“Criminal Girls: Invitation Only” Video Game Review: You’re Invited But Don’t Bring Anyone With You

♰Writer: Richard K. Moe

♰ Promotional Game Art ♰
  • Platforms: Playstation Vita
  • Publishers: NIS Inc, NIS America
  • Developers: Imageepoch
  • Release Date: November 18, 2013 (Japan), February 3, 2015 (America)

[Rated-M For: Fantasy Violence, Language, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes]


♥ (Back: Ran, Tomoe, and Shin), (Front: Yuko, Kisaragi, Alice, and Sako) ♥

“Seven delinquents, seven sins, and only one way out. Just hired for a new, mysterious job, you soon discover that this isn’t your normal prison gig. You’ve been entrusted with the care of a crew of girls whose sins have damned their souls to Hell and an eternity of punishment… Their only hope of salvation is for you to recognize their unique histories, and to guide them along the path to redemption. Navigate through the four trials of the Redemption Program, and motivate your crew of delinquents to learn the skills to redeem themselves”. (Source: NIS America)

 ♰ Girls who lack motivation……must be dealt with! ♰  




  • The turned-based criminadlada.jpggameplay is nothing hard hitting but it is fun and exiting to
    watch at times. 
  • Battles feel closed in and tense.
  • Attack commands are given to you randomly during battles. The girls basically decide what moves they want to do. 
  • When certain skills become available during battles, it’s exciting.  (For Example: Special Bond Attacks, Special MP moves, Support Skills).
  • Boss battles can be thrilling. 
  • The different type of motivation mini-games really give…..variety. 
  • Field Skills are neat. (For Example: Sako’s Field Skill “Shout” attracts enemies to you). Criminadladla
  • Fulfilling a “Girl’s Wish” feels rewarding and sweet. 
  • The transportation system saves you a lot of walking time. 
  • Each trail feels fun and fresh. 
  • Every character’s fighting tactic is similar and different from one another.
  • I never felt entirely confused or lost. There’s usually a tip or helping hand. 
  • CM points can be used for the motivational games and item shop. 
  • You definitely will find inspiration to “motivate” these girls because they won’t fight if you don’t.
  • The game’s length is good. (First Playthrough: 40 Hours) (Full Playthrough: 63 Hours). 


  • Story begins immediately!crimiada
  • The story is able to stay entertaining from beginning to end. 
  • Everything surprised me most of the time. 
  • Each trail brings you to a new place. 
  • Very straight forward with the information.
  • The girls really have a “prisoner” attitude. 
  • Every character is cliche and original to some degree. crimiafda
  • Recruiting the different Criminal Girls was always entertaining. 
  • Everyone feels like they are apart of the team. (For Example: There’s a part where you have to corner a convict and everyone is coming up with ways to get it). 
  • Through each trail and battle, you feel these girls get closer to one another.
  • You get closer to these girls along the journey and they grow on you. 
  • There are moments that feel emotional. (For Example: Learning about the girls past).
  • There’s a section during a certain trail where it feels like your party is falling apart. It’s very convincing. 
  • The individual endings with each girl feels warm and sweet.
  • The ending felt precious. 


  • Cool looking character designs.crminada
  • The small character designs are cute.
  • The characters actually travel with you on this journey. You don’t feel alone. 
  • The environment becomes alive due to the music and colors.
  • The perfume-like smoke in the motivation room is actually pretty stylish.
  • Characters speak out when you reach certain places. 
  • Skills during battle can look flashy.
  • The dialogue in-between attacks make the characters feel closer. 
  • It’s nice to see and hear the attack dialogue change throughout the game. 
  • The Infirmity Room feels cozy and relaxing.


♥ Healing…. ♥



  • “Random Battle” encounters is a bit outdated. crifmsif.jpg
  • The item shop doesn’t feel really special, it’s very bland.
  • Lack of information being available for your convenience. (For Example: How battles work, how skills come about, how items work, etc).
  • The Infirmity Room could have more things to do. It was a bit lacking.


  • The protagonist (ME) sometimes says some poetic things that can come off as criminal-girls-seven.pngcorny.
  • Unfortunately, some of the girls past “sins” are a bit weak. 
  • Cliche “Harem” charm appears. (For Example: Two girls fall for the protagonist way too quick at one point, it’s so sudden. His Harem charm is like a magnet). 
  • The individual girls endings are a bit too short and sudden. 
  • Although precious, the ending lacked a huge impact.


  • Stiff movements in battle.
  • Many monsters are reused in many trails. 


♥ Chibi Criminal Girls ♥

♥ 8.9/10 ♥ Thanks for inviting me! 

Final Comments: 

Criminal Girls was surprisingly great. I didn’t expect much from it. I thought it was just going to be “good”. But it was more than good, it was terrific! I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy the gameplay. Oh, was I wrong! It was exciting and fun! I found myself enjoying battles like crazy even though they were stiff. Watching these girls grow from strangers to friends was just so precious. Watching my relationship grow with these girls was also precious. At first, I didn’t like some of them. I honestly was a bit annoyed with how they were treating me but then they grew on me. Watching them have no trust in me to having trust in me was something amazing to see. Going through these moments and trails with them was fun and heart breaking. I had so much fun with them while going through these trails. I smiled and grinned a lot with them. I even had moments with them that made my heart break. I was always engaged with the story and characters because it was so surprising. From beginning to end the game was entertaining. It was unfortunate that the ending lacked a huge impact. It was very precious but didn’t have me feeling satisfied when the credits hit. I was honestly a bit disappointed. But this journey was great one! It was one that I didn’t expect! It was a memorable one! I’m glad I accepted the invitation to be apart of this game. And…..wait. I forgot to talk about the “Motivation” scenes. Well, let’s just say that I wasn’t mad with the censoring. The censoring wasn’t that bad. I still was “motivating” these girls and could see their bodies. There was censoring when it came to “panties” and “moans”. But it didn’t take away from the game experience. I admit I bought the game knowing that I was going to”motivate” these girls. It was……pleasurable. So, don’t play this game with anyone or let anyone see you play this. This is definitely a game I do not recommend to people. Unless you like JRPG’s and hide when you play games. It isn’t the most accessible game. I got through the rough parts and found something great. I’m glad I was invited to play this wonderful game. Now, i’m waiting for my invitation to the second one.

The trailer is down below for your viewing and………pleasure.





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