“GUNDAM 00” Series + Film ANIME REVIEW: Still Popular? But Why?

Gundam 00 Full Review
Gundam 00 PT 1, 2 & Film Posters. Art: Michinori Chiba & Yun Kouga/Collage Maker: Fotor

[Writer: Chrissy.C]


Gundam 00 has over 400,000 Units sold in home video sales and it`s name stays in rotation till this day. I went to find out, why? On my first ever Gundam experience.

Yes, the 00 series had issues but in the end it`s one that took the title for Best Anime Now. Last title here
Since the series finished it`s over 6 years, this review is easily done (for me) in a joint write up.
Dangerous. Animation: SUNRISE/Courtesy: FIGMA


Celestial Being a militia group who oppose the on-going war between nations, by ironically intervening with violence.

Flying! Animation: SUNRISE/Courtesy: Mecha-Gifs



Writing – Series Composition & Script: Yousuke Kuroda

  • The story avoids bias to favoring one side. You are given positions from religious areas, different nations and military power; which all have their own outlook on the war.
  • Minor Pro Episode 45: Smooth moves pulled from both sides in the Double Rizer abduction section.
The Thrones Were Crazy! Animation: SUNRISE/Courtesy: MECHA-GIFS

Directing & Cinematography – Seiji Mizushima

  • Episode 45: The cue of the a-cappella version of “Trust You” was powerfully done when isolated from the instruments and focusing on how strong Itou Yuna`s vocals are in the silence of the death-scene.
  • ED 4: Beautifully crafted. The concept of the machines aging and their war uniforms left behind in abandoned territory. Ending with flowers growing around the 00 Gundam with time.
PROTOTYPE ASU-NO!!! Animation: SUNRISE/Courtesy: GundamVaults

Art & Animation – Sunrise

  • The Gundam franchise is a high profile title, with that we are given brightly colored scenes and quality illustrations/smooth framework. Praise for completely illustrated Gundams in flight and doing amage in full detail, rather than a 3D CGI copy.
I TRUST YOU! Animation: Sunrise/Courtesy: PeeblesPlace

Musical Compositions & Audio

  • Top picks for opening performances. Powerful vocals from Hyde on L~arc~en~Ciel’s heavy gloomy track “Daybreak’s Bell.” Brilliant Green’s unique vocalist Tommy Heavenly 6 on “Ash Like Snow.” Uverworld leads well with an electronic opener on “A Love Both Fleeting & Eternal” followed by a straight forward chorus they are known for. Stereopony closes the series with Past The Tears a bit tame for the show but still a mellow tune.
  • The last R & B/Pop song “Trust You” by Itou Yuna enjoyable. Harmonizing vocals and accessible production.
LAST OP. Animation: SUNRISE/Courtesy: FinalArcadia

English Dub

  • Ali Al Saachez a main antagonist holds a great voice actor who can act: sleazy, relaxed and in control. This is done by Scott Mcgeil.
Woah, prepared. Animation: SUNRISE/Courtesy: MECHA-GIFS


English Dub

  • Minor Con: Setsuna F. Seiei’s voice is well done and Braid Swaile can keep up yelling with this voice. It’s also a double edged sword because Setsuna is just a kid in the beginning but his voice is incredibly deep and in certain sections it`s odd.
Putting the smack down. Animation: SUNRISE/Courtesy: MECHA-GIFS


  • Minor Con: Setsuna F. Seiei was clueless when he revealed his secret to Princess Marina.
  • The main cast look appealing to the eye but extra characters (i.e: government) don`t fit in the same art-style nor are they worth a look.
  • Many moments I don’t want to root for the main cast. Because they are plain and don’t get anywhere in character, Setsuna is your cold and cool protagonist who doesn’t get close to anyone. The stern traditional one Tiera. The chill older male Lockon.
  • Trinity Gundams Meisters are flat. You have the killer cute one. Serious ‘will not derail from mission’ brother and the ‘I LOVE TO KILL’ *Sticks out tongue and chases you with knife* one.
  • Minor Con/Episode 28: How the hell did Allelujah manage to climb up and activate his Gundam when being shot at military experts in close range. 
  • Saji Crossroad can be annoying. He complains frequently in the ending to 00 season 2.
  • Machines are built back and forth, there seems to be a new mobile suit every other episode (exaggerating of course).
  • Lockon’s confession towards the end of the series is thrust upon us and their romantic connection isn’t there. They know each other for a short amount of time but it was written in anyways for emotional impact.
There everywhere! Animation: SUNRISE/Courtesy: Echovoice713

Gundam 00 A Wakening Of The Trail Blazer



  • The film leaves at an abrupt closing, sealing Gundam 00 with a touching end to it’s main message. Sadly we don’t get to see the cast off.

Art & Animation

  • Clean, bright and glossy. The space battles are hectic and this is where it shines with their chaos.


  • The opening theme Closed World by The Back Horn is a fierce rock tune. Tragically it`s strength is held back by underwhelming opening shots.
  • Closing Theme Qualia by Uverworld (such an appropriate name in context with the end) is a grand rising, slow burning performance. Perfect for the grand finale. 
Lock On! Animation: SUNRISE/Courtesy: Akaitako



  • Everybody is busy throughout the film so character connection and growth is similar to an average episode. The movie consist of primarily fighting the enemy.
  • The love ___ feels for ___ isn`t necessary as they never actually express why they adore them so.
Final Mission. Animation: SUNRISE/Courtesy: Satoshii-S

GUNDAM 00 SEASON 1 + 2 : 6.8-7


Honestly, 00 the tv series was sluggish and I wanted to reach the end. But with time I was comfortable with the cast.
Then the film appeared and I found the closing extremely satisfying.
Gundam 00 it was an enjoyable and it deserves the Best Anime Now title until it`s tooken by the next anime.

7 thoughts on ““GUNDAM 00” Series + Film ANIME REVIEW: Still Popular? But Why?

  1. Agreed. It’s an example of you’ll never know unless you watch it.

    Yeah they are good at that. Completely worth the watch, and yes it’ll be there as my first “Gundam.”

    Thanks for commenting!


      1. I know, right? Oh well. The important thing for me is that I personally enjoyed it. Don’t care that much about what others think.

        Exactly. When I first watched it, I couldn’t watch more than 1 episode to be honest. The terror attack scenes were just so hard to watch because they’re very similar to what I watch on the news. However, I got past it and eventually finished the entire series. Love it! It kickstarted my interest in the entire Gundam franchise, to be honest. It’ll always have a special place in my heart. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice review. Before reading this review. I didn’t realize how annoying Saji became haha.

    It bothered me a lot when Setsuna first told Marina his secret. It was just like “Hey so this and that” (not trying to spoil for people what happens) and that’s it. No build up and a weak shock response from Marina.

    Liked by 1 person

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