“Usakame” Anime Review: Eccentric Yet Sentimental Tennis Playing Girls

★Writer: Richard K. Moe


Behind The Anime

★ Kinako, Ayako and Kurumi Taking Care Of Their Skin ★
★ The Girls Playing Cards ★

★Animation Studio – Millepensee (Berserk (2016), Teekyuu)

★Original Creator – Roots (Teekyuu)

★Director – Shin Itagaki (Teekyuu, Takamiya Nasuno Desu! Berserk (2016), Black Cat)

★Character Design – Jūzō Kirisawa & Piyo (Teekyuu, Takamiya Nasuno Desu!)

★Theme Song Performance – Earth Star Dream (Teekyuu Season 6)


★ Our Lovely Heroines ★

At Usakame High School, their is a tennis club that consists of fours girls by the name of Kinako Tanaka, Ayako Suzuki, Kurumi Satō, and Nishi Nishiaraidaishi. Each girl has their own reasons for being in the club. But the one thing they share in common is always having a fun time. While playing tennis and doing eccentric things together, the girl’s time together in the club is slowly reaching its end. The girls are aware of this and try their best to make each day as lively as the last. 




★ Kurumi Showing Ayako Magic ★
  • The cast is likable from the start.
  • The main girls actually focus on tennis when they practice. 
  • The gags aren’t taken to a random and hectic level like Teekyuu. 
  • There are small sentimental moments. (E.G. There is a moment where the girls express how sadden they are that their time together in the tennis team is limited, When Ayako and Kurumi reflect on their first meeting and how they got to know one another, When Nishimi and Kurumi have a heart to heart about Ayako and speak of how much time they have left). 
  • Bizarre and eccentric jokes are around but they are usually relevant to what the characters speak of. (E.G. The main girls tried to figure out a way to make the tennis court better so one of them suggested using a tractor, The girls sharing what odd food they brought to lunch). 
  • Every once in a while a reaction, joke, or moment is laugh out loud funny. 
  • The girls from Teekyuu make some nice appearances. 
  • The ending is very sweet and endearing.

Directing, Animation, and Music

★ Kinako Feeling The Groove ★
  • Does a solid job at immersing you into the world for three minutes.
  • The chalky candy colors visuals of the show is very appealing. 
  • The visuals in the ending theme bring out a melancholy yet heartwarming feeling. 
  • The ending theme “I Promise You” by Earth Star Dream is a very tuneful pop track. 



Writing and Directing

★ Nishi Playing Around ★
  • The jokes aren’t always hard hitting. 
  • Episodes can feel unfulfilling and forgettable. 
  • Concludes very briefly. 


★ Kinda Ran Out Of Gifs, So How About A Pic? ★

★ 7.5/10 ★ A Better Teekyuu! 

The T.V. commerical is down below for your viewing!

Hoping for a second season.

Teekyuu already has like seven, so why can’t this?



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