“Beautiful Bones: Sakurako`s Investigation” Anime Review: Shiny Bones Or Dull Bones

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru or A Corpse Is Buried Under Sakuraso`s Feet

Featured Image: Sakurako-San Official Visual Art

Sakurako Lead Visual Art
Sakurako Lead Visual Art. Art By: Troyca/Courtesy: Minitokyo

Writer: Chrissy.C


Shotaro Tatewaki a high-school boy accompanies a beautiful young adult Sakurako Kujo on her investigations of corpses.

Young Sakurako. Animation: TROYCA/Courtesy: Anime Enthusiast


With an ambitious director & solid art-animation team as their foundation they doll up Beautiful Bones as much as they can however it`s all about the decent cases that make this show something you can just pass and not look back on. Which is unfortunate for the makeup on the visuals.

Glove Stuff. Animation: TROYCA/Courtesy: Gurikajis



Writing – Takayo Ikami (For Animation Pen) Shiori Ota ( For Original Story)

+ Glad that the story (Each case) aligns together and finishes.
+ The story is mature for the most part. It doesn’t contain childish elements or immature content.
+ The writing really works at times. (E.G: Ep 5, When Fujioma is carried off by his friend instead of waiting for the ambulance).

+ Realistic elements and attention to detail in writing. (E.G: Episode 6, moments after Utsumi takes a lost child to the lost & found, you hear a lost announcement on the intercom as two characters continue on with their conversation.)

+ Minor Pro: Hiroko Utsumi is a fun and comfortable character to be with. He doesn’t overreact and he is mostly kind. To some extent he feels like a real happy-go-lucky grown man. (E.G: The way he treated the child in Ep 6’s investigation.)

Gimme That! Animation: TROYCA/Courtesy: 1Piece-Ace

Directing & Cinematography – Katou Makoto

+ It’s a nice touch of immersion when they transition back to reliving a case. (Example: Transparent painting in front of characters or when they watch past actions play out in a transparent color filtered form.)

+ One of the final scenes is painted and directed very well. (As Sakurako and Shotaro are moving along a field in the sunset. The director allows us to see as if there is a camera pointed at them faraway, placed on the grass as some blades invade the frame. While they walk down under the orange sun.) – Credits: Director & Art-Animation Team-

+ Minor Pro: (In episode 9. When Shuntaro Tatewaki is speaking to an old woman and then a light bulb flickers and he watches as if he is seeing the youthful her speaking to me. A great move in transition and depth of how long her regret was.)

Officers, Don`t Do That! Animation: TROYCA/Courtesy: Kobayashi-Rindou

Art & Animation – TROYCA

+ The animation and art quality never reach any point of looking bad and sometimes moves realistically. (Ep 3 Yuriko Kogani Crying Happy Tears.)

+ Beautiful Bones can actually be very beautiful. I applaud the painting, illustration and lighting work that play out from the director to the animation team. (E.G: Episode 5 the final sequence where the characters have a barbecue in the garden, it’s pretty in the shade, sun and flowers  Or Episode 6, when Yuriko Kogami and Itsuki Isozaki are exchanging dialogue by a river and the lights of the festival bleed onto the water.)

+ The lighting and painting accommodate the changing weather and scenery of each day very well.

Music & Theme Performances – ED “Washed Up Oblivion” By Technoboys Pullcraft Green-Fund feat. Yuki Ootake / OST By Technoboys Pullcraft Green-Fund

+ Minor Pro: A dream poppy song that arrives at the last episode when Shotaro reminisces on first encounters with Sakurako.

+ Minor Pro: Low key ambient synth based ending theme. It’s done well with atmosphere of the ending theme’s visuals.

The Flowers. Animation: TROYCA/Courtesy: Mirayama



– Over dramatic aesthetic sequences. (When Sakurako glove snaps and makes a whole dynamic intro to her investigation on a corpse is so unnecessary.) (Or at the final conversation when Shotaro speaks with Sakurako that he`ll stay with her in the snowy winter. It`s as if his words are warm and comforting that Sakurako & Shotaro get brought into a trance where they wear their original leisurely clothing & he melts the snow with his promises.)

Ultimate Glove Snap. Animation: TROYCA/Courtesy: LiutenantHawtEye


Sakurasou can actually come off as being very smug or arrogant in behavior. (E.G: The way she rushes into investigating dead bodies, drowning characters in her facts and invading space by either being physical or in someone’s face.)

– Minor Con: (Yuriko Kougami In episode 3 when proceeding to learn more about events of her grandmother’s disappearance she for some reason has to run and trip on her way there because she:just has to get there! )

– Dialogue can get cheesy. I hate how they incorporate the word “bones” instead of just saying the “clues” in this case don`t add up, just to emphasize the fact that Sakurako is a osteologist.  (E.G: “These bones don’t add up.” -Said in Ep 5, when piecing scenes together.-)

– Never any cut-depth investigations. It’s really basic and easily writable cases for the episodes. (E.G: Toxic Painting episodes, grandmother episode and etc.)

Butterflies. Animation: TROYCA/Courtesy: Batokusanagi


+ Painting & animation.

+ Ambitious director.

– Easily written cases.

– Minor over dramatic aesthetic directing.

I am not sure what I can share with you below, if it is in your self-interest check out Beautiful Bones: Sakurako`s Investigations on your own.


9 thoughts on ““Beautiful Bones: Sakurako`s Investigation” Anime Review: Shiny Bones Or Dull Bones

  1. It’s interesting that you consider Sakurasou’s behaviour to be a ‘con’. This kind of behaviour is practically a copy+paste of the character Dr. Temperance Brennan in the TV show Bones and that’s been a loooong running show. I find this sort of behaviour makes for a far more interesting character than some “nice” but boring and predictable character.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just didn’t enjoy her character for the most part as simple as that. Nothing to be bleeding into others opinions about it, I’m fine with whatever you think.


    1. Yes I believe it does stand out to a degree.

      Now I wouldn’t say it’s an amazing piece to watch for, agreeing to what you have said before.

      Thanks for visiting the blog, New York.

      Liked by 1 person

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