“High School Fleet (Haifuri)” Anime Review: Moe Battleships Set Sail!

★Writer: Richard K. Moe


Behind The Anime

★ Let’s Give Some Credit To The Ones Behind The Wheel ★
★ Mei Believes The Ones Behind The Wheel Are Superb ★

★Animation Studio – Production IMS (Date A Live II, Active Raid, Castle Town Dandelion)

★Director – Yuu Nobuta (High School Fleet)

★Writer – Reiko Yoshida (Girls Und Panzer, Hanayamata, Haruchika, Tamako Market)

★Character Design – Naoto Nakamura (High School Fleet)

★Music – Shigeo Komori (A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives, From The New World)


♥ Captain Misaki Of The Harekaze ♥

The Blue Mermaids are a female force established to protect what remains of the coastal towns after many countries have sunk into the sea. Akeno Misaki, a girl who wishes to be a highly regarded Blue Mermaid enrolls into Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School with her childhood friend Moeka China. Both Misaki and Moeka are assigned the captain position for their individual ships. Misaki handles the Harekaze while Moeka handles the Musashi. While out at sea, the Harekaze is accused of mutiny because of an incident involving the school’s instructor. Misaki and her teammates of the Harekaze search for the truth behind the incident while on the run from their pursuers. 




★ Teamwork Is Key! ★
  • The Marine school life out on sea is a great change in Moe school life and scenery. 
  • Unique way of bringing school to the sea. (E.G. The classes are inside of a ship that the students are assigned to out in the sea). 
  • Misaki is a good captain because of how responsible she is and how dedicated she is to her crew. (E.G. Misaki memorized all of her crew members names. Misaki checked on all her crew members after their first battle. Misaki makes the decision to attack a well-known ship with live ammo to protect her crew members. Misaki learns from some of her mistakes). 
  • Although most of the time Misaki can be perceived as a energetic cliche protagonist, there are surprising moments where she is very quiet and strays away from the group.

    ♥ Nosa And Mashiro ♥
  • The huge cast of girls make the story feel massive and expansive.
  • The characters will eventually grow on you and become very likable. 
  • Some surprising turn of events. (E.G. The girls of the Harekaze are accused of rebellion against their leaders. The Harekaze receives help from an unexpected team). 
  • Well done strategies used in the ship battles. 
  • There is great teamwork and communication between all the girls of the Harekaze. 
  • Some normal things that are usually not discussed in a Moe appears. (E.G. The Harekaze’s ship ran out of toilet paper and the girls asked each other who overused it. The girls of the Harekaze could not shower or use the bathroom efficiently because they had to conserve water). 
  • Most of the fan service has somewhat of a valid excuse to appear. (E.G. The girls swim at sea. The girls run out of water and don’t shower for a bit but then it rains so they go out in their swimsuits to get water). 
  • There is an episode where the girls have a festival and the bonding between the whole crew feels authentic. 
  • The show’s ending is satisfying and wraps up well.


★ You Can’t Break Misaka’s Fighting Spirit ★
  • Exciting and thrilling moments deliver with impact. (E.G. When the Harekaze is attacked by their instructor’s ship, the Sarushima, and they had to find a way to beat her. When the Harekaze is surrounded by supply ships and one girl goes ballistic. When the members of the Harekaze aided people on board a sinking ship). 
  • The ship battles are exhilarating to watch and see unfold. 
  • The story’s pacing continuously moves forward.


Writing and Directing

★ Nosa And Her Silly Theories ★
  • Small moments of causal talking in dangerous situations. (E.G. While being attacked by another boat Misaki calls Mashiro “Shiro” and they begin to talk about that for a few moments. Nosa likes to come up with silly theories when in the heat of battle). 
  • The characters are very cliche and usually predictable. 
  • It’s hard to feel the same feelings of longing Misaki has for Moeka because Moeka is barley given any time. 
  • The raid attack on a certain ship was too simple. 
  • Some moments that are supposed to be convincing aren’t because of music choices. (E.G. After the girls of the Harekaze are accused of mutiny, they have a serious discussion about it but then there is a cue of silly/casual music. The Harekaze crew members dicuss whither they should save another ship or go somewhere else and then the silly/casual music cues again). 
  • Although the pacing of the show moves forward constantly, there are moments that feel slow. 


♥ Even Though I Have To Go, Don’t Cry Nosa ♥

★ 8.5/10 ★ Moe Girls Can Sail!

Here’s the P.V. for your viewing.

It’s a bit too happy go lucky. But a P.V. is a P.V.!

I wouldn’t mind a second season.

I’ll admit it! I accidentally fell in love with Nosa!


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