“Yuyushiki” Anime Review: Friendship In A Realistic Yet Exaggerated Fashion

Writer: Richard K. MoeYuYuCombination2.png

Behind The Anime

♥ Yukari & Yuzuko Beating Up Yui ♥
★ A Round Of Applause For The Team Behind This Anime ★

Animation Studio – Kinema Citrus (Barakamon, Code:Breaker, Is the Order a Rabbit??)

Director – Kaori (Bottom Biting Bug)

Original Creator – Komata Mikami (Yuyushiki)

Writer/Series Composition – Natsuko Takahashi (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, Norn9)

★Character Design – Hisayuki Tabata (Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works)


♥ Our Lovely Heroines: Yukari, Yuzuko, and Yui ♥

Three different yet similar type of girls spend their high school days together in peace and harmony. With nothing but fun and love on their mind, these girls set off for a youth full of happy memories. These girls will do almost everything together, whether that be joining the Data Processing Club together, going to the beach together, eating food together, or just being eccentric and weird together. Every moment is a time to be silly and crazy. While Yui, Yukari, and Yuzuko go about their bubbly ways, there are fellow students and a specific teacher who happen to be intrigued by their carefree ways. 





★ Reach Out And Touch Moe ★
  • The introduction of the main characters felt smooth and un-rushed.
  • The cast of characters is colorful, wonderful, energetic, and lovable. 
  • These characters can be seen as typical characters but they stand on their own from what they do and say. 
  • The jokes and silly things the characters share with one another brings out a realistic feeling. (E.G. Yui and Yuzuko try to earn Yukari forgiveness so they start to say “I Love You” to her, Yuzuko tends to make jokes while Yukari usually follows her to tease Yui, Yukari and Yuzuko love to repeat words because they sound nice or funny).
  • The way the characters communicate and interact has a real friend connection. (E.G. Yui was trying to count but Yuzuko and Yukari kept clapping to distract her, Yukari randomly pokes Yui in her ticklish spot when they are walking home and Yuzuko jumps in, The main girls had a conversation that went crazy and then after they all high-fived each other).

    ★ Yuzuko Destroying The Nice Ghost ★
  • The jokes are really entertaining to see unfold. 
  • Some of the conversations feel very realistic. (E.G. Yui informs Yukari and Yuzuko that Aikawa doesn’t get along with them because they’re kinda weird, Yukari and Yuzuko asks questions that continue to link to new topics). 
  • The fact that these girls understand that they are acting weird and silly on purpose makes them even more authentic. 
  • These girls are just too adorable and cute. 
  • Character reactions and choices are very comedic and at times different. (E.G. Yuzuko sees Yui doesn’t want her snorkel so she licks it to see if she can change her mind, A pigeon landed on Yuzuko’s hand while the girls were walking and they all stayed quiet and mouth words to each other so the bird wouldn’t fly away, Yui teases Yukari which causes Yukari to playfully hit her and then Yuzuko joins in by playfully hitting Yui as well). 

    ★ Yukari Has The Best Reflexes In The World ★
  • Although Yui plays the straight man, she can also play a role in the craziness. 
  • It’s very sweet and heartwarming to watch these characters spend time together. 
  • What the girls learn about in the Data Processing Club is always interesting and how they go about reviewing them on the board is always fun to see.
  • The chemistry and connection between the main girls is impeccable. 
  • Aikawa’s group of friends are just as interesting as Yui’s group of friends. 
  • Concludes with a carefree goodbye and hopeful beginning. 

Directing, Voice Acting, and Music

  • Little music inserts during scenes help bring out the silliness or happiness.
  • I really feel like I’m hanging out with the characters. 
  • It’s very realistic when the characters are talking and one of them is crying, coughing, laughing, or playing with something in the background while they converse.
  • The noises and voices characters make are hilarious. (E.G. Yuzuko and Yukari voices during the “S&M Quiz” scene, Yuzuko’s “TA”, The muttering sounds Yuzuko made when she was throwing a tantrum because she was told to be quiet).
  • Yuzuko’s, voice actress, Rumi Ōkubo , and Yukari’s voice actresses, Risa Taneda, do a fantastic job on making their characters funny, silly, crazy, and sweet. 
  • The opening theme song “One-Two” by Rumi Ōkubo, Minami Tsuda, Risa Taneda is a sweet and moving song that matches the show.
  • The ending theme song “Affection” By Mayumi Morinaga, really fits the show and is very heart warming. 

    ♥ Sliding To My Heart! ♥
  • The voice actors really help bring these characters to life.
  • The show can pull off hilarious moments. (E.G. When Yuzuko almost attacks Nonohara twice, When Yuzuko and Yukari speak out loud about what’s on their mind and Yuzuko begins to box the air after saying “Yui”, Yuzuko goes nuts when dispersing an imaginary ghost). 

Animation and Character Designs

  • The movement of the characters are terrific. 
  • Character designs have their own unique charm to them. 



★ “STOP!” ★
  • Some jokes aren’t as good as others. 








♥ I Absolutely Love These Girls!!! ♥

♥ 9.6/10 ♥ I Loved Every Minute With Yui, Yukari, and Yuzuko! I Love Them!

Yuyushiki FOREVER!  Where’s my SEASON 2?! GIMMIE PLEASE! It should’ve sold more! If only I was rich and could buy 1,000,000 Blu-rays! The P.V. is down there for your viewing!


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