“Mob Pyscho 100″Anime Review: ZERO TO ONE HUNDRED!

★Writer: Richard K. Moe

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Behind The Anime:

Mob Pyscho Opening.gif

★Original Creator – One (One Punch Man)

★Animation Studio – Bones (Soul Eater, Space Dandy, Darker Than Black)

★Director – Yuzuru Tachikawa (Death Parade)

★Series Composition – Hiroshi Seko (Ajin, Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya)

Character Design – Yoshimichi Kameda (Paroru no Miraijima)

★Reference Source – Anime News Network


Mob Psycho 100 Ending.gif

An average boy by the name of Shigeo Kageyama, nicknamed Mob, believes he’s one of the most average middle schoolers alive. He wishes to become popular and grow as a person to overcome his average self. But what he doesn’t realize is that he’s everything but average. Mob is an esper that possess more power than most espers have. Unable to control his power, he has in fact hurt many by accident. Mob meets Rengen, a man who claims to be a master psychic but actually is a con man, and they both adventure into the world of espers. Not only does Rengen use Mob to rack in customers, he also teacher Mob how to control his powers and emotions when facing confrontation. While going through his normal days he begins to meet fellow students and espers who are curios about his powers. But Mob isn’t interested in his powers, espers, or business instead he’s interested in overcoming himself. 




Tome's Dance.gif

  • The show is enjoyable because of the creative fun that the creators put into it. (E.G. The art work on many characters. Espers have ridiculous names. The different names of silly special moves.) 
  • The ridiculous script is always entertaining and has its funny moments. (E.G. An enemy ghost talks about how he died because of a banana peel that a fellow bike gang member slipped on while riding a motorcycle and the explosion killed him and his whole gang. When Mob was stuck on making a decision to join a club or not. The respect and care the body improvement club gives to Mob.) Regen's Spirtual Massages.gif
  • The world that surrounds Mob and his acquaintance is interesting.
  • The idea of who’s normal, what is normal, and how to be above being normal is
    thought provoking. 
  • Mob’s dull and what seems to be calm attitude is likable due to how he is written. (E.G. Mob has a huge interests in school activities even though he knows that he’s lacking both skill and intelligence. Mob is very kind to others and will most of the time help them.) 
  • Although Reigen is a con artist and uses Mob to rile in customers, he genuinely cares for Mob and his well being. Mob Vs Dimples.gif
  • Reigen isn’t the most likable character at first but then he soon becomes one the farther the show goes.
  • Reigen’s having no psychic powers but always pretending like he does for business and being cowardly when espers appear is an unlikable cliche at first but then it becomes funny and likable. 
  • Ritsu’s longing to be like Mob and the emotional impact Mob’s abilities have on him pushes the story forward. 
  • The bizarre situations that Mob gets involved in are both intriguing and entertaining. (E.G. When Mob found himself in a meeting full of “LOL” members. When Mob was tricked into fighting a rival school.)
  • The normal to eccentric characters that surround Mob are fascinating and fit well into the story. 
  • Almost all the characters link to one another in the story. 
  • There is character growth for Mob and some of the people who surround him by the end of the show. 
  • The show is exciting and powerful when it hits the dramatic moments in the story. 
  • The last arc is thoroughly entertaining because of it’s non stop action and gags. 

Directing, Animation, Character Designs, Voice Acting, and Music

  • The animation is delightfully hectic. Mob Vs Esper Dude.gif
  • The thrilling moments are intense and engaging. 
  • The camera angels, the animation, and drawings are top notch in battles. 
  • The hectic madness that appears in battles make it satisfying to watch. 
  • The silly looking character designs help emphasis the absurdness of the show. 
  • Hanazawa Teruki’s voice actor, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, makes his character impressively funny. 
  • The opening theme, “99”, by Mob Choir is a creative rock song. 
  • The ending theme, “Refrain Boy”, by ALL OFF is a rocking track along with its visuals. 


Writing and Character Drawings

Mob Breaking Spoons.gif

  • The beginning is a bit slow.
  • Some gags and jokes aren’t funny. 
  • In the last arc, there is an abundance of villains introduced briefly and then defeated abruptly. 
  • Also in the last arc, Mob gets a bit overpowered. 
  • The conclusion is decent but lacks impact.
  • Mob is drawn a bit odd in episode 5, specifically his nose. 


Ahhh, Youth Is Such A Wonderful Thing.gif


Final Thoughts:

Mob Pyscho 100 is an Anime that isn’t afraid of being both ridiculous and thought provoking. From it’s excellent characters to it’s engaging story. Mob Pyscho 100 is filled with wonderful writing. Not only does the writing shine but the hectic and impressive animation that battles provide does as well. Yes, Mob Pyscho 100’s story does slip up in it’s last arc and there are some stale jokes. But overall Mob Pyscho 100 is thrilling, funny, engaging, and a great anime to get lost into. I honestly prefer it over One Punch Man. 

Promotional Video is down below for your viewing 


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