“Working!!!: Wagnaria Season 3” Anime Review: Boring Bistro, Think NOT?!

Featured Image: “Working 3” Reveal & Promotion Art.

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Working 3″ Promotional Art. Art By A.1 Pictures/Courtesy: Zerochan

Writer: Chrissy.C


The even more risque season of “Working.” First as simple as for kids, it gets a bit more for adults however I’m sure all-ages can equally enjoy this for the most part. This happens to be the best season of “Working” since I got into this show late I didn`t have to wait 4 years, haha! There was a lot to appreciate from this show. It is given the award of Best Anime Now. Last title was Angel Beats” which you can read here. Or if you`d like to read Working 2” review here.

Slick move Yamada. Animation: A.1 Pictures/Courtesy: KyousukeHiko


The Wagnaria employees are still at their daily antics. But this time many of them are thinking about their future and where to go next. The employees deal with love in family, romance and friendship as the series comes to a close.

Well, it`s over. A bit of the cast reacts. Animation: A.1 Pictures/Courtesy: Whisper & Mantra

Anime Review


Directing & Cinematography: Kamakura Yumi  -Known For: “Santa Company“-

  • Continuing on the bright and comfortably loose filling of the past seasons. Whether that would be with the lighting, colors, how characters should do something smoothly or subtly.
Popura animation is smooth. Animation: A.1 Pictures/Courtesy: Whisper & Mentra

Art & Animation: A.1 Pictures -Known For: “S.A.O“-

  • The animation is back and great as ever. Character physiology is unique, authentic and move so fluidly. An awesome team with the ability to follow the director`s goals.
Sneaky, I think not! Animation: A.1 Pictures/Courtesy: Wanabrar

Writing: Takao Yoshioka -Known For: “Your Lie In April“-

  • Workingtells a light hearted story from season 1 to season 3’s 50min special. Closing all the stories together.
  • A sense of real characteristics & elements, blended together (A lot of psychological and family backgrounds that are actually depressing but made comedic.). Make such a powerful cast and connection with them. Especially, when they finally put their story piece together. In episode 10, there is a reveal which is reacted so authentically.
  • The script is back and funny as ever.
  • Moving along and I like that. Finally we can see it go straight. You’re gonna be like “YES!”. They are so very, Grand!
  • Little pockets of stories, in all of the cast are being filled. It’s such a subtle thing, that’s so very good.
Embrace. Animation: A.1 Pictures/Courtesy: Wanabrar

Music & OST: “Always Love & Peace!!” ED By Fukuyama, Ono and Kamiya.

  • Side Pro: The ending is a little dancer tune and animation.
Yamada swinging a bear around. Animation: A.1 Pictures/Courtesy: Wanabrar



Minor Con: Takanashi, can be cold and mean for simple reasons.

Popura, lacks a cut depth story link. Like the rest of the cast even, though she’s a major character she doesn`t seem to get one.

– “Working’s” main irritant across all three seasons is the dramatic irony that is extremely overplayed.

– Simple-minded ending. (It`s all okay, we are all happy and together! The future we think about later kind of ending! Like in almost every anime ending.)

Wrong person Takanashi. Animation: A.1 Pictures/Courtesy: Wanabrar


9.2/10 Store Is Closed, But It Was Good!

+ Solved everything.

+ Overall director vision and animation + art team follows well.

– No sub-story for Popura.

– Ending.

Below check out the dance ending theme! Great show and goodbye “Working.







6 thoughts on ““Working!!!: Wagnaria Season 3” Anime Review: Boring Bistro, Think NOT?!

  1. I was very pleased with the final season of Working!!! I liked how everything was wrapped up nicely without sacrificing much of the comedy that was a staple of this series. I admit the ending was not perfect, and the wait for that final episode was ridiculous, but it was satisfying nonetheless.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think Popura’s history is she offended a Popura tree and the tree decided to curse her with short height for eternity…


    What i dont like the most about the ending is that, its too light, the most of the questions are left unanswered, so its not really “happily ever after” enough for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you just hit the hammer on the nail!

      Really? I felt It answered all the questions. But it`s true: “Where are they gonna go?” you got that right, MirrorPurple.

      Liked by 1 person

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