“Gundam Thunderbolt” Anime Review: Ends In A Flash


LEAD VISUAL. ART: Hirotoshi Takaya


[WRITER: Chrissy.C]


Thunderbolt is 15minutes per episode of its 4 episode run that spawns from the original manga of the same name. It`s a short fulfilling project that is even going to be turned into a compilation + new content film as done with Gundam Unicorn becoming a slighlty remastered TV Series.


Thunderbolt is within the Universal Century timeline and takes place in the Thunderbolt Sector this area is full of debris from battles. It gets the title Thunderbolt from the common electrical discharges from the broken objects in the area. Two factions fight for this area. Both the Federation Zeon.



Series Director
  • Ep 2 Minor Pro: The song draws out the sadness of Daryl`s past even being as brief as it is. 
Deryl of Zeon. Animation: SUNRISE/Courtesy:MIKANRULZ
Art Director
  • Though grim and grimy in the sectors and battlefields. There are eye pleasing lights that coat and machines that glow.
  • Bold hatch shading and character designs, detailed debris; objects, and mobile suits. It embraces a retro art style while pulling modern influence into it.
Series Composition
  • Minor Pro: Sinister jazz Lo Flemming uses to indicate his arrival to a fight.
Lo Flemming and Commander Of The Federation. Animation: SUNRISE/Courtesy: ACTIVERAID
  • ED 1-2 adds emotion to Thunderbolt in slow melancholic tracks.
Series Music Composer
  • Thunderbolt embraces a western soundtrack, separating this anime mini-series into its own in music style. They produce quality tracks purely for this mini-series and there are many vocal songs, not just instrumentals. 


Series Composition 
  • The animation comes to a brief closing, though I understand the war will continue. It isn’t fulfilling because it doesn’t settle their story or allow for a satisfying finish. Without knowing the episode count, you would simply assume it would continue. 


I couldn`t score Thunderbolt on a scale out of to 10. It`s simply too short. 


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