“Haruchika” ANIME REVIEW: Where`s The Music?

ChouCho`s “Daydream Triangle” ED SINGLE. ART: Asako Nishida/Courtesy: Fhana.JP

[Writer: Chrissy.C]


Haruchika was actually an enjoyable anime, even though it has been looked down upon and for good reason. It currently holds a 6.5/10 from 10,000 raters on MyAnimeList.

It`s a music anime that excelled in diverse backgrounds but had derailed it`s story from music.

Cat! Animation: P.A Works/Courtesy: JustInTaco


Haru & Chika are childhood friends who reunite in high-school, they go about their school life in a music club. When something strange occurs they are ready to drop everything to go solve the mystery.

Animation: P.A WORKS/Courtesy: Kame-Kame-Kame



Writing – Series Composition & Series Script: Reiko Yoshida & Original Writer:
Sei Hatsuno

  • Minor Pro: Character exchanges are charming and humorous. (E.G: Shooing away volleyball players, pretending to scare each other & running into the wrong classes.) –Extra Credit: Episode Directors & Director-
  • The series tells diverse perspectives of different characters. The jazz scene in Chicago, Civil Rights Movement, Asian Americans existence, Haruta being gay but not used as a tool. (Others: Hearing aid, sibling issues, war problems, school grade failures & Japanese Tattoo Stigma.) Considering the whole story, I now understand why P.A Works (Progressive Animation Works) went through with this project.
  • A brief ending, closing the 12 episodes. The goofy bit at the end was worth a laugh. This is also an issue, being short, it doesn`t answer a few questions about the teacher.


Directing & Cinematography – HEAD DIRECTOR: Masakazu Hashimoto

  • The director’s choice to project the text of messages, puzzles and symbols allowing us to see what the characters are viewing, is good for keeping track of what is happening.

Music – OP: FHANA

  • Fhana`s opening performance is lifting, with it`s instrumentation and duet vocals following each other.



  • Minor Con: The ending theme performed by ChouCho has a mysterious piano lead. But ChouCho doesn`t deliver with her vocals and instrumentation isn`t up to scale with Fhana`s opening performance, in vocals and musical arrangement, respectively.
Snacking. Animation: P.A WORKS/Courtesy: IGROKJOKER


  • Haruta knows everything and leads the story. While the co-protagonist Chika is hardly needed.
  • The story derails it’s self from the main concept. Haruchika should have been about a human relations club that helped within the area.
  • Haruta is ridiculously gifted at solving all the cases right at the end of every episode. (E.G: Jewel girl, dog episode & Old retired grandfather.)
  • Episode 10‘s dog mystery has no reason to exist with the main idea being about their music teacher.


  • Minor Con: We are introduced to funny looking CG folk.
  • Minor Con Episode 3: There is a confusing improv sequence. The characters are on stage in a play, they keep switching between an imaginative setting along with made up costumes. While they are actually just on stage with no costumes or set. This gets jumbled as the scene interchanges between the two.


PAT. Animation: P.A WORKS/Courtesy: Gurikajis


Haruchika is a decent title, it excels in character backgrounds. But it`s main idea is driven off the course constantly.


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