“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable”Anime Review: Diamond Is Dim, Disappointing, And Breakable

★Writer: Richard K. Moe 


Behind The Anime:


★Original Creator – Hirohiko Araki (Jojo Series, BAOH)

★Animation Studio – David Production (Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation, Inu x Boku SS, Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet)

★Directors – Yuuta Takamura, Toshiyuki Kato (Mission-E, Level E), Naokatsu Tsuda (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, planetarian)

★Series Composition – Yasuko Kobayashi (Attack on Titan, Casshern Sins, Shakugan no Shana)

Character Design – Terumi Nishii (Servant × Service, Penguindrum)


Josuke Higashiktakasfkamfkamfa.gif
★ Josuke Higashikata is our new Jojo ★

In the year 1999, Jotaro Kujo looks for a boy by the name of Josuke Higashikata in Morioh City. While on his search, Jotaro learns that Josuke also holds the mysterious power of a “Stand”. Jotaro warns Josuke of the new and powerful threat that lurks around Morioh City. As Josuke and Jotaro chase down who they believe is the source of the missing people of Morioh City, they begin to discover that there are more and more stand users rapidly appearing before them.




His Hair What Did You Say.gif

  • The new and flamboyant protagonist Josuke gives off a refreshing feel to the past’s super manly protagonist vibe.
  • There are some interesting characters that surround the main cast. (E.G. Rohan is a very interesting manga artist who will take things from real life, even by force, to create a great story. Yukako Yamagishi is a strangely interesting school girl due to how crazy she gets when it comes to someone she likes . Kira Yoshikage is a menacing character that somehow becomes fascinating due to his evil actions.)
  • All the characters including the villains stay consistently interesting. 
  • The story uses all it’s character efficiently in certain sections.  Jotaro Versus Josuke.gif
  • New and original stands. (E.G. Josuke’s stand, “Crazy Diamond”, can destroy things
    with massive power and heal things as well. Okuyasu stand, “The Hand”, can scrap anything away in its direction which include the space between him and his opponent. Hazamada’s stand, “Surface”, is a puppet that copies it’s enemies appearance and controls the opponents actions.) 
  • Questions about stands, where some of them come from, and the aftermath of some events of Stardust Crusaders are answered. 
  • There are some clever strategies are used in battles. (E.G. Josuke kept broken Stop EATING!.gifpieces of a rubber glove in his mouth and used his recovering ability to capture an invading stand. A water using stand user waited for it to rain so it could have the advantage of trapping it’s enemies with the rain. An enemy stand user flees by cutting off his hand and Josuke repairs the hand to find the enemy stand user.)
  • A few satisfying executions and pay back. (E.G. The way Koichi beat a stand user who tried to guilt him. How Jotaro’s Star Platinum punched an enemy stand userStar Platinum Vs Crazy Diamond.gif who thought he weakened Jotaro.)
  • There are convincing moments of sadness, intensity, and joy. (E.G. When Keicho
    Nijimura reveals why he uses the bow and arrow. When Josuke meets with a special someone after many years. The reasoning behind Josuke hairstyle and why he gets mad when people make fun of it.)
  • The motivation for solving the mystery behind the disappearing people in the city of Morioh is compelling.
  • There are impressive twists and turns when the show gets to it’s more serious part.
  • The goof and gags are funny and gut busting at times. 
  • There are a few situations that get solved in ways I wouldn’t deem possible. 
  • There’s an abundance of random but informative facts used in the story.  
Directing, Character Designs, Animation and Music
  • Still has Beautiful Ghost.gifthe same bizarre comical charm. 
  • Cool and stylish scene transitions. 
  • The color switch-a-roo is back to put emphasis on a special moment and this time it is refined by the new shapes and colors used. 
  • The new art style is more accessible, refreshing, and less macho man like. 
  • The smooth coloring job on the show gives a more vivid and vibrant tone. 
  • Even with it’s new art style, the show is still tough and masculine like the past ones. 
  • All the opening themes fit the show almost perfectly. 
  • The ending theme “I Want You” by Savage Garden is a wonderful song that matches the show completely. 


  • Although Reimi Is Cure.gifinteresting, many of the characters can become annoying.
  • Josuke as the protagonist has it’s down sides due to how he’s portrayed and how often he doesn’t appear in the spotlight. 
  • Koichi seems to appear more often than any other character, including Josuke in the first twenty to twenty five episodes. 
  • A very important character from Startdust Crusaders is of no use to this story.  
  • Many of the characters that surround the main cast do not help move the main story until a certain point and then kind of vanish.
  • Josuke and the main group don’t show enough determination for chasing the ahhhhhmain villain until the last leg of the story.
  • The rivalry between Josuke and the main villain is not strong enough.
  • Josuke and his cast are too forgiving to many of their enemies.
  • Besides Jotaro, the main group isn’t as entertaining or lovable like past Jojos. 
  • The main villain is evil but he isn’t written well enough to be placed so high. 
  • I felt no connection with any character at all. 
  • There are many bad story choices. (E.G. Angelo reasoning for wanting to take down Josuke is weak. There’s a forced and brief death that happens to someone close to Josuke in the beginning.) Scared Koichi.gif
  • There are moments in battle where the whole team can help out but they don’t,
    instead they stand and stare. (E.G. When Okuyasu went against the stand Chili Pepper and the whole group slowly walks to him. When Josuke fought Chilli Pepper and Koichi stands and stare. When Josuke fights the last villain and Jotaro and the group stop and stare even when given moments to step in.)
  • Sometimes the cast don’t utilize their stands full power or they seem to forget Rohan Punch!.gifwhat their stands are capable of.
  • There are times when the main cast make frustrating decisions or are completely oblivious to what’s going on. (E.G. When a character goes missing and the main cast don’t think anything of it. There’s a moment when Jotaro confuses Josuke’s screaming as rain drops.) 
  • Some un-clever battle finishers. (E.G. Josuke beats Okuyasu in his first fight with him by dunking and letting plants in a pot hit him. Josuke and Okuyasu are saved by some people in town who jump an enemy stand user. Josuke beats a sniping stand user by going in front of it.) 
  • Some enemy executions are unsatisfying.
  • Weak and/or gimmicky stands. (E.G. There’s a stand called “Bad Company” that spawns out a small army of toy soldiers. Tonio Trendy’s stand, “Pole Jam”, goes into people’s food and messes with their insides. Shigekiyo Yangu’s stand, “Harvest”, picks up small things off the floor). 
  • Most of the deaths in the show aren’t compelling. Cute Girls.gif
  • There are many unnecessary episodes that feel like fillers. (E.G. Yukako Yamagishi’s stalking episode.  Tonio’s food episode. The invisible baby stand episode. When Koichi and a stand user visit their favorite manga artist. The rock-paper-scissor episode with Rohan.) 
  • The story gets really focus at times but completely drops that focus for another random episode or arc that doesn’t push the story forward. 
  • There are moments that feel a bit too convenient. 
  • The last arc feels rushed and unpolished. 
  • The ending is not compelling or satisfying.
Directing, Animation, and Music
  • The story telling for most of the part grows stale and dry the further the show goes. 
  • There’s no bang at the end of most of the episodes. 
  • The non-linear but linear story telling doesn’t succeed due to its inconsistent pacing. 
  • There is inconsistent animation and coloring. 
  • The art deteriorates at times the farther the show goes.  
  • The second opening, “Chase”, by Batta is a rocking song but it feels awkward on the show.


My Reaction To Jojo.gif
★ Ehhhhhh. ★


Unfortunately, Diamond is Unbreakable is the most disappointing anime of 2016 and the most disappointing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure of all time.

(Reference Source for “Behind The Anime” – Anime News Network)


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