The 13 Things That Platinum & Achievement Hunters Go Through When Attempting To Gain All The Trophies/Achievements In Video Games

★Writer: Richard K. Moe



You may know a friend or family member who is going through this or have been through this. You may not even know about this at all. So, I have it for you! From me to you! THE PROCESS, THE TRUTH! From emotion to gaming I have compiled my research to provide to you this list of things platinum and/or achievement hunters go through from my personal experience.

The 13 Things Platinum & Achievement Hunters Go Through


1. Planning Out A ScheduleMioWriting

  • You put games
    over everything for your day. 
    (E.G. 15 Hour gaming, 5 minute hangout with friends.)
  • You wonder which trophies to attack first. Easy or Hard ones.
  • You set to play Multiplayer first then Single player after.
  • Or you created some weird schedule like “Single Player, Multiplayer, stare at home screen, turn brightness up, change voices to Spanish, Multiplayer, Single Player”.

2. Avoiding Socialization (at least in the outside world)

  • Family, friends, and LazyUmaruhuman beings don’t matter anymore to you anymore.
  • You’ll want to stay at home and not want to go outside.
  • You’ll ignore or not get back to many texts or calls until later. 
  • When the doorbell rings you wait for someone else in the house to get it, even though its a few inches away from you. 
  • When a visitor arrives at your house, you want them to leave as soon as possible.
  • You find any excuse to not go to a family or friends birthday, wedding, special gathering, etc. 

3. Being Lazy 

  • Human needs, WelcomeToTheLonlinessdo not exist to you anymore. Only desire.
  • You need to use the bathroom but you do not want to get up.
  • Your stomach growls but you’re not hungry for food, you’re starving for some achievements/trophies.
  • If you do eat, the plate is left near you and gets dirtier.
  • You think about a shower or achievements/trophies. You choose achievements/trophies.
  • When assigned to do something, you do not do it. Instead you say “later” or “next week” or ” that’s nice”.
  • You don’t move from your seat or area. 
  • It’s too much of an effort to scratch your back with your hands so you use the seat as a back scratcher. 

4. Looking At Trophy GuidesHyperdimensionRebirthTrophyGuide.png

  • You’ll stare at the difficulty of attaining the end achievement/platinum and die if it says “10/10”.
  • Your heart will sink when you read that it takes 120+ hours to attain all achievements/trophies.
  • When you see “online” achievements/trophies you’ll hope its a easy trophy or two.
  • When it says to get to level “100” on mulitiplayer, you want to dropkick the developers.
  • You feel like crying when it says “online pass required” for online trophies because you don’t have it.
  • You try to accurately follow the instruction to each trophy from the guide.

5. Playing On Multiplayer And Pissing Off People Online

  • You don’t care kONOTA.jpgabout Multiplayer, you only play for the trophies.
  • You get really good at the multiplayer and constantly kill the same people.
  • You begin to rush
    the multiplayer by using anything that’ll be over powered.
    (E.G: Using overpowered weapons. Using overpowered perks. Using cheap tactics.)
  • You become a burden to your teammates or make them lose the advantage for achievements. (E.G. Running in the middle of gunfire for an achievement. Dying the most in the match for an achievement. Waiting for a teammate to die with an objective such as flags, bomb, money, etc so you can be the one to bring it to the base because it’s an achievement too.)

5 ½. Some Multiplayer Are Too Dead Or The Trophies Are Too Hard So You Are Tempted To Boost Them


  • The trophy that the developers made is too ridiculous for you to do it legitimately. (E.G. Get 4 kills or kill assists with Zenyatta’s discord orb in 6 SECONDS. Help your whole clan survive for one year in game while doing miscellaneous things to give them supplies. Never lose a game online for an unreasonable amount of times.)
  • You begin to look at boosting sessions online for a specific trophy.
  • You message the players on the multiplayer to see if they’re willing to help you boost. 
  • You kinda set up a boosting session and feel like you’re making a shady deal in an alley. 
  • You begin to feel guilty and not want to boost because it’s possible to do it legitimately.

6. Getting Frustrated At Everything Outside Of Gaming


  • When someone is in the same room as you while you game, you’ll be angry.
  • When being talked to or a conversation is going on in the same room as you, you’ll flip.
  • You assume you’re losing in a game because someone is breathing. (Personal experience)
  • Everything you stare at or interact with will frustrate you. (E.G. Your table at home has one short leg. Your hair keeps touching your head. You are a human being.)
  • The developers who made the game you are playing is now your enemy for creating this game and achievement/trophy.

7. You Begin To Hate Or Get Annoyed By The Game You’re Playing


  • You’ll hate all the characters. Even your favorite ones.
  • You’ll hate the music and background music.
  • Everything that gets in your way you’ll hate. (E.G. Quest. NPCs. Enemies. Loading Screens.)
  • You’ll skip the dialogue and cut scenes.
  • When your character doesn’t respond the way you want, you’ll yell at them like a parent would at a child who did something wrong.
  • You start to question the developers choices and believe they are the worst developers ever. (E.G. Why did they leave a bucket here?! Why is Noire’s hair black?! Stupid! Whats a treasure doing in this cave?! Not REAL! You want me to say “hello” to all the NPCS?!)

8. You Get Super Lonely At One Point

  • You act like you actually know the TheGangsAllHere.png
    characters in the game.
    (E.G. Fendel the Potion seller? That’s my boy! He sells me potions at a cheap price!”)
  • You talk to your character like you’re a supportive coach. (Example: You got this Max, next time! Hey Kratos, stand tall again. I believe in you. Big time sweep, Nep Nepu Neptune! Lara hold on! The choppers are coming!”)
  • You play music, movies, t.v. shows, or YouTube videos to fill in the loneliness.
  • You talk to yourself. (E.G. “Oh, what was that sound? I thought I heard something. What’s that sound?! Oh, it’s my breathing. Breathing is nice right Richard? Is that someone else? I’m not lonely!”)

9. You’ll End Up Memorizing Things Without Trying


  • Songs and background music will become so familiar to you that you can sing along or imitate it.
  • Attack sounds or environment sounds like “ka-pow”, “ka-king”, “swish”, will be something you always imitate.
  • The dialogue will be burnt into your memory. You’ll end up following along with the lines being spoken. (E.G. “The iris embraces you”. “I’m not slipping man, i’m SLIPPED”. “Nepu!” “What will you do father?” “Listen you old hag!” “Ammo pack here!”)
  • Enemy patterns and spawns are easy to predict. You’ll just be waiting for them to appear.
  • Names of characters from the potion seller to the chosen one will be stuck to you.

10. Contemplating Whether Or Not This Achievement/Trophy Hunt Is Worth It


  • You’ll hit a stump in the beginning or middle or near end of achievement/trophy hunting.
  • You start to think to yourself “What the hell am I doing”?
  • You stare at your achievement/trophy level and start to think about what it proves.
  • Memories of past achievements/trophies appear in your head. (Example: Kill 5000 Mushrooms. Run around for five minutes without getting killed. Beat the whole game on SUPER HARD CRAZY MODE and never die or else you’ll have to start over the 15 hour campaign from the beginning.)
  • In game, you walk around looking for scenery to stare at.
  • When staring at scenery you think “Wow, developers made a beautiful view” or “The developers are flawed, but wait so am I”.

11. A Surge Of Energy To Get All The Achievements/Trophies Will Appear


  • You find that platinum/achievement hunter spirit in you and go loose. 
  • It hits you that you’re almost done and you feel the sparks fly!
  • You saw what the end achievement/platinum looks like and you want it!
  • Your trophy or achievement count is almost at a number you like! (Example: 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 4321, 1234, 0000?)
  • Also your platinums or achievement points is going to hit a number you love! (Example: 10, 20, 50000, 100000, 0.7?)
  • You’re at 98% completion rate and know you are so close to 100% you can taste it.
  • You hate the game so much that it inspires you to finish.

12. Melancholy Will Strike You When You’re Almost Done Or Finished


  • You look at the characters and think “We grew together, didn’t we?”
  • You’ll end up slowly walking around the environment while staring at everything.
  • You sing the songs and background music in a sweet loving way.
  • Every cut scene becomes fascinating again.
  • You repeat the dialogue like you’re in love or very happy. (E.G. “Free your mind.” “Nep Nep!” “Headshot.” “We are all one in the iris.” “Listen you old hag!”)
  • The developers choices are now brilliant and not stupid anymore.
  • You stare at the menu or credits in complete silence. 

13. You Feel A Great Sense Of “Achievement” When You Receive The Platinum Trophy Or Final Achievement 


  • You’ll stare at the end achievement/platinum and take a deep breath. Then you’ll say “I DID IT! YES! THAT’S ANOTHER PLATINUM DOWN!”
  • You get up from your seat, stretch a little, and look outside your window.
  • You keep staring at the platinum trophy or last achievement.
  • You look for a victory song to celebrate your win. 
  • You realize that you just spent a lot of your time earning DIGITAL achievements. 
  • You begin to laugh or cry a little while deleting the game or removing the disc. 
  • You take another breath and stare at your game collection and say to yourself “Now, onto the next one but maybe after a break”. 


Hyperdimesnion Neptune Gaming

So, you got a taste and run through of the trophy/achievement hunting process. Pretty dang exciting right? It’s definitely time consuming, emotionally draining, a bit crazy, and from how you look at it, pointless. But for us who enjoy trophy or achievement hunting, we love it. I personally enjoy obtaining all the achievements in a game because it makes me explore the game completely. Well at least most games I platinum. But that’s not to say that there are some trophies and achievements not worth getting. Like some multiplayer trophies. So many multiplayers are DEAD! Or just filled with overpowered people who won’t get off the game. You have to understand that some trophies are just unattainable and you have to accept that. Don’t waste your precious time going for something you don’t like or find impossible. Enjoy what you are platinuming or achieving. Don’t become desperate and get all the achievements for games you don’t even like. Make sure you love the game! Happy hunting and gaming my fellow hunters and to be hunters!

-Richard K. Moe


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