“Three Leaves, Three Colors (Sansha Sanyou)” Anime Review: A Colorful, Rich, And Underrated Moe Created In 2003

❀Writer: Richard K. Moe


Behind The Anime

❀ Before you claim anything, look up who was behind the anime ❀
❀ It’s always surprising to see the team behind an anime ❀

❀Original Creator – Cherry Arai (Engaged to the Unidentified)

❀Animation Studio – Doga Koba (Himouto! Umaru Chan, GJ-Club, Plastic Memories, New Game!)

❀Director – Yasuhiro Kimura (Sansha Sanyou)

❀Series Composition – Hidoaki Koyasu (GJ Club, Akikan! Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan: Demon Capital)

❀Character Designer – Jun Yamazaki (Sansha Sanyou)

❀Music – Shuhei Mutsuki (Sansha Sanyou)



♥ The lovely heroines: Futuba, Hayama, and Yoko ♥

One high school day, Yoko Nishikawa, a introverted girl who still clings onto her rich and mighty attitude, eats alone at lunch before being disturbed by two girls who so happen to stumble upon her. The two girls are Futaba Odagiri, a energetic girl who loves to eat food in large amounts and Teru Hayama, a class representative and cat lover. This occurrence causes the girls to become friends, even though they all share different personalities. Futuba and Hayama learn of Yoko’s lonely school life and decide to help her live a fulfilling school life. While going through these eventful days with one another, the girls learn more and more about each other. 




♥ Yoko looking for her friends adorably ♥
  • Characters are brimming with cliche characteristics but they manage to have
    something different and original about them. (E.G. Yoko is a high and mighty ex rich girl but she’s able to switch between being humble and superior. Hayama is a smart and well-mannered girl but has somewhat of an evil essence. Futuba is a perky girl who happens to have a big appetite and tends to eat food in large sizes.) 
  • Yoko’s social anxiety really helped to make her personality intriguing in the beginning. (E.G. Yoko at first felt very intimidated when entering a room full of talkative people. Yoko never got along with anyone because she didn’t know what to talk about. Yoko eats in a secluded area because she doesn’t know how to get along with her peers.) 

    ❀ Yamaji! Catch Sonobe, she’s on the loose! ❀
  • Although Yoko, Futuba, and Hayama are kind girls, they don’t take too kindly to rudeness. (E.G. Hayama fights back when Nishiyama says a rude remark. When Yoko went after Tsuji after hearing how rude she and her brother were to Futuba. Futuba wanted to beat Hajime at eating because he challenged her.)
  • Yamaji, Yoko’s male servant, does not interfere in the Moe school girl life. Instead he actually makes it funnier. (E.G. Yamaji is always “watching” after Yoko because he’s worried for her, so he constantly gives her almost or expired food from his jobs and cries tears of joy when she makes progress as a high school girl.) 
  • The jokes, situations, reactions are fun and hilarious. (E.G. When Yoko threw a stick and said “fetch” which caused Yamaji to catch it and return it. The time the girls hung out at the beach with Sonobe. Yoko’s blunt but caring compliments.) 

    ♥ Nishiyama is such a CUTIE PIE! ♥
  • The moments where the girls bond is endearing. (E.G. Hanayama and her sister Kou have a moment of reflecting on the past. When Yoko talked to Hayama and Futuba about her father and money situation. The last reflection the girls have before the show ends.)
  • There are small little melancholy moments. (E.G. The first time Yoko was looking forward to seeing Hayama and Futuba at the secluded area where she first met them but only saw that they weren’t there. There are quiet moments where Yoko worries about losing Hanayama and Futuba as friends. When Nishiyama adopts a new cat and remembers her old cat that passed away.)
  • The girls go through some silly yet fun scenarios. (E.G. When the girls began working for Sonobe. When Hayama and Nishiyama go to an animal park together. When the girls participated in the cultural festival.)
  • No character is overbearing or too annoying. 

Directing, Animation, Character Designs, and Voice Acting

❀ Yamaji will catch anything at Yoko’s command ❀
  • The last section of Episode 12 has an amazing moment of reflecting on the past and present. 
  • The smooth character movements are very pleasing to the eye. 
  • Characters designs are full of bright and vibrant colors. 
  • The character designs for the girls are cute, pretty, and adorable. 
  • Voice actress, Rika Momokawa, makes her character Sonoboe the most hilarious and wild character in the show.


Writing and Directing

❀ Wait, where do we go now…….sweet child? ❀
  • The Moe repetition can get dull at times and feel a bit generic. 
  • The show can be predictable. 
  • The last episode doesn’t feel like a last episode until the end. 
  • The last episode lacks a huge impact. 


♥ Stay lovely and beautiful Yoko ♥

♥ 8.8/10 ♥ A Delightful Moe That Took 13 Years For An Anime adaption!

I can’t believe the manga was created back in 2003.

For a Moe comedy, it’s better than many!

Season 2! I beg of you!

Check out the P.V. for some delightful viewing!


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