“Diebuster A.K.A. Gunbuster 2” Anime Review: Beautiful, Fluid, Slow, and Tiresome Motion

★Writers: Richard K. Moe & Chrissy. C

Diebuster A.K.A. Gunbuster 2 DVD Cover ★

Behind The Anime

♥ Nono, Our Spunky Protagonist ♥


★ Look, Trigger Didn’t Animate Gurren Lagann ★

★Animation Studio – Gainax (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, FLCL)

★Director – Kazuya Tsurumaki (FLCL)

★Writer – Yōji Enokido (FLCL, Ouran High School Host Club, Star Driver)

★Character Designer – Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL, Wolf Children)


★ Nono, Flying Into Action ★

 Nono, is a country girl who dreams of becoming a space pilot to become like “Nonoriri”.  One day at her work place she encounters an actual space pilot by chance. She gets recruited by the space pilot, Lal’C Mellk Mal and becomes apart of an elite team made up of teenagers by the name of “Topless”. Topless is armed with quasi-humanoid weapons called Buster Machines. The team’s mission is to protect the people of the Solar System from dangerous space monsters. 






★ Crane Creator Nono
  • The story gets to the point as soon as the introduction starts. 
  • Nono is a spunky protagonist. 
  • Although fan-service, when the girls rip off their tops to indicate they are true “Topless” makes sense. 
  • What everyone and the space monsters were looking for makes sense in the end.

Art & Animation

  • Illustrations can get outrageously detailed and on large scale. Especially when huge
    detailed objects/beings are flying all over the place. (For Example: 
    First space monster encounter.)
★ A Topless Nono Incoming ★
  • The show is always painted very well and smooth in color.
  • Animation is always fluid. 
  • Creates it’s own futuristic world. 
  • Very stylish.


Directing & Cinematography

  • We are given a ton of vista shots (which is a pain in Gainax to execute) as characters watch beast & their mecha’s roll out and cover the amount of area they consume.
  • The final scene where Lal’C gazes into the night and looks up to the stars was very pretty. The screen turns to capture each light that blazes to the sky and then they light up the stars as each buster runs off. 
★Nicoloa, Tycho, Lal’C, Nona ★




★ Aim For The Top 2 ★
  • Many characters are plain. 
  • Topless and the universe they reside in is vaguely explained. 
  • Each episode feels like we jumped many episodes. 
  • There is no chemistry between the characters. Especially Nono and Lal’C.
  • The meeting of Nono and Lal’C was purely coincidence. 
  • Nono being the chosen one plus being overpowered makes the story cliche.
  • The story is pretty plain. It’s a mecha team that fight large beast from space. With the side of extra elements.
  • Tycho’s story is just kind of rushed in. They don’t really elaborate on her character or past but just hand out a bit of hints. This doesn’t work when episode 3 is supposed to be a beautiful and emotional piece about her. 

    Lal’C Glowing ★
  • Random higher ups allow Nona to hear V.I.P. information to locate a lost Buster.
  • They never explain why they are fighting these space monsters.
  • Nona being a “special one” isn’t elaborated on. How is she a female Moe looking one? 
  • There isn’t enough time for each member of the main squad.
  • The last part of the show was confusing, uninteresting, and rushed. 

Directing, Cinematography and Musical Composition

  • The CGI can look awkward. All CGI automatically sticks out if it’s an object or being. 
  • The many panty shots and nudity is unnecessary and don’t contribute to the story.
  • Fight’s weren’t that exciting. 
  • There isn’t a lot of music ever playing in the background.


★ Sorry For The Score, Nono

★ 5/10 ★ I wish I really liked it. 

Final Comments:

I really wanted to like Diebusters. It had great animation, directing, cinematography, and an interesting protagonist. But at the end it just couldn’t deliver a good story. The characters beside Nono were bland and uninteresting. Moments where we were supposed to feel for these characters weren’t there. These characters felt familiar but I didn’t know them. And I also felt the characters didn’t truly feel for each other either. There was a lack of chemistry between characters. Especially Nono and Lal’C. The story moved but was not thrilling or interesting for most of the part. The story also said alot but didn’t explain enough. Fights were visually pleasing but they weren’t exactly attention-grabbing. It was just big mecha attacks big monster or big mecha shoots a bunch of missiles at many monsters.   Each episode felt like a bunch of time had skipped.  It was not consistent. I wish I could really like Diebusters but unfortunately that cannot happen. Diebusters could have really be something.

– Richard K. Moe

Here’s the very groovy Opening for your viewing and pleasure. 





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