“Encouragement of Climb (Yama No Susume)” Anime Review: A Non Stop Climb To The Moetain Top!

Writer: Richard K. Moe

♥ Kokona, Kaede, Hinata, and Aoi ♥

Behind The Anime

★ Hinata’s Wild Imagination ★
★ Rubbing A Statue’s Head For Good Luck ★

★Animation Studio – 8 Bit (Infinite Stratos, Absolute Duo, The Fruit of Grisaia)

★Orginal Creator – Shiro (Yama no Susume)

★Director – Yusuke Yamamoto (Aquarion Evol, Welcome to the NHK, Walkure Romanze)

★Storyboard – Yusuke Yamamoto (The Eden of Grisaia)

★Character Design – Yuusuke Matsuo (The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls)


★ “If you don’t hang out more, you won’t make friends” says Hinata ★

Aoi Yukimura is a high-schooler who wishes to live a normal high school life even without friends.  But on the first day of high school she meets Hinata Kuraue. A girl who claims to be a old friend of hers. Hinata tells her of the promise they made together when they were younger. The promise of climbing another mountain together. Hinata forcefully introduces a confused Aoi into mountain climbing yet again. While learning and planning their next mountain climb, Aoi meets others who also share a passion for mountain climbing. 



Writing, Directing, Character Design and Animation

★ Tent’s Good and Hinata’s Cute ★
  • The introduction gets to the point and gives enough insight for things to be understandable. 
  • Characters are bright, wonderful, and lovable.  
  • A plot about hiking and mountain climbing is simplistic yet the show makes it intriguing.
  • Moments of bonding are sentimental and precious. (E.G. When Aoi remembers her past promise with Hinata, Why Hinata confronted Aoi in their first encounter even knowing that she didn’t remember her completely). 
  • The information given about mountains and hiking show that the creators did their research. 
  • Concludes with a cliche yet warm-hearted life lesson. 
  • Every episode is short in length but fulfilling in quality. 
  • Although each episode runs for a short three minutes to four minutes, the time is used wisely. 
  • The story constantly moves forward.
  • Very adorable character designs. 
  • Animation is constantly good and fluid.


Story and Directing

★ Save Aoi, Internet! ★
  • There isn’t enough time to give Kokona and Kaede more spotlight. 







♥ Hinata’s Demanding A High Score ♥

❀9.6/10❀ Only Three to Four Minutes A Pop Yet It’s So Wonderful!

The P.V. is below for you if you’re interested! I know I am!


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