“Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto (Sakamoto Desu Ga)” Anime Review: The Most Coolest And Lamest Protagonist Ever!

♦Writer: Richard K. Moe


Behind The Anime

♦ Who’s Behind This Madness?! ♦
♦ Me Thinks, It Was Sakamoto ♦

♦Original Creator – Nami Sano (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)

♦Animation Studio – Studio Deen (Fate/stay night (2006), KonoSuba, Is This a Zombie?)

♦Director – Shinji Takamatsui (Gintama, School Rumble, Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE!) 

♦Character Design – Atsuko Nakajima (Trinity Blood, You’re Under Arrest, Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom)

♦Music – Yasuhiko Fukuda (Kocchi Muite Miko, Kurayami Santa, Doamayger-D)


♦ Haven’t You Heard? He’s Sakamoto. ♦

Sakamoto is known by his peers as the most coolest and stylish student that ever existed. Sakamoto with his secret and cool abilities, goes through his school life in the most coolest and stylish way possible. While he gains new comrades, he also gains new enemies along the way. Some are unaware of who Sakamoto is and what charm he holds in him. But once they meet Sakamoto, they’ll never forget him. 




♦ Secret Dodge Technique ♦
  • Sakamoto is such a cool, lame, funny, and stylish protagonist. 
  • The script is hilarious and amusing. (E.G. Atsushi and his rebellious friends are playing volleyball and they begin to complement each other. Boys and girls acknowledge that Sakamoto is cool. Kubato’s constant hair change).
  • The choices and moves that Sakamoto make are hilariously cool. (E.G. Sakamoto will sit on the window in a cool pose if someone steals his desk. Sakamoto will make himself look dazzling after being sprayed by water. Sakamoto will dusts the ceiling and dodge the dust in an elegant fashion.)
  • Sakamoto’s talents and skills are purely amazing. (E.G. His “Secret Techniques”. His impressive slides. His incredible dexterity and strength.) 

    ♦ An Enraged Sakamoto ♦
  • Situations that Sakamoto is thrown into are usually humorous and how he handles them are unbelievable.  (E.G. Sakamoto being possessed by a fox god and making girls in his class build him a sanctuary. Sakamoto helping Kubota and his bully situation. Sakamoto’s one on one hand sumo fight against Hayabusa.) 
  • Supporting characters who surround Sakamoto are funny as well. (E.G. Atsushi is a bully who is converted into a better person from Sakamoto. Kubota is a weak and fragile but hilarious peer who Sakamoto helps. Sera is a model who wants to be a comedian due to Sakamoto’s influence.)
  • Sakamoto doesn’t try to take all the credit in situations for himself. Instead he gives credit to others as well. (E.G. When Sakamoto fought with Kubota against bullies and let him finish them off. When Sakamoto put Aria and her enemies in a situation when they had to work together. When Yagi dropped the baton in a race and Sakamoto told Sera that her memory of this day is important and that he can fix it.)

    ♦ Be Free Sera! ♦
  • The fan service Sakamoto is given can be enjoyed by both genders as a laugh or a “oh yeah”.
  • Every moment is intense when Sakamoto faces off against new enemies. (E.G. Sakamoto’s hand sumo match against Hayabusa. Sakamoto’s and Fukase’s eye glares towards one another.) 
  • Touchy moments of happiness and relief. (E.G. When Sakamoto checks on Kubota after a crazy battle. When Sakamoto thanks someone through pictures for a confession they made to him. When Sakamoto helped an “frienemy” with his family problems.)
  • The final part of the last episode is convincingly sad. 

Directing and Music

  • Almost every episode is  fun and engaging.
  • The special effects and music help emphasize Sakamoto’s blinding presentations.
  • The opening theme “Coolest” by Customi-Z  and the ending theme “Nakushita Hibi ni Sayonara” by Suenohair are terrific songs.


Writing and Directing

♦ Kubota Attack: Buns Press! ♦
  • There are some unfunny moments. 
  • For some reason the respect for Sakamoto flies out of the window for some characters. (E.G. Atsushi and his group respected Sakamoto for so long but then in Episode 7 they take something from him and force him to do something for them. Sera hangs out with Sakamoto constantly throughout the show but then in Episode 7 he suddenly has a grudge against him.) 
  • Episode 11 is slow and mundane compared to the usual episodes. 
  • Although sad, the last episode doesn’t deliver well enough because of it’s sloppy build up.


♦ So Long Sakamoto, You Take Care ♦

♦ 8/10 ♦ Cool, Cooler, Coolest! 

The P.V. is down below if you’re curious. 

You should be curios. 

He’s a protagonist you’ll never forget. 


2 thoughts on ““Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto (Sakamoto Desu Ga)” Anime Review: The Most Coolest And Lamest Protagonist Ever!

  1. While I enjoyed the episodes I watched, I found this series very easy to walk away from and forget about. The amusement factor isn’t enough to make up for the lack of actual substance in the series.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

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