“One Punch Man” Anime Review: Or One Big Joke?!

[Featured Image Art By Yuusuke Murata]

Tags: Anime, MADHOUSE, One Punch Man, Genos (One Punch Man), Atomic Samurai, Tanktop Master, Zombieman (One Punch Man)
All The Heroes. Art: MADHOUSE/Courtesy: ZEROCHAN

Writer: Chrissy.C


The Year`s Most Popular anime “One Punch Man.” With many enjoyable aspects, such as the more than top-notch animation job and comedy. The real question is: “Is it really any good?

Genos blasting something. Animation: MADHOUSE/Courtesy: Bokumetsu


Saitama is a young man who decides to become a hero. Putting himself through rigorous training only to become the most powerful being thus far. The issue is that nothing is a surprise and he destroys everything in or around one punch.

Saitama & Genos running. Animation: MADHOUSE/Courtesy: Chiryu

“ONE PUNCH MAN” The Anime Review



  • Top job animation to cover huge ground. Detailed characters and very well illustrated background and debris in action sequences.
  • From episode 9 on the last leg of “One Punch Man” shows how amazing + beautiful the artwork and animation can be. Provided by the whole art and animation team.
  • The final episode has mind-blowing grand animation and illustration performances.
Saitama crazy fight. Animation: MADHOUSE/Courtesy: FIGMA


Writing: ONE (Source Material Manga)/Tomohiro Suzuki (Anime Script)

  • Episode 7 holds one of the best moments in One Punch Man where the city folk hate Saitama for the wrong reason.
  • Saitama’s decision to not take credit in episode 9 was great to show his respect for the other heroes.
  • Quirks and little comedic events normally not seen in anime. (E.G: Bubble gum pop, Fly smacking, crotch hit, and justice crash.)
Tornado Flying. Animation: MADHOUSE/Courtesy: 0-ni Chan

Directing & Cinematography: Natsume Shinjo (Director)

  • Cinematography. Extensive camera work follow the characters movement in epic events.
  • It’s a cinematic eye popper in terms of constructing what to do and where to go for the battles.
One punch man characters introduction
Hero Intros. Animation: MADHOUSE/Courtesy: Kaneki Shiawase


Directing & Cinematography

  • Directing is dry and stagnate. Aside from their large scale battles. Visually it isn’t a treat. Mostly plain and simple cinematography. Their is no emotion in most scenes. (Example: In episode 7 when Saitama is being looked down upon, there isn’t any significant visuals or soundtrack to rise the scene up. Writing and voice acting alone made the scene to still good but not great.)
Saitama & Genos On The MOVE! Animation: MADHOUSE/Courtesy: WANABRAR



  • There aren’t many characters worth watching for.
  • When the series slows down to show organizers of the classes it’s dull and boring to watch. Since they aren’t anything special.
  • Inconsistent writing. (E.G: Tornado has a grand intro only to have an episode barely about her.)
  • They dump on way too many characters to take in and understand. Especially all the Class S Rank characters in the last leg.
  • The series waits quite sometime to start it’s important section.
  • There is no building in tension, when they jump straight to events and just go to the final battle.
Saitama Distraught. Animation: MADHOUSE/Courtesy: Wanabrar

Art & Animation

  • Bland outdated colors and illustrations.
  • The problem with most of the battles is that they look and play out amazingly with difficulty in terms of visualizing and performing them. But they aren’t anything clever or special in terms of writing them out, most are just punch, punch, blast and win. Fights are especially a strong suit in writing with series like “Jojo`s Bizzare” or “Attack On Titan.
The Winners. Animation: MADHOUSE/Courtesy: WANABRAR

6.5/10 “One Good To Decent Man”

Overall Points

+ The amazing detailed battles.

+ Comedy.

– Inconsistent Script.

– Aside from battles, visual presentation is stale.

The ridiculous opening theme below.





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