“The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Arc” (Season 3) Anime Review: Good God!

Featured Image Source: WIKI

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai

Goddesses Arc promotional art. Character Design: Akio Watanabe


The third season was great. Sure we have a bit of errors on the side. However in total this was one long ride, it literally was one huge Goddess arc. What makes it so good is that it finally tells a straight story, just like the previous Working 3 season that last held the Best Anime Now title. Which you may read here.

Get that book! Animation: MANGLOBE (R.I.P)/Courtesy: Kiss-Shot


Goddesses fill the souls of past females of T.W.G.O.K after losing their powers from sealing old hell. A branch of evil demons willing to revive Old Hell are seeking the Goddesses out to destroy them & their seal on Old Hell. Keima with the help of New Hell go to draw these Goddesses out and into safety.

Mini Minerva. Animation: MANGLOBE (R.I.P)/Courtesy: Shu-Maito




Writing – Animation Pen: Hideyuki Kurata & Tatsuya Takashi. Original Story: Tamiki Wakaki

  • It’s pretty thrilling to watch Katsuragi try to interchange his positions with the girls in the first few episodes.
  • Minor Pro: The improv session with Shiori.
  • Yui’s character is definitely dynamic. She wants to be a prince and have her man be the princess but not just a plain female dominant type. Rather she has qualities of being charming, handsome & masculine.
  • Keima plays out some funny and unique events to get this girls going. (E.G: Climbing up stairs when sick. Or cross dressing to get the masculine type to like him.)
  • The show has some funny additives. (E.G: Schoolgirl Keima socks, Keima still wearing a girl uniform or when Keima flew away in chibi form with Haqua.)
  • Chihiro’s tears at the final and Keima’s response makes you feel what they are feeling, their regret and sadness. You could totally feel that Keima wish he had said more.
RAMEN! Animation: MANGLOBE (R.I.P)/Courtesy: DANMACHI

Directing – Satoshi Osedo

  • Keima’s & Chihiro’s final talk is emotional. It’s completely quiet as she dramatically turns to say “bye bye” and Keima responds. It was perfectly directed with how quiet it was as the train came by and they departed. It was just plain sad, in the simplest form. I honestly thought it was going to be corny. Great idea to not use any other sound but their voices.
Wings! Animation: MANGLOBE (R.I.P!)/Courtesy: DANMACHI

Music – Opening Performance: (Vocals) Saori Hayami, (Lyrics) Emi Nishida, (Composition) Koshiro Honda, & (Arrangement) Watary Maeguchi

  • They always manage to make a great symphony for each season. And Saori Hayami can really sing her English well. When the songs enters it`s second phase, I love the splashing synthesizer and clean vocals.
FREAK OUT! Animation: MANGLOBE/Courtesy: Adminzo



  • Battles are definitely not a strong suit for this series. They are made up of quick slashes and dynamic static frames. (Where an action is completed accompanied with a streak of lighting, flowing hair & clothing. Rather than a complete full frame animation of the strike.)

Art & Animation

  • There are many moments of stiff & choppy animation.
  • Poor illustrations. (E.G: Glove hand in episode 4 when Keima is talking to Haqua, where is his knuckles!)
  • It’s disappointing that the show begins to be painted, illustrated and animated only at the very end. Or in their theme visuals.
Haqua doing her thing. Animation: MANGLOBE/Courtesy: ADMINZO


  • Minor Con: Haqua‘s clothes in Episode 5.  It doesn’t make sense she was slashed in one spot but all of her clothes and mask explode off, leaving her half naked. It`s just cheap fanservice.
  • There is a few unanswered questions. “Did the girls forget their memories?” Or “Do they all love Keima?”
Yui. Animation: MANGLOBE/Courtesy: SAMEDI44

ENGLISH DUB Voice Acting

  • The English dub performances on the girls are sub par.  (E.G: Yui, Sukio, Ayumi, & Chihiro.) Except for the head cast like Haqua, Elsie & Keima.
  • Eric Vale (Played Keima) can stay very cool and silly however not with emotions, like when he is hit. Though in all respect, towards the end everyone gets pretty good.
Woo! Animation: MANGLOBE (Goodbye!)/Courtesy: Hypnautiq


+ Flowing story arc.

+ Comedy.

– Art, animation & painting.

– Battles

Great opening below!




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    1. Yeah but the Goddesses are only responsible for a set amount of chapters and afterwards bring at least 100more chapters.

      Manglobe only animated the series, just like “Snafu 2” the production committee can take it to another studio. Though I’m sure there is sadness in leaving the original spot.

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