Happy 5 Year Anniversary Senran Kagura Series!

✦Writer: Richard K. Moe

Today marks the 5th year anniversary for the Senran Kagura series!

✦ Congrats Asuka! Here’s to five years and the many more to come! ✦

What’s the Senran Kagura series?


 Senran Kagura is a video game series created by Tamsoft and produced by Marvelous Entertainment. The Senran Kagura series has provided multiple games, mangas, and an anime adaption to fans world wide. As of August 2015 the game series had sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide. The series is known for it’s iconic “clothes break” which is inherited to their games, manga, and anime. But that’s not the only thing that the series is known for. It’s also known for it’s beautiful and voluptuous characters who so happen to be ninjas and get into shinobi battles. 

What’s Senran Kagara’s story about?


The story revolves around a group of ninja girls who fight either as “good shinobi” or “evil shinobi”. Good shinobi are ninjas who only affiliate with the light faction while evil shinobi are ninjas who only associate with the dark faction. Before, the two factions once fought side by side with one another until they were known in history as obsolete.  But little did the world know that shinobis still operated in the shadows for the government. The group separated into two factions due to the moral differences they had when it came to facing the world. The good shinobi fought for the greater good and solved problems in a peaceful manner. While the evil shinobi fought for pay or themselves and solved problems in whatever manner they saw fit. Ever since then, the two factions have been in constant battle with one another. Either fighting for what is good or what is evil. 

What games spawned from the Senran Kagura series?

SenranKaguraSittingacUT.pngThe Senran Kagura series is known for the video games that have appeared on platforms such as the Nintendo 3DS, Playstation Vita, Playstation 4, and Microsoft Windows. As of 2016, 6 games excluding the phone game “Senran Kagura: New Wave” have been released on platforms. Each game is known for providing intense ninja action and fan service on whatever platform it is on. 

List of games (excluding Microsoft Windows ports)



Playstation Vita:

SenranKaguraPsVitaAndYears.pngPlaystation 4:


What’s next for the Senran Kagura series?


A new title is to be announced soon on and will be releasing in 2017. Most likely a new game that’ll have even more intense ninja action and fan service. Perhaps you’ll be reading this post when it is announced. So here is the site to discover it just in case. Click here. 

Why am I celebrating? 

✦ I don’t like the game just because of the fan service ✦

Back in 2014 I saw an anime promotional photo in a magazine for Senran Kagura and asked my brother about it. He told me that it was just some “fan-service all girl show”. And at the time I was only looking for shows with girls in it or at least mostly girls. So, I checked it out and didn’t think much of it. Besides it being ridiculous when it came to fan service. And til this day I still stand on that thought. But anyways, I then saw a game named “Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus” was coming to the Playstation Vita and realized it was the same series of the anime I just saw. I decided to buy it since there wasn’t many anime games in my collection. It was a choice I kinda made on a whim.  And I was a bit curious on how a fan service game would go. I can’t say I was blown away by the story or gameplay. I mean the gameplay was good and all. But it was the characters that won me. I began to fall for the girls of Senran Kagura. And til this day I am still crazy for them. So, whatever game, manga, or anime that the series releases I always check it out. So, you can see why i’m celebrating. It’s because Senran Kagura is one of my favorite series in the whole world. It actually shares the number one spot with another title. I truly enjoy and love this series. I admit that I enjoy the fan service but it’s the characters I love to see every time. I am always filled with joy and excitement when I see these girls. And seeing the game reach five years makes me want to cheer and celebrate with them. I hope the series continues to grow and becomes even more successful than it is. I can’t wait for what is next to come. I love you Senran Kagura! Happy 5 year anniversary! 

Special Thanks

SenranKaguraGroyp.jpg Special thanks to Marvelous Entertainment for publishing and producing the games. XSeed as well, for bringing the games to America. I love XSeed! And to the game developers, Tamsoft. They do a excellent job at making the games. I love them as well. Big thanks to Kenichiro Takaki, one of the big master minds to this series. He’s awesome! I’m so glad he made this series come to life. And of course Nan Yaegashi for his character designs. He designed these fantastic girls. The art is always so lovely! I’m very grateful for that! Also major props for Artland and their team for creating the Senran Kagura anime. Wouldn’t have gotten into Senran Kagura without it. I know i’m missing a bunch of people to thank. But thank you to everyone who helped this series come to life! Also, to the fans who continue to support the series. So, I have to thank myself as well. Thank you me! Also, I used “also” and “and” alot. But who cares. Also! Major thanks for you reading this! Let’s continue to support Senran Kagura. But let’s not force people into the series. I will not leave this post with the quote every Senran Kagura fan knows. You know what i’m talking about. “Hometown” and “Life” ring a bell? Let’s end it with, Senran Kagura is LIFE and the characters are HOMETOWN! No? Oh shoot. 



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