“Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel” Video Game Review: Nitroplus Girls?! I Only Know Sonico and Saber!

★Writer: Richard K. Moe

★ Promotional Game Art ★
  • Platforms: Playstation 4, Playstation 3
  • Publishers: Nitroplus, Marvelous
  • Developers: Examu 

[Rated-T For: Animated Blood, Language, Partial Nudity, Suggestive Themes, Violence]


★ Super Sonico Reaching Out ★

In an alternate dimension, many girls from different Nitroplus games, anime, and projects come together without knowing why and who caused this. The girls are sprung into battling one another, thinking that they are each other’s enemies. But what all these girls have in common is that they are all seeking a way to escape this dimension and return home to their precious loved ones. They soon figure out that they are destined to appear in this world for a certain purpose that they only can fulfill. 



Gameplay & Presentation

  • Fighting mechanics are accessible and easy for new comers.   
  • Fighting is super nTIROPLusgamepaly.jpgfun and addicting. 
  • Super moves and Lethal Blazes are flashy and feel powerful. (E.G. Saber’s super special  “Excalibur” is a stunning attack, Sonico’s special “Cover Girl Photogenic” looks…..good). 
  • Twelve fun and diverse types of fighters. (E.G. Sonico has her friends assistance and uses support moves, Saber uses her sword and is strength based, Anna throws projectiles and soars). 
  • Twenty fun and diverse type of supporters. (E.G. Akane stuns opponents with her dominator gun, Yuki releases a mob of zombies, Dragon attacks with an all out blast).  
  • Supporting characters really help battles become much more interesting. 
  • The art design is great looking. 
  • Story mode’s ending artwork feels rewarding to obtain. 



  • Out of everyone’s Story Mode, Ouka’s and Sonico’s was the most interesting, focused and different.
  • After Story has better story telling and visuals than Story Mode . (E.G. Background information is given, Screen has effects, Music choices are fitting, There are actual dialogue exchanges). 
  • After Story actually makes use of their characters compared to Story Mode. 
  • After Story’s fights feel more focused in the story than Story Mode’s because there are actually altercations before fights.  
  • The conclusion to the story feels just right. 



  • Some supporting characters are underpowered. (E.G. Amy does minimal damage
    with her soaring attack, Spica does small and subtle damage with her witch abilities). 
  • Lacks a variety of gameplay modes. 
  • The roster of fighters compared to the number of supporters feel small. 
  • There is no tutorial mode to teach players the game mechanics. 


  • There is no clear given background about the cast.  NitroplusCtuses.png
  • Most support characters don’t play a part in the story, only two out the twenty do. 
  • In Story mode, you fight some characters without any convincing reason to. 
  • There are a couple of cutscenes in story mode between fighters but they never have good closure. 
  • The character you choose when playing the story questions what’s going on but just fights. There’s no convincing reasoning for fighting. 
  • When the characters in the story figure out what’s going they tend to be really
    mellow about it. 
  • The reasoning for why the characters are brought together isn’t the most satisfying or explained. 
  • No matter what character you choose in Story mode, everything always goes the same way. Maybe except for Ouka, Al, and Sonico. 
  • The “ASYLUM” Sonico works for is very important yet it is expressed vaguely.
  • Although After Story is interesting, there are moments where the story drags on and becomes really dull.


♥ Beautiful and Voluptuous Woman by Tsuji Santa 

✦ 8/10 ✦ I Got To Know The Nitroplus Girls.

If you’re interested in these girls and the game, here’s a trailer for you. 




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