“My Ordinary Life (Nichijou)” Anime Review: A Quirky Hoopla Wonderland

✍Writer: Richard K. Moe

NichijouiCallab2.pngBehind The Anime

Nichijou Spin.gif
★ Hello Yuuko, Mai, and Mio! ★
★ Yuuko. ★

Animation Studio – Kyoto Animation (Lucky Star, K-ON!, The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzima, Free!)

Director – Tatsuya Ishihara (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzima, Clannad,  Sound! Euphonium, Myriad Colors Phantom World)

Original Creator – Keiichi Arawi  (Nichijou)

Writer/Series Composition – Jukki Hanada (Beyond the Boundary, Love Live! School Idol Project, Robotics;Notes)

★Character Design – Futoshi Nishiya (Hyōka, Koe no Katach, Free!)


★ Just Your Oridanary Day Of School ★

Tokisadame is a town full of your everyday ordinary people who live their life the best way they see fit. Although the lives they live seem normal, they actually live a random, wild, eccentric, and bizarre life. Three high school friends, Yuuko Aioi, Mio Naganohara, and Mai Minakami live this “ordinary” life together in peace and disarray. While at the same time, a robot by the name of Nano, an eight year old professor named Professor, and a cat name Sakamoto are living the same “ordinary” life as them.  





★ Mio’s Secret Knock Out Technique ★
  • Characters are likable and lovable because even though they do over the top eccentric things, who they are is tamed. 
  • The odd situations the characters are put into are certainly enjoyable to watch. (E.G. Yuuko dropping her food and trying with chopsticks and all her will power to catch it before it falls, Mio trying to get back her notebook from Yuuko which contained a Yaoi drawing, Yuuko apologizing to Mai with an assortment of food products, Yuuko watching the principle fighting a deer). 
  • The silliness and absurdness of the show keeps you watching. 
  • Normal/Casual moments can become hectic and tense ones. (E.G. When Yuuko is in Math class and tries to avoid being called on to answer a Math question, When Yuuko watched Mai doing odd things while they were taking a test in silence, When Yuuko fought against mosquitoes who terrorized her while she tried to sleep). 

    ♥ “DOUBLE GLASSES!!!” ♥
  • The unpredictable jokes are so surprising that it makes you burst into laughter.
    (E.G. Yuuko getting hit by a book and yelling “God is dead”, The slow motion moment when Yuuko got an “80” on her quiz, Yuuko watching Mai doing odd things while they were taking a test in silence). 
  • Character reactions and conversations are usually hilarious. 
  • Nano’s and The Professor’s moments together are really cute.
  • Although a gag show, it actually follows a linear plot line. 
  • The second part which starts at Episode 14, feels like a refreshing new start. 
  • There are problems that actually get solved and brought up again throughout the show. 
  • Episode 25 has a surprising yet sweet moment that the main girls share.  
  • The conclusion is endearing and satisfying enough for me to leave happy. 

Directing and Music

★ Run Mio! ★
  • The eccentric tone is convincing due to everything presented. (E.G. Art style,
    Color job, Character designs, Special effects, Simple yet quirky soundtrack, Odd situations).
  • Visually and sonically the show isn’t boring or bland because of the special effects, visual distortions, well inserted music,  voice acting, and dynamic camera angles. (E.G. The scene where Yuuko and the gang are stuck in an elevator, When Yuuko finally did her homework but misplaced it and attempted to locate it, When Yuuko and Mio had an argument due to Yuuko mishearing her lunch order, When Mio was trying to hide her dirty drawings from a Police Officer and Yuuko). 

    ♥ Mai and Yuuko ♥
  • The show’s goofy transitions gives you something to chuckle at. (E.G. The jump rope segments, Professor and Nano’s little rock-paper-scissor songs, The girl’s “Things we think are cool” segments). 
    The first ending theme “ZZZ” by Sayaka Sasaki is a tuneful, colorful, catchy pop
  • The first opening theme “Hyadain no Kakakata Kataomoi – C” and second opening theme “Hyadain no Jojo Yujo” by Hyadain, perfectly captures how hectic and quirky the show can get. 

Animation and Voice Acting

♥ Cute Hand Shaking ♥
  • The animation is so smooth and fluid that it’s crazy. 
  • The voice actresses and actors make the show funny, wild, crazy, and adorable with their acting skills. (E.G. Mariko Honda makes her character Yuuko the most hilarious character in the show,  Mai Aizawa makes Mio the likable crazy/straight man, Hiromi Konno voice for the Professor is too adorable). 


Directing and Writing

★ Catch Professor ★
  • Although many jokes are unpredictable, some executions are flat.
  • There are moments that feel a bit dull.
  • There are jokes that drag on for a bit.


♥ I Love These Girls! ♥

♥ 9/10 ♥ “I Do Fall In Love” with Nichijou! 

This Anime should’ve sold more! It deserves it! Season 2 please! Oh! Here’s the P.V. for this awesome Anime! The P.V. is surprisingly calm. Watch the opening for the craziness!


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