“FMA: Brotherhood” Joint Anime Review: The #1 Anime?


Brotherhood reveal. Art: Hiroki Kanno

[Writer: Chrissy.C]


Hiromu Arakawa the mangaka behind FMA, SILVER SPOON, Legend Of Arslan & Hero Tales. Silver Spoon caught me off guard. FMA: Brotherhood praised both by critics and fans as one of the best anime to have ever been created.

This is a joint anime review. Featuring the film as a separate review on the same page and the OVAS + TV Series on a different section.


In the world where alchemy exists; living on the basis of equivalent exchange. There lies an forbidden alchemy known as human transmutation (it attempts to revive their dead). Two boys Edward & Alphonse Eric use this to revive their mother but only for it to fail as it will always do, leaving Alphonse with no body and Edward with only half of his limbs, he manages to bind Alphonse`s soul into a suit of metal armor. Edward and Alphonse hear about an item known as the Philospher Stone. They embark on a journey for this elusive object that can bring their bodies back to its original state.



FMA Brotherhood: Sacred Star Of Milos


Writing – Script: Yuichi Shinpo

  • We are still given a fulfilling story from start to finish of the Alchemist Julia, with an exchange among 2 siblings.

Art & Animation – BONES

  • In Milos, their cheeks are trimmed down and their face features sit better. 
    Milos is detailed, smooth in color, & contains fluid animation, of course, amped up compared to the TV Series. Particularly in the intense first section with meeting Julia in a meticulously crafted running battle.
Julia. Animation: BONES/Courtesy: Fanservice


  • “Chasing Hearts” by Miwa is a breezy and clean acoustic opening, sadly it’s played over by dialogue quietly and pushed aside quick. However “Good Luck My Way” ED theme by L’Arc En Ciel is an epic closing.


Party time. Animation: BONES/Courtesy: Fullmetals


Directing & Cinematography – Art Director: Kazuo Ogura & Tomoaki Okada

  • Milos is another world by Murata Kazuya, as it differs drastically in visuals from the Brotherhood TV Series, it’s brighter, wider color palette, chalk full of lines to represent all the details, & the animation is fun. 


GO! Animation: BONES/Courtesy: EditingDrunk



Writing – Script/Screenplay: Yuichi Shinpo

  • The story is a nice look at more residents in the world and their power in FMA:BROTHERHOOD, however, it’s just a pit stop in chronological order. It lacks contribution to the story of Brotherhood.
  • The transmutation circle that is located as the main point in Sacred Star Of Milos is not explained on who crafted it.


Backup! Animation: BONES/Courtesy: BEWAREOFMPREG



TV Series + OVAS


Writing – Original: Hiromu Arakawa/Series Composition: Hiroshi Ohnogi & 5 Script Writers

  • I adore certain creative concepts brought into this story and world. (E.G: Info & Rewards beyond the gate, Ed & Al’s backgrounds, Civil War, Homunculus or the No. Murder Guards in the hidden facility)
  • Clever battles tactics. (E.G: Facility trick in Ep 8, and the use of a character death in Ep 57)
  • At the last leg, all important characters contribute to the closing of the story. With that there is completely no holes left, giving us a fulfilling closing to BROTHERHOOD.
  • It`s fulfilling to watch everything wrap up for Brotherhood.            


Crazy Wind. ANIMATION: BONES/Courtesy: Killua-TM


Musical Compositions & Audio – All Themes Credit

  • Great themes, beginning with “Again” by Yui, to gloomy  “Rain” By Sid. Ambient “Uso” by Sid to the epic closing “Ray Of Light” by Nakagawa Shoko.  


Mustang is crazy. Animation: BONES/Courtesy: Son-Of-A-Namek


Art & Animation – BONES

  • There are fluid smooth battle sequences. Notable contain Lust Vs Mustang Scar Vs The Furor.


The whole team. Animation: BONES/Courtesy: SGTannie


English Voice Actors – Edward: Vic Mignogna

  • The voice acting is amazing. Especially notable is Vic Mignogna where he completely transforms the original but keeping Ed`s hot-headed and bratty merits.


Helicopter SHOT! Animation: BONES/Courtesy: NEOGOHAN




  • Moments the comedy elements shoot down the tone of scenes. (E.G: Remembering the gate or The Butcher going after Hawk-Eye.)
  • The convenience is abundant. Ling Yao in the alley, Mei Chang picked up by Scar, Librarian girl who can memorize everything she read. Most notable in episode 38, meeting Mei Chang again after worrying about how huge the area is, however, they conveniently find her in the first building they choose. 
  • Minor Con: The first reunion with Ed`s father is underwhelming. Ed doesn’t fight him or get extremely angry he just ends up just ignoring him as they go home together. 
  • Minor Con: They just let Berry The Chopper roam freely in their apartment even though he is deadly. I am confused on why Chopper complies completely.
  • Minor Con: In OVA 3 the Teacher’s story is weak for a background. Her motives to survive are ridiculous…and the end of her trip is one of the most overused anime jokes, where ___ happens only for it to either be completely misleading or underwhelming.
  • The 7 Deadly Sins don`t completely act out on their characteristics. Though they may look it like Lust’s voluptuous body, Greed wants everything but never actually goes and grabs it, or Envy’s manly-women body type and the transformation ability. It doesn`t seem prevalent enough and it only seems to be used right at the end of their stories.


May Chang is crazy! Animation: BONES/Courtesy: ANIME


Directing & Cinematography

  • Minor Con: A freakishly large and 3D Envy beast looks like a strange glob that doesn’t ever work in a 2d world.


Lucho Libre Mask. Animation: BONES/Courtesy: Chun-Li


Musical Compositions

  • (At least In The English Dub) There are mixing issues with the dialogue, sound effects, and music. I had to constantly turn the volume up and down every time their voices were too low, only to be blasted by sounds of alchemy, themes, or original soundtracks. (Will not deduct points, it is just an error in an English distribution, that doesn`t translate into the overall work of the original production.)


Double! Animation: BONES/Courtesy: YouKaiTails


Art & Animation

  • Minor Con: The illustrations on characters may be a bit deformed or off construction of the face work from medium or long range camera shots.







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