“GODEATER” Anime Review: Stale Beauty

GOD EATER Visual.jpg
God Eater VISUAL ART. Art By: Keita Shimizu/Courtesy: MINITOKYO

[Writer: Chrissy.C]


God Eater is arguably one of the best looking anime. But that doesn`t mean the story looks good.

That hat cost good money! Can`t let that go. ANIMATION: UFOTABLE/Courtesy: KRYOTA


God Arc`s are combat tools built to be equipped by chosen soldiers to combat an influx of unknown creatures known as Aragami who ravage earth.

Smooth. Animation: UFOTABLE/Courtesy: FIGMA



Writing – Animation Script: Kei Tsunematsu & Takayuki Hirao

  • Minor Pro Episode 10: The whole episode was formulaic however right at the end it`s abrupt and surprising. 
Weapons. Animation: UFOTABLE/Courtesy: DANMACHI

Directing – Head Director: Takayuki Hirao & 8 Episode Directors

  • God Eater has visually amazing work in animation, which is usually only seen in opening themes & anime video game cut scenes. It’s very glossy, and at times skin resembles clay.
Where did Lenka Go? Animation: UFOTABLE/Courtesy: IZUKUMI


  • High quality animation work done by UFOTable (Known for: Fate series and current animators Tales Of Anime sequences.)
  • Art and character designs. The looks are sharp and well to the eye. Complex visuals, interesting weapons and Gods. 
Honestly speaking, was this from an OVA or did I forget? Animation: UFOTABLE/Courtesy: PSYCHOPASS


Art & Animation

  • CG monsters don’t fit with drawn out environments and characters. Their animation job is stiff and clunky.
  • Alisa’s outfit is a strange piece of fan-service. A trimmed vest over her breast with no bra or anything to cover. Even jumping in the wind, her top, it’ll stay in place.
Lenka doing his thing. Animation: UFOTABLE/Courtesy: Agreeing


  • Skill & growth isn’t prevalent in this series. Either overpowered bunch or defeated then sudden rapid growth.
  • Take note of the title of the anime. This show will not sympathize with anyone who may believe in creationism, it even makes them look like idiots in a flashback in episode 12. Compared to a more diverse point of view in series such as: Gundam 00 or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
  • The last leg of the series doesn’t compel me because they somehow are able to destroy ___ (No spoilers) successfully without a plan even though it was one of their horrors.
  • One of the lead characters in the series “die” however it doesn`t work because we know they aren’t dead. It`s difficult for stories to craft a believable death, because if there isn`t a body they aren`t dead (usually). It has been done arguably with series: Jojo`s Bizarre Adventure & Attack On Titan.
Shiny. Animation: UFOTABLE/Courtesy: Seieiryu


  • Minor Con: The vocalist of the music in the background is monotone and auto tuned.


God Eater looks great, has an interesting premise and that`s about it because it`s littered with hardly any strong story concepts, compositions or characters. Without regards for other genres, this show will appeal to those who purely enjoy shonen series and eye candy, in no disrespect to well-written Shonen anime or pretty art + animation.


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