“Nurse Witch Komugi R” Anime Review: Can You Really Be A Idol And Magical Girl?

♥Writer: Richard K. Moe

★ Promotional Art ★

Behind The Anime

Komuigi Wqake up.gif
★ Ready, Go, Komugi ★
♥ Komugi Being Komugi ♥

★Animation Studio – Tatsunoko Production (Ping Pong, Psycho-Pass 2, Gatchaman Crowds, Sket Dance)

★Director – Keiichiro Kawaguchi (Please Tell Me! Galko-chan, OniAi, Hayate the Combat Butler, Mayo Chiki!)

★Writer – Momoko Murakami (Onsen Yōsei Hakone-chan, Mahō Shōjo Nante Mō Ii Desu Kara, Pan de Peace!)

★Character Design – Takao Sano (Shomin Sample)

★Music – Kousuke Yamashita (Chihayafuru, The World Is Still Beautiful)



★ Magical, Power, Sensational, Yet Dizzy, Spin ★

Komugi Nakahara is a energetic yet clumsy second-year middle school student who dreams of becoming a popular idol like her fellow schoolmates Kokona Saionji and Tsukasa Kisaragi. Komugi’s popularity only allows her to perform small and cheap gigs compared to Kokona and Tsukasa who perform in big venues. One day, Komugi meets a small and injured creature by the name of Usa-P. Because of Komugi’s kindness Usa-P sees that she is capable of being a “legendary girl”. Komugi eventually takes the offer and becomes the “Magical Nurse”. She battles demons who terrorize the world for their cards in which Usa-P collects. While Komugi juggles being both an idol and magical girl, she faces other magical girls who are after the cards as well. 




★ Tsukasa, Komugi, Kokona, Lets Go ★
  • The way Komugi introduces herself is like a interesting “About Me” section. 
  • Komugi is energetic, likable, and cute.
  • The small things Komugi does can make the show enjoyable. (E.G. Komugi loves to make puns with her name, Komugi tends to eat or play with something random that she is given, The way Komugi laughs or when she is helping people out). 
  • Matsukawa is a really funny, macho, and helpful character. 
  • Some interactions have some realistic elements. (E.G. Tsukasa’s manager jokingly talked about some playing cards his son plays with Tsukasa to comfort her, Komugi brings her family with her to a festival and they walk together).
  • The Magical Animals are funny, especially Neko-P.

    ★ Normal Komugi Spin ★
  • The show’s odd moments make the show feel un-stiff. (Yuto is told by a staff member that they’re going to put a sticker on his nipples, One magic move is called the “No, No, But Actually Yes Beam”, The narrator is aware of moments where he’s going to be cut off).
  • The show can make you laugh from time to time. (E.G. Komugi can say some silly things like “I am bathroom”, At one point Komugi says “Tsukasa-kun! Chan!” because she doesn’t know if Tsukasa should have a feminine or masculine honorific, Komugi performed for old men and threw cookies at them). 
  • The show looks like it would have kid-like humor only but actually does more than that.
  • Yuto’s and Komugi’s platonic sibling-like relationship is cute.
  • Once you get used to the show’s set up, it can become enjoyable to watch.
  • The first and only arc which starts on Episode 11 is pretty interesting and thrilling.

Directing, Animation, and Voice Acting

★ Kokona Transformed = Masochist ★
  • Starts off with a nice and welcoming performance.
  • Once you get used to the show’s set up, it can become enjoyable to watch.
  • The colors of the show give off an energetic feeling.
  • CG during performances are not horrible looking.
  • Voice Actress, Kei Tomoe, who voices Komugi really makes her character alive with the voice she uses.



★ Woke Up Late ★
  • Uninteresting cliche characters surround Komugi.
  • The way Komugi becomes a magical girl is too ridiculous.
  • The explanation for the demons being on earth is not well thought out.
  • There isn’t really a focus on taking down these demons.
  • The demons don’t really pose as a real threat.
  • Komugi doesn’t recognize Kokona as a magical girl when it’s obviously her. Even Tsukasa doesn’t recognize Komugi or Kokona when they become magical girls when it’s super obvious.
  • Kokona’s personality changes when she becomes a magical girl and it’s not a likable one but for some reason it disappears throughout the show.
  • Almost everything is predictable. 

    ★ Tsukasa Spinning Like A Top ★
  • Cheesy, cliche thoughtless moments. (Yuto meets Tsukasa when she’s transformed and he talks to her for a second then just before she leaves he grabs her hand and asks if he can meet again, Yuto falls on top of Tsukasa and grabs her breast, Just many moments involving Tsukasa and Yuto, The way Tsukasa admits to herself  that her real self is actually girly).
  • The show cannot pull off the moments of “Hey, it’s okay” or “People can accept you, because I do”.
  • For some reason the other cast members can hear the Magical Animals when they speak. They are not supposed to be able to hear or see them unless they are the chosen ones.
  • Although it’s a parody show and tries to be a funny one, most of the time it just doesn’t work out so well.
  • All the odd ideas that jumble together makes the show feel random in a bad way.
  • The most fascinating and creative looking character is introduce too far and late in the story.
  • The story doesn’t move until the last two episodes.
  • When the girls find out that they are all magical girls they just shake it off in an instant.
  • The conclusion was sort of fitting but it was too silly, cheesy, predictable, and anti-climatic.

Directing, Animation and Character Design

✘ Are You Really A Masochist? ✘
  • Battles are dull and not engaging. 
  • The final battle is a random mess.
  • Most character designs are not attractive.
  • Animation can get stiff and awkward looking.
  • Characters are drawn out funny looking at times.
  • In the last episode, there’s a performance and the crowd is only half drawn out. (E.G. Some people would be fully drawn while others were just round humans with dots for eyes).


♥ Peace Out Komugi! ♥

★6/10★ I like it and i really don’t.  

Oh, look. A bad quality 15 second PV. If you’re curious. 




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