“Anohana: The Film” Anime Film Review: Good Look Back, Barely A Sequel

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“Anohana: The Film” Poster. ART BY: A.1 Pictures/Courtesy: Pilipinas

[Writer: Chrissy.C]


The sequel to the hugely successful original anime released in the year 2011. A Charming release at the most. With not much to offer.

Menma & Flowers. Animation: A.1 Pictures/Courtesy: AnimoApps


After the events of the series, the group of friends are all back to being close again. Moving a long well with their lives. To tribute to their old friend Menma, the group decide to write letters to her while reminiscing on the past.

Team Win. ANIMATION: A.1/Courtesy: Seyeka

“Anohana: The Movie” Review



Mari Okada returned to pen the film. (Known for: “Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home”, “Selector Wixoss: The Film, & “Anohana: TV ANIMATION.”)

+ Menma’s brief background is exposed. New animations to show the cast of children bonding together and seeing how Menma found them. More depth of connection to Menma for each character given a time slot.

+ Growth in characters and most in Jintan being outgoing & finding life.

+ The ending had emotions and was just a beauty. The last lines with each other. Just a lot of connection and good times.

Soundtrack & Musical Compositions

REMEDIOS returned to composed the film`s score. Most of it being reconstructed works from the TV Animation.

+ Beautiful soundtrack mostly minimalistic with the added of very moving final performances.

Menma & A Sea Of Flowers. ANIMATION: A.1/Courtesy: Morgiana


Writing, Production Choices & Directing

– The film is littered with reused footage. With mostly recap to the story.

The concept is very creative. However it is also limited to any leaps for the series. Allowing them to abuse the concept and show repeated cuts from the TV Animation.


– Emotional sequences don’t mean much here but nostalgia.

7/10 Reused At-least Renewed



+ The film`s new content was something worth seeing to put a cap on the story, so far.-

– Rehashed footage was not worth watching.

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Below is the theme song “Circle Game” for the re-run & film`s credits. By Galileo Galilei & association with Pop ETC.


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