead i’ll be talking about games that are obviously anime game titles. I mean Gravity Rush certainly has the anime style to it but it’s not entirely an anime game. Well, you know what. Okay, i’m going to include it. Let’s begin!

1. Gravity Rush 2


What Gravity Rush 2 is about: 

The game picks up where the last Gravity Rush left off. So, you should play the previous one or get a summary of it before you pick this up. So, anyways. In the aerial city of Hekseville, the city is in the process of reconstruction due to an incident from the former mayor D’nelica which endangered both the city and civilians. While waiting for something new to happen, Kat and her gravity shifter companion, Raven, discover a gravity disturbance and go to investigate. Along the way Syd, a police officer who previously helped Kat, catches up with them and is caught by a gravitational whirlpool along side them. Kat and Syd end up arriving in a mysterious mining settlement named Banga village. With no sign of Raven, the cast set out to figure out where and why they ended up in such a place. 

You’ll be able to use Kat’s previous gravity power and be able to use new ones. Two of them being the new “Lunar” and “Jupiter” style. The Lunar style will make Kat lighter, faster, and able to jump higher than before. Then you have the “Jupiter” style which makes Kat more heavy and able to dish out hits with more impact. Not only are their new powers, but there’s also new areas to explore, more side missions to do, more costumes, more life to see, and more enemies to take down. And for the first time ever a new photo mode. 

What I think about it:

I don’t know about you, but that sounds adventurous to me. Falling in love with Kat and gravity once again sounds splendid. I loved both the first installment for the PS Vita and I also loved the remastered version for the PS4. From what Gravity Rush 2 is providing, it doesn’t look like i’ll be disappointed. I can’t wait to use new powers, explore new areas, see Kat in even more dashing costumes, and unravel the mysterious origins of Kat. And seeing this is the last installment in the Gravity Rush series i’ll really need to use that photo mode as much as I can. Because i’ve been in love with Kat since forever, and parting ways with her without any memories will be devastating. So, i’ll have to get ready for depression, but at least i’ll have photos that’ll make be both happy and even more depressed! Yeah! Kat in that red dress! Oh yeah!

2. Atelier Firis 


What Atelier Firis is about: 

It is the second entry to the “Mysterious” saga, the first entry being Atelier Sophie. This adventure follows Firis Mistlud, a spunky and energetic girl, and her caring older sister Liane Mistlud. The two have always lived in the isolated town of Ertona, where Firis uses her ability to see where crystals of materials are buried. But one day by a fateful encounter, Firis learns of the Alchemy Exam and decides to finally step into the outside world. Along with her sister, Firis embarks on a grand adventure to become a certified alchemist and see the mysteries that life has to offer.

For the first time ever in the Atelier series, there will be narrative path choices. With three different paths that focus on the three key aspects of the Atelier series which are Alchemy, Combat and Character relationships. And if you’re worried that you’ll be locked onto one path. Don’t be! Because you’re able to switch between the three paths at any time during the journey! Not only are the new narrative path choices something to be excited about but the new and vast world to explore as well. Also the familiar alchemy and turn based combat make a return but this time even more refined than ever.

What I think about it:

A new world, a new story, new and cute characters, a new narrative path choice feature, refined alchemy, and refined combat. What more can I ask for an Atelier? I’m already a big fan of the Atelier series, so this one may make my love for the Atelier series zoom up into the sky. It looks fantastic, both the character models and the environment. And the world looks so vast and large. I can’t wait to explore it! And Firis is just so adorable! I’m ready to grow along side these characters in this new journey for the three to four in game years!

3. Nights of Azure 2


What Nights of Azure 2 is about: 

Alushe, a knight of the Curia, is tasked to guard and escort Liliana, a Saint and former childhood friend. The two arrive at the Curia, and are informed that Lilana is chosen to be the “Bride of Time” which means she is to be offered as a sacrifice to the “Queen of the Moon”. While in shock and sorrow, Alushe still fulfills her duty and escorts Lilana to the Queen of the Moon’s castle. But on the way to the castle, the two are attacked by a ferocious demon, and Alushe is killed. When Alushe awakens again, she learns that she has been resurrected by the Curia as a half-demon. 

Unlike it’s predecessor, you are now able to fight with a partner “Lily” against the demons that lurk the night. Your bond with your chosen Lily partner will grow stronger the more you fight together. As your friendship grows, new skills will unlock and new intimate events will occur. Also summoning servans and the hack n slash action returns but is said to be completely different from the last one. 

What I think about it:

From what i’ve seen and i’ve seen A LOT. I can say that this game looks like it’ll be better than the first one. I really enjoyed the first one but it had a lot of weak moments. But Nights of Azure 2 looks like they’re taking the strengths of the first one and refining them. So that means greater gameplay, better graphics, excellent music, and a even more compelling story. And please let’s have the characters only be all girls this time, please no random annoying guys in the story like the last one. If you must, then please don’t make them obnoxious. But enough about guys! Let’s talk about the girls! Alushe, Lilana, and Louenhide look amazing and I know they’re going to be amazing. So gorgeous and beautiful! I can’t wait to experience this! Also, it’s a night game, so i’ll be playing this around midnight like I did the last one! 

4. Blue Reflection

BlueReflection! Trimmed!.jpg

What Blue Reflection is about: 

Hinako Shirai, is a girl who lives her everyday life in boredom due to a foot injury that stopped her from doing ballet ever again. But one day in high school she meets two mysterious sisters named Yuzuki Shijou and Raimu Shijou. The two see that she is capable of being a “Reflector”, a magical girl. Hinako believes being a Reflector will heal her injured foot and get her to dance ballet again. Hinako is tasked to communicate with different girls in her school and resolve their inner troubles. But these problems cannot be solved only in the real world, they must also be solved in the “Other World”.

As Hinako, you spend your life in the real world and go to high school. During these moments you can grow your relationship with your peers and do average high school girl things. Such as: hanging out, eating lunch, talking, and so on. But outside of the real world, as a Reflector, you must go and battle in the Other World to locate the source of a student’s problem. Fighting tough foes and locating fragments will be the key moments in the Other World. But sometimes terrible foes named “Pure Breeds” make their way to the real world and Hinako and her fellow Reflectors must take down these foes to protect the world. 

What I think about it:

Wow, just wow. The name is already stunning. “Blue Reflection”. That is such a stunning name. The story already sounds very interesting and engaging. The gameplay looks original and spectacular. Spending my days in high school with beautiful girls already sounds great. But what sounds even greater is getting to know these girls and solving the problems that’s within their hearts. I hope this game is able to hit the emotional parts well. But I believe in it! Like I do for the gorgeous gameplay. The user interface in battles looks terrific. The turn based combat looks spectacular. And the girls and the world just looks so stunning and beautiful. Definitely looking out for this one! 

5. Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash


What Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash is about: 

So Senran Kagura hasn’t always had the best plots. But for this one. I don’t think i’d do it justice by summarizing it. So.

“In the world of shinobi, there is a mysterious water gun tournament that has existed since ancient times. About those rules…Whether you’re a good shinobi, bad shinobi, fugitive shinobi, or dead shinobi, your standpoint doesn’t matter. Victory or defeat will be determined with tournament-provided water guns. All of your special abilities as shinobi cannot be used. The story that starts here is a record of playing in water by the the young shinobi students. What sort of trails will be left on the sandy white beach that continues on forever? That’s something no one yet knows.” (Gematsu)

Instead of the hack n slash, clothes bursting action that the series is renowned for, this installment will be a third person water shooter. Battles will consist of two teams of 5 duking it out. In order to win these battles you must soak your opponent in water. And seeing how this is a water fight, you will be given many different types of guns to do so. Weapons include: dual pistols, Gatling guns, sniper rifles, and other types of water guns. Not only are their different types of weapons to use, but there’s also different types of cards to gain and equip. These cards are used to summon companions and unleash devastating skills. After soaking your enemy, you can finish them off with a special finisher which aims at an enemy’s “buttock” and “bosoms”.  And also there’s new bikinis and accessories to equip your favorite shinobi in.

What I think about it:

Well, I can’t lie. The plot doesn’t make sense, the fan service is a tad ridiculous, and you definitely can’t play this in front of society. But what I can say is that I love Senran Kagura and I am going to buy this game and watch my back when I play this game. From what i’m seeing, the gameplay looks like it can be very fun. I never played Spaltoon but I imagine it’s going to be like it. Also the graphics, the physics, and the girls look beautiful, amazing, and luscious as ever. So I know i’m going to have a good time! And maybe the story will surprise me. I already love all the characters, so i’m willing to dive in once again. I’m looking forward to being drenched in sweat from both the game and my guilty conscious. 

6. Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune

Promotional Art.jpg

What Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune is about: 

The goddesses Neptune, Noire, Blanc, and Vert, who have protected the world of Gamindustri from many parallels, are selected to beta test the latest version of the game “Four Goddesses Online”. A very popular online game that is based off the goddesses. The online game is based in a fantasy world named “Arsgard” which is surrounded by green pastures, blue oceans, and towered over by The World Tree. The goddesses log into the game and encounter a spirit guardian named “Bouqet”, who guides adventurers on their journey. Neptune and the gang learn that they are the “Chosen Ones” and must go on a journey to take out the demon king who threatens the peace of Arsgard. The girls journey across this virtual adventure to save the world, save their sisters, meet themselves, and discover more fun.

On your journey across the land of Arsgard, you will be going through dungeons, slaying furious foes, looking for special items, and meeting new and familiar characters. Instead of the traditional turn based combat that the main Hyperdimension Neptunia entries usually have, this one will have hack n slash combat. Parties will consist of four members, and each individual character will have their own unique move set and class. Besides the main story, there will be various guild quests to take, which consist of monster slaying, boss slaying, locating certain items, and arriving at a certain area in dungeons. 

What I think about it:

I’m super excited for this title! It looks amazing! Check. It looks fun! Check. It looks like a Neptunia game! Check. It has hack n slash combat. Check, check, check! I mean two of the PS Vita games, Hyperdimension Neptunia U and Megatagmension, has hack n slash as well but this looks refined. The skills look more flashy and the combat looks much better. I’m so ready to be immersed in this world. I love the MMO setting, it’s very comforting. I’m excited to see how everything goes. I can’t wait to see Neptune and the gang once again. And i’m ready to meet some new faces! This is going to be crazy! Sign me up for Four Goddesses Online! 

Well, that’s all of them for you! From me to you! Thanks for reading! Enjoy 2017!

Note that not all these games have an official western release date or confirmation. 

(Edit: All these titles have a western release date! YES!)


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