“Tanaka-kun is Always Listless” (Episode 1-7) Dropped Anime Review: A Relaxing Moment of Listlessness

❀Writer: Richard K. Moe

❀ Promotional Art ❀

Behind The Anime

❀ Miyano Will Become Listless One Day! ❀
❀ People Worry About Tanaka ❀

☆Animation Studio – Silver Link (Baka and Test, Non Non Biyori, Strike the Blood, WataMote)

☆Director – Shinya Kawatsura (Kokoro Connect, Non Non Biyori, Stella no Mahō)

☆Original Creator – Nozomi Uda (Tanaka-kun is Always Listless)

☆Writer/Series Composition – Akemi Omode (Tales of the Abyss, Pita-Ten, Getbackers)

☆Music – Hiromi Mizutani (Non Non Biyori, Sunday Without God, Toriko)



❀ Our Listless Protagonist Tanaka ❀

“Tanaka is a high school boy who sighs (with a hand on his chin), dozes and sleeps just about anytime and anywhere: in classroom, in PE classes, and even after school hours he is too lazy to move. In contrast, his friend Ohta and other classmates around him are quite energetic, despite of their numerous failed attempts to “wake” Tanaka up”. (ANN)



Writing, Directing, Animation, and Music

❀ Ohta Carrying Tanaka ❀
  • Characters can be a bit dull but there’s something endearing about them that makes them likable. 
  • Every here and there a joke, what a character says, or a moment will make you laugh. (E.G. Miyano’s energetic personality and reactions when being taught the way of listlessness from Tanaka, When Shirashi was stalking Tanaka and Ohta and believed they were making fun of her).
  • The little situations Tanaka gets involved with can be entertaining. (E.G. When Tanaka becomes Miyano’s listless teacher, Tanaka helping Echizen with her Miyano situation).
  • Shirashi has an interesting backstory and personality. 
  • The show has a relaxing atmosphere. (E.G. The dazing lighting, Nature like colors, Comfy music, and Mellow main characters). 
  • The dazing lighting and nature like colors really set the tone of the show. 
  • The huge school environment is designed well. 
  • The easy listening music choices are soothing.  
  • The opening theme “Utatane Sunshine” by Unlimited tone and the ending theme “BON-BON” by CooRie are nice songs that fit the show perfectly. 


Directing and Writing

❀ Rino Attacking The Recorder ❀
  • The relax feeling of the show tends to block out excitement.
  • Jokes aren’t exactly lazy, their executions just seem to miss the target a lot.  
  • Conclusions or reasons to problems are usually disappointing. (E.G. Tanaka seems very worried about something and his peers assume it’s because of love but then it turns out that he is just upset about the dentist, Miyano’s reasoning for briefly becoming listless was because of an absurd theory that stuck in her head, Tanaka recognized someone by their breast size instead of their heart). 
  • Tanaka usually gets all the glory even though Ohta deserves it as well. (E.G. Solution with Shirashi, Solution with Miyano and her friend issue). 
  • The cliche element of love doesn’t blend into the show smoothly.


❀ “Master, Richard dropped our show!” “If I can’t hear it, then it isn’t true”. ❀

❀7.9/10❀ It Was A Relaxing Experience!

Reasons For Dropping:

  • Not that exciting.
  • Disappointing outcomes. 
  • Ohta doesn’t get as much credit as Tanaka. 
  • Jokes aren’t executed most of the time. 
  • There isn’t any motivation to watch the next episode. 

Here’s the P.V. if you’re interested. It’s very relaxing!