“New Game!” Anime Review: Now Loading Moe Girls And Video Games!

★Writer: Richard K. Moe

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Behind The Anime:

Hifumi's Cute Chuckle!.gif

★Original Creator – Shōtarō Tokunō (Komorebi no Kuni – le duché)

★Animation Studio – Doga Kobo (Himouto! Umaru Chan, GJ-Club, Sansha Sanyou)

★Director – Yoshiyuki Fujiwara (Engaged to the Unidentified, Plastic Memories)

★Series Composition – Fumihiko Shimo (Clannad, Myriad Colors Phantom World, Amagi Brilliant Park)

Character Design – Ai Kikuchi (Rainbow – Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin, Engaged to the Unidentified)

New Game! Music List!.jpg


♥ The adorable and lovely protagonist, Aoba Suzukaze ♥

Aoba Suzukaze is a newly high school graduate who begins working as a character designer at Eagle Jump, a game company who created her favorite game Fairies Story. Aoba became fascinated in character designing due to a character designer named Kō Yagami. In which she meets on her first day of work. Aoba along with her fellow character designers and co-workers begin working on a special game that is to be released soon. As Aoba struggles with new programs, terminology, and co-workers she begins to grasp things at Eagle Jump due to her positive attitude and newly acquired friends. Aoba is in for a whole new experience of fun and work. 




Aoba Watching Hifumi.gif

  • The characters are all likable and a few of them have something fascinating about them. (E.G. Shinoda Hajime’s interest in collecting anime and video game weapons. Hifumi’s more carefree persona when it comes to typing messages to her coworkers. Umiko’s fascination with guns and things association with guns.) 
  • Aoba is a nice, smart, energetic, and adorable protagonist. 
  • Hifumi’s shy personality is really interesting and funny due to how she messages her co-workers in a energetic and carefree way although she cannot actually speak to them like that in person. 
  • The script is full of Moe cuteness and silliness.
  • It’s interesting to see other branches of Eagle Jump affiliating with one another. 
  • The little subtle Umiko Shooting Kou with a Toy Gun!.gifreactions or interactions such as a character whistling when obviously guilty, being silent then running away, snickering at the littlest thing, or tweaking their voice make scenes humorous. 
  • The way Aoba’s coworkers show her kindness in the first episode was very sweet to see. 
  • The show gives some valuable insight on things like glitches, debugging, character motion, character creation, and more. 
  • Seeing behind the scenes of creating the art and characters for a video game is very intriguing.
  • Also the behind the scenes that involve advertising the game and revealing the game during its completion is intriguing. 
  • It’s very satisfying to see the amazement and relief that the characters feel after completing the game they created. 
  • Aoba’s relationship grows with her coworkers. (E.G. Aoba at first couldn’t calmly speak to her co workers but as time progresses, she is able to. Aoba couldn’t act natural around her co-workers at first but as time moves, she begins to tease them.) 
  • The show knows how to make a normal workplace feel like a Moe environment. 
  • The show looksyun-has-an-idea-for-hajime like it’s bounded to a non linear Moe story, but it actually makes
    progress in each episode and manages to be fun and engaging. 
  • There are sequences that are bit moving due to nicely timed music and camera shots of the characters. (E.G. When Aoba was assigned her first character model job and realized something.)
  • The special backgrounds help accentuate moments of silliness or cuteness. 
  • The environment is very relaxing. 
Animation, Character Designs, and Music

Kou Looking Beautiful Tonight.gif

  • The smooth and fluid animation is wonderful. 
  • For most of the part the animation is consistently good and never falls throughout the show. 
  • The bright candy colors of the show is very blinding and pleasing to the eyes. 
  • Character designs are immensely bright and attractive. 
  • The opening theme “Sakura Skip” by Fourfolium is a lively Moe pop track that energizes you for the show. 
  • The ending theme “Now Loading!” by Fourfolium is a lively Moe pop-rock song that gives you a sense of reflection.


Writing and Animation
  • Although Hifumi Freaking Out and Aoba Examining.giffun, there isn’t really any major impact when an episode ends after the first episode. 
  • Kou Kagami is the character designer who inspired Aoba to become a character designer but the story doesn’t really make it convincing enough. 
  • Although likable, there are characters that feel a bit empty. 
  • The ending is a bit unsatisfying due to how it’s executed. 
  • The animation and drawing quality of the characters in episode 12 isn’t as top notch as the previous episodes.  


Great Job Team!.gif
★ Great job Eagle Jump! ★


Very fun! Very adorable! Very Moe! Very comfortable! New Game shines in it’s animation, color design, and Moe goodness! Experiencing game creation behind Moe lenses is a delightful treat!  Some writing and directing hiccups here and there. But overall New Game is a new and familiar Moe experience that is worth starting.Well if you like Moe characters, moments, cuteness, and anime that is. 

(Reference Source for “Behind The Anime” – Anime News Network)


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