“Rio: Rainbow Gate!” Anime Reivew: I Didn’t Get A Gem But I Did Hit The Jackpot

♦Writer: Richard K. Moe

Rio: Rainbow Gate Promotional Art ♣
Rio: Rainbow Gate Promotional Art ♦
Anya Helsing, Mint Clark, Tiffany Abbot, Rina Tachibana


Howard Resort is an island casino filled with people just wanting to relax and gamble. Rio Rollins is a popular casino dealer who works at Howard Resort Casino. She is named “The Goddess of Victory” for her ability to give gamblers good luck from just walking by them. Rio’s casual life of being a casino dealer is soon changed due to her being a “Gate Holder”. These Gate Holders compete in “Gate Battles” for “Gate Cards”. Whoever possess all 13 Gate Cards will be known as “Most Valuable Casino Dealer” (MVCD). Rio with her beautiful, odd, and helpful allies must take on unknown enemies in order to gain all 13 Gate Cards.   

♛ Protagonist: Rio Rollins
Ille Adams, Tiffany Abbot, and Elle Adams freaking out ♣

Behind The Anime:

♠ Animation Production – Xebec (Love Hina, To Love-Ru, Triage X, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W)

♠ Director – Takao Kato (Triage X, Zoids, To Love-Ru)

♠ Writer/Series Composition – Mayori Sekijima (Pandora Hearts, Star Ocean EX, Moon Phase, Zillion)

♠ Character Design – Kōtaro (Taisho Baseball Girls)


Pros +


Rio in a bikini and looking sexy ♥
  • Howard Resort feels alive and the inhabitants do as well.
  • Feels like a Paradise City. 
  • Rio is an attractive, clever and lovable protagonist. 
  • Characters become very likable and are a joy to be around
  • Most characters matter to the story.
  • There is no SUPER PERVY character. 
  • Characters feel like they care for one another. 
  • Some clever writing (For Example: Because of a bandage on someones finger they messed up their calculation in battle)
  • Characters bring back up or recall things from previous episodes. 
  • The story falls into place smoothly.
  • The relationship between the main villain’s and cast is executed well. 
  • Can be very funny and sweet at times.
  • Twist and turns actually feel like SHOCKERS! 
  • Ending was cliche but actually felt satisfying.


  • Music is relaxing and fits very well. 
  • The story falls into place smoothly.
  • Keeps each episode interesting. 

    Rosa Canyon, Tiffany Abbot, Linda, Mint Clark, Rio Rollins, Anya Helsing, Elle Adams, Ille Adams


  • Characters skills/luck powers are very cool looking.
  • Watching battles form into mental battles is amusing.
  • Some Gate Battles are battled on dynamic structures.
  • Movement is pretty good at times.

Cons –


Anya in a lobster suit playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with Carlos
  • Writing is not always top-notch, especially the beginning. (For Example: One villain’s decided to fight Mint because he wanted her teddy bear, One villain sad memories have to do with losing chicken wings).
  • Lines are cheesy at times.
  • Rio’s motivation for obtaining Gate Cards aren’t really expressed. 
  • Not the strongest cast of supporters and villains. 
  • Wasn’t clear on many things in the beginning. (Such as: Origins of Gate Cards, Roll Rollers, Casino Guild, Rio’s skill).
  • Fan Service is cliche.
  • Some Gate Battles have nothing to do with cards.
  • Some Episodes aren’t fulfilling. 

    Rina staring and Rio in a lobster suit poking Anya
  • Wasn’t able to pull off some dramatic/touchy scenes entirely. 
  • Sometimes just random.


  • Slow start.
  • Couldn’t pull off some dramatic/touchy moments.


  • Animation can get stiff from time to time. 
  • Character models can look odd. 


Anya hitting the jackpot. She’s so cute. ★

8/10♛ I really liked it a lot!

Final Comment: Rio: Rainbow Gate, was a real surprise for me. I didn’t believe that it would be a really good show. I thought it was just some fan-service show that was whatever. I watched it because I saw it was all girls mainly. So I checked it out. First episodes was decent enough to continue. What got my attention was the island. It was a paradise city. The grass was green and the girls were pretty. I was really token from the scenery and environment. And then I was token from everything else of the show. For some reason the writing got really good and the characters started to grow on me. They are awfully cliche but they are also awfully lovable. Especially the girls. One thing I couldn’t believe was how shocking some twist and turns felt. It really got me. And oh my gosh. Rio is just so lovely and yummy. Oh goodness, she was like a goddess to me. This show was just so much fun to watch. I felt like I was on a vacation. But it’s definitely no gem though. This show did not explain things too well, some characters just felt empty, the fan-service was so typical, some decisions weren’t satisfying, and some episodes weren’t fulfilling. But getting pass all of that. This show has some amazing writing and characters. And when I say get pass, I mean pass like a couple of episodes. It takes some episodes to get really good. It does look like a forgetful Anime and that I sadly agree with. But after watching it, I know I won’t forget it entirely. I wish for a Season 2 but it most likely will never happen due to low sales and popularity. Rio: Rainbow Gate is not perfect but it also is not a mess. I’m glad I took a spin because I hit the jackpot. – Richard K. Moe
♠ If you want to purchase it then click right here or the picture! Take a spin! ♠

Come and check out the PV! Down below! Take a gander!


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