“Angel Beats” Anime Review: Anti-God to Accepting The Beyond

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“Angel Beat`s” Huge Cast/Source: Zerochan/Art By: Kono Sonorou

[From Writer: Chrissy.C]

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A very spiritual anime about fate, acceptance, reality and regret. This happens to be one of my favorite anime of all time. Though it contains errors, I still believed it is a well crafted project.

Leaving Class/Animation: P.A Works/Courtesy: ShiShia


“Angel Beats” is a story of youths falling into purgatory. Rebelling against the God who gave them a cruel fate while they were alive. However they learn the true intent of this purgatory and why they had been placed here by God. To reconcile with their past lives and enjoy what they were never given in their past existence to move on to the elusive afterlife.

Yui On The Baseball Field/Animation: A.1/Courtesy: Yaoling

“Angel Beats” The Anime Review


Writing – Concept and Script delivered by Jun Maeda (“Clannad”, “Charlotte”, & “Little Busters”.)

  • Very emotional, sad moments when each character comes to pass and accepts their old lives.
  • Funny and enjoyable moments composed. You really do feel like these characters are one big lovable group of teenagers.
  • Such the colorful composition of characters, interactions and events.
  • Characters give a connection. They have dimension.
The Whole Team Is Moving On/Animation: A.1/Courtesy: EpicAnimeReviews


Directing & Cinematography – Lead Director Seiji Kishi (“Yuki Yuna Is A Hero”,”Persona 4: The Animation” & “Arpeggio Of The Blue Steel.”) & over 10 Animation Directors.

  • Seiji Kishi was able to follow the bright script and turned it into a flowing piece, knowing when to express different emotions for each individual scene. Whether it was emphasizing the comedy in slapstick moments. Or lighting and music cues in emotional sequences.
  • Seiji Kishi`s translation of the script to visuals and character physiology was also seen and performed by the many animation directors to get his vision correct.
  • The lighting selections + camera angles create dynamic cinematography and were great in the Girls Dead Monster performances as they cut back and forth to the main missions in the story. The motions of the girls playing their instruments are fluid and realistic.


T.K Flying In The Air/Animation: A.1/Courtesy: Infinity Music

Music & Original Soundtrack Lia performed the opening theme “My Soul Your Beats”, Lisa performed the special for episode 4 Remix of “My Soul Your Beats”, and “Brave Song” by Aoi Tada. Other Compositions and Background Music include: Jun Maeda & Anant Garde Eyes.

  • Insert songs from “Angel Beat`s” original band Girls Dead Monster. Stick out well in cinematic sequences and provide a depth of emotion in Yui`s and Iwasawa`s sections.
  • “My Soul Your Beats” is a strong lead opening theme with a memorable piano composition.

Voice Acting – English Dub Cast

  • The English voice actors do exceptional jobs in expressing each character. In tearful moments, day to day activity and humorous moments.
Embrace!/Animation: A.1/Courtesy: Mishraaa



  • The expansive cast isn`t completely expressed. Due to the lack of episodes not everyone is given total screen-time or a background check.
Gif Cute angel beats raros vista
Shiina`s Cat/Animation: A.1/Courtesy: GifMambo

9.5/10 Emotional Great

Angel Beats Sleep Time
Sleep Time/Source: Zerochan/Art By: Robata

+ Felt many emotions.

+ Great visuals.

– Too many characters no time.


Below is the duet performed by Lia & Lisa.


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