“MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune Vs. Zombies” Video Game Review: A Dimension Full of Fun, Filming, Zombie Killing Schoolgirls

★Writer: Richard K. Moe


  • Platforms: Playstation Vita
  • Publishers: Idea Factory International, Inc.
  • Developers: Idea Factory, Compile Hearts, Tamsoft

[Rated-T For: Fantasy Violence, Language, Suggestive Themes]



“Gamicademi– a learning facility located in a quiet town within Gamindustri. This historical academy is renown for educating CPUs in the ways of human life and culture. Despite its accolades, the school faced the threat of closure due to the world’s population crisis. Against all odds, Blanc and a few brave students would stand and fight to save the academy. Their mission: to make a blockbuster movie! They hoped it would bring recognition to the academy, along with new student applications. And so, the students decided to make a zombie flick. It was an innocent choice. In a twist of fate, real zombies began appearing all over the academy— However, this wouldn’t faze these brave girls. They turned the situation into an opportunity to create the best zombie movie anyone’s ever seen. These fearless students would battle real zombies, and begin shooting their greatest film ever”.  (Idea Factory)





  • A large cast of diverse fighters to choose from. 
  • Every character’s play style is different from one another. (E.G. Uzume uses her fist for powerful blows and her microphone for mobbing, Plutia uses her stuffed animals to deliver ranged attacks and close attacks, Blanc uses her hammer to launch devastating blows in a slow yet steady speed). 
  • Combat is fun and exciting when blending attack moves, special moves, and transformations. 
  • Chaining combos, slaying groups of zombies, and conquering bosses is excellent fun. 
  • You’re able to earn and collect money, treasure, and experience points in both PeashyAttack'.jpgSingle Player and Multiplayer.  
  • Fighting zombies and bosses with others online is an exhilarating experience.
  • The Multiplayer has much better quests/battles than Single Player’s.
  • Special Daily Quests is a great and fun way to keep players going on Multiplayer daily. 
  • There’s definitely some fun in decorating your favorite characters in accessories.
  • A variety of creepy and quirky monsters to beat up.


  • The transformation from the basilcom environment to the high-school environment is really done well. uNIeNERGY.jpg
  • New protagonist, Blanc, gives a different perspective of the Hyperdimension
  • It’s very entertaining to watch the girls act out their ridiculous zombie movie most of the time. 
  • A lovable cast of beautiful, cute, energetic, and colorful girls.
  • The script is charming, funny, and silly.
  • New comer, Tamsoft, fits perfectly into the Hyperdimension Neptunia universe. 
  • The return of past characters from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, Plutia and Peashy put a huge smile on my face.
  • Back Stage talk provides a more personal time with the girls.   

Presentation, Music, and Voice Acting


  • Character designs by Tsunako are stunning as ever. 
  • The comic like visuals in the opening theme are colorful and creative. 
  • The well known retro game style ending credits is still here and looks awesome.
  • The opening theme “Be My Zombie” by Idol College is a catchy and lively track. 
  • The ending theme “BEFUNYOUANDQN” by Idol College is a great closing song.
  • This time around, Noire’s Japanese voice actress, Asami Imai, makes her the most hilarious character of the game because of how she presents Noire’s Tsundere charm and tantrums.


Gameplay and Presentation


  • Besides the new added characters (Plutia, Uzume, Peashy, Tamsoft), everyone else’s attacks and skills are very similar to the previous Hyperdimension Neptunia title by the developers, Hyperdimension Neptunia U. 
  • Many of the missions/quests in Single Player are too quick to beat and not challenging. 
  • Battles/Quests can grow a bit repetitive after a while.
  • There are many quests that use only a fragment of a wide stage, which make the other parts of the stage empty and useless.
  • Using the lock-on feature on a specific enemy can be a pain if there’s too many enemies in your line of vision.
  • The Lily Rank feature doesn’t do anything really significant. 
  • The Story menu design is bland. 

Story and Writing

  • The introduction is very brief and sudden. HperdimeNeptune
  • Even though there are real zombies roaming around, the girls act a bit too casual about it. 
  • The story’s pacing is a bit fast and doesn’t give much time to breathe in the first couple of chapters. 
  • The story grows stale at times. 
  • Character spotlight is not distributed well. 
  • Tamsoft is the newest character yet she is barely given any spotlight. 
  • Some characters either disappear from the story almost completely after they are introduced or make rare appearances. (E.G. Peashy, Tamsoft,  Dengekiko, and Famitsu). 
  • The story doesn’t really pick up until Chapter 7.  crashshjs.jpg
  • The zombie outbreak issue doesn’t entirely get addressed until around
    Scene/Chapter 8. 
  • Being able to alter a cutscene by choosing certain pairs in a story mission/quest is cool and all but it’s so minor that it doesn’t make a difference. (E.G. Instead of having Tamsoft playing a background zombie in the film it is now Noire, Instead of having Rom play as a agent it is now Ram, Instead of having Dengekiko and Famitsu as Seniors it is now Uni and Nepgear). 
  • The main villains have no depth and feel almost random. 
  • The last battle is anti-climatic and brief. 
  • Although nice, the conclusion is very cliche and just okay. 
  • The whole story is pretty forgettable. 
  • At times, I personally don’t enjoy the way Idea Factory writes some of the dialogue exchanges. (E.G. Sometimes a character will say things that wouldn’t usually be said by them, There are some trendy words or sayings inserted in).



★6/10★ Most Disappointing Dimension

The game trailer is down below! Zombie killing action!



2 thoughts on ““MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune Vs. Zombies” Video Game Review: A Dimension Full of Fun, Filming, Zombie Killing Schoolgirls

    1. Yo Karandi!
      Yeah, there’s a lot of cons. The Hyperdimension Neptunia games usually gets 9’s from me. But not this one. Although there were a lot of cons, there were strong pros as well that saved it’s score. Thanks for reading!


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