“Is The Order A Rabbit (Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka) Season 2” Anime Review: The Most Perfect Cup Of Moe Goodness!

★Writer: Richard K. Moe


★ Promotional Art ★
Promotional Art 1 (Rize Tedeza, Syaro Kirima, Cocoa Hato Holding Wild Geese), Promotional Art 2 (Rize, Cocoa, Tippy, Chino Kafu), Promotional Art 3 (Chino, Cocoa, Mocha Hato), Promotional Art 4 (Chino, Cocoa, Rize, Syaro) ♥

Behind The Anime

Tippy Drinking.gif
Tippy Drinking Some Coffee ★


Sharo Knows Everything and Cute Chiya Ujimatsu Knows Some ♥

Original Story – Koi (Creator Of: Is The Order A Rabbit)

♥ Animation Production – White Fox (Steins Gate, Akame Ga Kill, Super Sonico: The Animation, The Devil Is a Part-Timer!)

♥ Director – Hiroyuki Hashimoto (Episode Director: Angel Beats, Paradise Kiss, The Devil Is a Part-Timer!)

♥ Writer – Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Bleach, Claymore, Hajime no Ippo)

♥ Character Design – Yousuke Okuda (First Time: Is The Order A Rabbit)

Holiday Art 1 (Syaro, Chiya, Cocoa), Holiday Art 2 (Rize, Syaro, Chiya), Holiday Art 3 (Maya Jōga, Chino, Megumi Natsu), Holiday Art 4 (Cocoa, Chino, Rize) ★



Cocoa is still living and working at the cafe “Rabbit House” with her friends Chino and Rize. Chiya and Syaro are still around to give them a hand when they need one. Also Maya and Megu jump back in for more extra fun. They continue to work and discover even more about each other than before. What new memories await them? What new recipes will be discovered?



Chiya & Syaro Trying To Cheer Up Cocoa
  • Lovely cast of characters. From Cocoa to Tippy.
  • Characters seem cliche but they’re written differently than most characters. 
  • Characters are EXPLOSIVELY CUTE!
  • All characters have amazing chemistry between one another.
  • Characters recall things from past episodes.
  • Such a comfortable and soothing environment. 
  • Original odd comedic moments. (For Example: Goat alarm, Rabbit peeing, Syaro’s “Picasso”, Faces on characters don’t match their voice).
  • Characters do many things you don’t normally see. (Such As: Stalking each other, Moon walking, Spinning in a circle that soon turns into a typhoon, Taking pictures in crazy and different positions).
Chiya & Cocoa Indulging In Selfie Culture. ♥
  • Every character is used effectively in the show. 
  • Each episode has a meaning and purpose.
  • Spectacular job at adapting and linking Manga panels together. 
  • Able to extend the Manga panels into much more. 
  • Sweet and tender moments feel precious. (Specifically ones with Chino and Cocoa).
  • When it tries to be cute, it ALWAYS nails it.
  • When it tries to be funny, it USUALLY nails it. 
  • Able to deliver fun and thrilling moments. (For Example: There’s a entertaining section where the characters stalk one another).
  • Episode 11 is one of the most hilarious and sweetest episodes. And probably the best episode. 
  • Concludes with a happy and fluffy ending.


Megu Spin.gif
Megu Can’t Stop The Bellerina In Her ★
  • The world and environment is really absorbing.
  • Amazing coloring choices. Vibrant and shiny colors.
  • Characters change their hair throughout the show. It gives a nice change to the characters.
  • The various sounds and effects implemented in scenes create a wonderful atmosphere.
  • Wonderful music choices that help create and bring emotion to scenes.
  • Able to deliver moments that are cute, funny, tender, and sweet. 
  • Very creative and impressive ending theme concept. 
Animation, Character Designs and Voice Acting
♬You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round ♬
  • Beautifully designed characters.
  • Quality animation.
  • Beautiful colors.
  • Fantastic lighting. 
  • HILARIOUS voice acting. (Especially Cocoa and Syaro).
  • Characters make a lot of weird and comedic sounds. 
  • Characters make cute voices and sounds that are too adorable.
♥ Lovely Girls In Pajamas ♥


★ !?!?!?!?!?!?!? ★
  • Even though episode 11 was fantastic.

         The quality drops a lot.

         Character’s move very stiffly,

         character models look funny,

         and there are some cheap camera shots.


♥ See You Next Time, Cocoa


Final Comments: THIS ANIME IS DANG NEAR PERFECT! Wonderful environment, characters, cuteness, interactions, and moments. I love every single character here. I LOVE Cocoa, Rize, Chino, Chiya, Syaro, Maya, Megu, Mocha, Ms. Aoyama, Ms. Aoyama’s assistant, Tippy, Wild Geese, AnkoTakahiro Kafu (Chino’s Dad), Chiya’s Grandmother and even Rize’s Dad! Every character is excellent and lovable. They do such funny and fun things you rarely see. The way they act and react is just amazing. The fun and sweet times are just precious. This world, this city, this environment is just so absorbing. Especially with the great music, coloring, and lighting. You don’t get this in many Anime. It’s crazy how they connected Manga panels and extended Manga panels. This wasn’t just an adaption, it was a creation. It was so close to being a perfect Anime. Too bad episode 11 failed a bit, it would’ve been perfect if it didn’t. But that episode is one of the best episodes! Maybe the best in terms of writing and funniness. “Is The Order A Rabbit” is the most perfect cup of Moe goodness ever thus far! Moe never tasted so good. This is my Anime of 2015! I am sad that it’s over. I really loved my time with them. But I have a feeling i’ll see these wonderful characters again. Season 3! I’ll be waiting for you! – Richard K. Moe

The PV is down below for your viewing and pleasure. WATCH IT!



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