“My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero Academia)” Anime Review: It’ll Have You Saying “OH MY HERO!”

★Writer: Richard K. Moe


Behind The Anime

★ Who’s behind that all mighty smile? ★
★ Midoriya found out who the creators of this anime was★

★Original Creator -Kōhei Horikoshi (Barrage, Ōmagadoi Zoo)

★Animation Studio – Bones (Soul Eater, Darker Than Black, Space Dandy, Mob Psycho)

★Director – Kenji Nagasaki (Classroom Crisis, Gundam Build Fighters, No. 6)

★Series Composition – Yousuke Kuroda (Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Gundam Build Fighters, Valkyrie Drive -Mermaid-)

★Character Design – Yoshihiko Umakoshi (Air Master, Casshern Sins, Heartcatch Precure!)


★ Our protagonist: Izuku Midoriya ★

“Mankind has developed superpowers known as “Quirks” with 80% of the population having some kind of superpower. These new abilities see the rise of both superheroes and villains. A prestigious school known as the The Hero Academy trains superpowered hopefuls into the heroes the world needs. Middle school student Izuku Midoriya wants to be a hero more than anything, but he’s part the 20% without a Quirk. Unwilling to give up his dream, he plans to take the exam and be accepted into a high school for budding heroes. Through a series of serendipitous events, he catches the eye of the greatest hero, All Might, who agrees to train him”. (ANN)





★ Midoriya’s star struck moment and Katusuki’s “I don’t give a hoot” moment ★
  • Midoriya’s cliche determined and cry baby personality isn’t suffocating or annoying, it just works. 
  • Midoriya’s star struck moments are always entertaining because of his goofiness and how much he knows of the heroes. 
  • All Might’s charisma, strength, and growth makes him an amazing super hero and character. 
  • Katsuki’s i don’t care/i’m better than you is excusable due to the reasoning behind it, but it’s still a tad annoying. 
  • The concept is creative and quirky.  
  • Some original quirks. (E.G. Shoto Tororoki’s Quirk, “Half-Cold, Half-Hot” which uses half of his body to freeze and the other half to heat. Eraser Head can erase people’s quirks by looking at them.)
  • Calling skills “quirks” instead of “powers” is a refreshing take on powers. 

    ★ All Might versus a deadly foe ★
  • The script can be humorous and silly. 
  • There are emotional moments that feel convincing. (E.G. In the beginning there’s a scene where Midoriya is told that he won’t develop a quirk and both his reaction and his mother’s reaction were convincingly sad. When Midoriya is told that he can be a hero and he breaks down.) 
  • Great and surprising writing. (E.G. Midoriya didn’t take the “I can fight” route when All Might told him that it’s nearly impossible to be hero without a quirk. All Might’s quirk reveal. During a ball throwing hero assessment Midoriya could become incapacitated if he uses his quirk at 100% to throw the ball so instead he uses a small fraction on his finger to send the ball flying without causing huge damage to himself.)

    ★ Katsuki show casing his quirk, “Explosion” ★
  • The moments of intense heroic action and justice prevailing is really compelling. (E.G. The moment when Midoriya fights against a sludgy liquid villain and All Might comes in. When Midoriya is recognized by the Hero Academia. When Midoriya stands up for himself in the fight between him and Katsuki.)
  • There are moments that keep you on the edge of your seat. 
  • The trails and exercises the students of the academia do actually helps them control and use their powers efficiently. 
  • The last battle is very exciting, compelling, and even makes you feel tears of joy because of the amazing team work, skills, and efforts the characters show. 
  • Concludes with a satisfying close and hopeful beginning. 

Directing, Animation, Character Designs and Music

★ Some of the colorful cast of characters ★
  • Battles are executed smoothly and fiercely. (E.G. Midoriya’s first fight with Katsuku. Midoriya and two other students fight against water villains. The last battle)
  • Animation always holds and doesn’t fall. 
  • There’s amazing camera direction in the last battle.  
  • The cartoonish character designs give the show a comic like feeling. 
  • The music that plays during the last battle creates an atmosphere perfect for the epic showdown. 



★ I don’t think you should’ve tried to tell Katsuki anything, Midoriya ★
  • The cliche elements and moments don’t always get a pass. (E.G. A gigantic test monster appears during a hero test and every to be hero runs away except for Midoriya who knocks it down with “ONE PUNCH”. Midoriya’s coincidental meeting with All Might.)
  • Many of Midoriya’s classmates don’t feel important. 
  • Few bad story choices. (E.G. Midoriya tells an already mad Katsuki who tried to destroy him, a secret and how he will beat him one day.)


★ I’ll see you later Midoriya ★

 ★ 8.8/10 ★ Oh my hero academia! 

A surprisingly stellar anime!

I don’t usual like cry baby/brave protagonists in Anime.

But this one did cliche right for the most part!

“Go beyond! Plus ultra!”

The P.V. is down below for your viewing.


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