“Gravity Rush Remastered” Video Game Review: Falling In Love With Kat And Gravity All Over Again

★Writer: Richard K. Moe


  • Platforms: Playstation 4
  • Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Developers: SIE Japan Studio, Project Siren


♥ The lovely heroine, Kat and her companion Dusty ♥

An amnesiac by the name of Kat awakens one day in the city of Hekseville and meets a mysterious cat she names “Dusty”.  Dusty gives Kat the power to manipulate gravity.  Kat uses this power to defend the city of Hekseville from the gravity storm and the monsters named Nevi that come from it. While searching for her forgotten memories, she reclaims the missing parts of Hekseville that the gravity storm ripped away with the help of many inhabitants of the city. Although many inhabitants help Kat, there are others in the city of Heksevile that resent Kat and her mysterious cat.  Kat begins to ponder on the reason of her existence and the gravity storms. 





  • Being able to manipulate gravity as you please gives you this great sense of freedom.
  • The gravity and air-like combat is engrossing and original. (E.G. Being able to use gravity to pick up objects and throw it at enemies. Using your gravity to charge up a powerful kick or slide kick.) 
  • Kat’s Special Attacks are deadly and dazzling. (E.G. Spiraling Claw destroys your opponents with a destructive spin dive. Gravity Typhoon sends large needle like projectiles at enemies.) 
  • “Challenges” really test how good of a Kat you are.  (E.G. Using many of Kat’s Gravity RushAttack.jpgskills to defeat hordes of Nevi. Using Kat’s glide and drifting correctly to make it to the finish line in a set time. Using Kat’s gravity skills to transfer civilians to one location to another.) 
  • Using fast travel pipes to get to your destination is good and all but using your
    gravity skills to travel around is something greater. (E.G. The gravity slide is a very amusing and useful skill to travel around the world. Freely flowing in the air with your gravity shifting is awesome.) 
  • Using gems to bring back light, water resources, buildings, and bridges always sparks a little excitement. 
  • Although small, the little search quests outside of missions and challenges are fun to seek out.
  • Incorporating the DLC side missions from the PS Vita version makes the game feel complete. 
  • With each skill upgrade, Kat feels stronger and stronger. 
  • Story missions make use of Kat’s gravity skills.
  • The last boss battle is phenomenal and thrilling.


  • The game GravityRushKatInHerRoom.jpgbegins with a terrific and breathtaking opening.
  • Kat isn’t a push over and is well aware of the kinds of people that surround her. 
  • Kat is funny, spunky, witty and has a good attitude. 
  • Kat is a cute and attractive protagonist. 
  • The characters that surround Kat are likable and funny as well.
  • The script is humorous and playful. 
  • Kat’s mysterious background, gravitational storms, and Dusty the cat are vaguely explained but that vagueness is what makes it so intriguing. 
  • The story keeps you on your toes and makes you wonder what will happen next.
  • There isn’t really any dull moment in the story. GravityMaid.jpg
  • The story is able to stay fascinating while maintaining a steady pace.  
  • The emotional tales of the many characters that Kat faces throughout her journey are
    convincingly sad. 
  • The self narrative moments of reflection that Kat has always smoothly transitions into the story. 
  • The different type of outfits Kat gets to wear at certain points of the story make her look dashing and make the story feel more authentic. 
  • The DLC missions are perfectly incorporated to the story. 

Presentation and Music

  • The cel shade GravityRushTown.jpgvisuals are stunning and gorgeous. 
  • The world of Gravity Rush is interesting, immersive, and well-made.
  • The journey takes you to some wonderful and wondrous places.  
  • The comic panels are well drawn and entertaining. 
  • The gallery section shows off splendid art of Gravity Rush. 
  • The music score is excellently crafted and great to listen to. 



  • There isn’t GravityRushBody.jpgenough to do in the world. More activities and important sights to explore would make the world greater than it is. 
  • Although fun and enjoyable, DLC side missions are too short. 
  • The reputation system that gives you an insight on Kat’s relationship with the civilians isn’t convincing. (E.G. Civilians aren’t reacting to your title nor are they holding you back from doing things. Nothing is unlocked for Kat in Hekseville.) 
  • Boss battles can be a bit too simplistic. 
  • After maxing out Kat’s skills and restoring areas in the world, there isn’t much to do with precious gems besides collecting them.


  • The side GravityRushMaidShifter.jpgcharacters besides Dusty do not feel as important Kat.
  • There isn’t a strong enough bond between Kat and the characters that surround her.
  • Besides Kat, there isn’t really any character growth in the cast.
  • The power trees that give Kat her special moves aren’t completely explained.
  • The ending did not build up well enough. 
  • The conclusion is a bit disappointing because of its abrupt and cliffhanger-like ending. 





★ 8.5/10 ★ I Fell For Gravity Rush Once Again!

What a great remaster of one of the best PS Vita games ever! 

The trailer is down below for your viewing!

I am so looking forward to Gravity Rush 2!


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