Anime of All Time: Richard K. Moe’s Favorite Anime Series of All Time! (2015 Edition)

✩WriterRichard K. Moe

✎ This list is not the kind SpongeBob is referring to ✎

The Anime series I have chosen are not chosen just for the “Anime adaption” but are chosen also for everything else it has to offer such as manga, movies, video games, etc. These are my favorite Anime series of all time for now. My opinion may change someday but for now these are my favorites. And I have a couple of potential entries to my list.

– Richard K. Moe

Richard K. Moe’s Favorite Anime Series of All Time List!

Number Nine: Kill la Kill “Trigger’s Masterpiece” 

♥ Protaganist of Kill la Kill, Matoi Ryuuko

Killalakill cropKill la Kill? How come?

✂ It is intense, thrilling, exciting, funny, crazy, and ludicrous.

✂ Has a very creative and original story.

✂ Themes are very different and odd.

✂ Does such ridiculous things but able to pull It off.

✂ Characters are different and lovable in their own ways. 

✂ It’s very cartoonish style is odd but very unique.

✂ I am madly in love with Matoi Ryukko

Number Eight: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure “ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA”

Joestar Family (Part 1-7) and two important companions ✪

72b731b2ebf3f5433d57abc45a39e589WRRYY?! JOJO!

✪ Story does unexpected, psychotic, eccentric, and captivating things. 

✪ It’s style is fantastic, dynamic, slick, and in-your-face.

✪ Groundbreaking characters that win you whither they are bad or good. 

✪ Surprising, powerful, and clever fighting sequences.  

✪ Art style is very cool and very bold. 

✪ Such bad-ass macho men! 

Number Seven: Gintama “Funniest Slapstick Parody Anime Ever”

⚔ The cast of Gintama

Gintama? That show with like 300+ episodes?

⚔ Parodies and breaking of the fourth wall work very well. 

⚔ So hilarious, outrageous, exciting, and relaxing. 

⚔ Able to make me laugh to death and actually cry when sad moments happen. 

⚔ Characters are very odd but so very lovable. 

⚔ Fun fillers and thrilling arcs. 

Number Six: Lucky Star “The First Moe I Ever Fell In Love With”

Lucky Star - ice cream break
★ Konota Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Miyuki Takara, and Tsukasa Hiiragi

sample-89f58625f9e5ada371d9f99f8026a945Why this Moe, Moe, Kyun, Kyun?

★ This is the trigger that made me love MOE! 

★ So much fun and happiness felt with these girls. 

★ Entertaining watching the characters having fun and doing things. 

★ Very warm and comfortable setting.  

★ Characters are too cute and sweet!

Number Five: Himouto! Umaru Chan! “I Am In Love With The Himouto”!

Sylphinford Tachibana, Nana Ebina, Umaru Doma, Kirie Motoba, and Taihei Doma
Umaru mangsa
✭ Most of the girls of Himouto! Umaru Chan! And mini Umaru bunched around ✭

Doma.Umaru.full.1908462Why would you favor a “Himouto”?

✭ Original story that is enjoyable, funny, eccentric, adorable, and lovable.

✭ Cozy/comfy setting that makes me feel warm and nice. 

✭ Every single character is lovable and wonderful. Although cliche, they feel different as well.

✭ Love being around these characters. I have so much fun being with them! 

✭ I am deeply in love with Umaru

Number Four: Kiniro Mosaic vs. Is The Order A Rabbit? “The Moe War”

These two are fighting in the “Moe War” for my number four spot.
I love both of these Moe’s evenly.
 Sometimes one wins the battle but never the entire war.
This war will never stop until one of them prevails. 

Kiniro Mosaic: “A Graceful, Soothing, Precious, Sweet Moe Dream” 

♪ (Top: Yoko Inokuma, Akari Kuzehashi, Sakura Karasuma, and Honoka Matsubara) (Bottom: Aya Komichi, Alice Cartelet, Shinobu Omiya, and Karen Kujo) ♪

kiniro-mosaic-2Sounds like a symphony. Is it?

♪ The setting feels so pleasant to be in.

♪ Lovely and fantastic characters.

♪ Feelings of joy and peace arrive when being around these characters. 

♪ Enjoyable conversations and events. 

♪ Every moment is super delightful and fun.

Is The Order A Rabbit: “A Delicious, Delightful, Lovely Cup Of Moe”

❣ Chino Kafu, Cocoa Hoto, Rize Tedeza, Sharo Kirima, and Chiya Ujimatsu

sample-7f5c6728e42b7a1102d729387a5b0b68Is it really a fantastic cup of Moe?

❣ Setting is very immersive.

❣ A very nice and joyful feeling being in this environment.

❣ Characters make me jump for joy and excitement.

❣ Feelings of happiness and comfort when being around these characters. 

❣ Love to hear they’re conversations and see how they move forward.

❣ Every moment is awesome and a pleasure. 

Number Three: K-ON! “A Melodic Wonderwall Full Of Joy And Bliss”

Tsumugi Kotobuki, Ritsu Tainaka, Mio Akiyama, Yui Hirasawa, and Azusa Nakano
Yui Hirasawa, Nodoka Manabe, Ui Hirasawa, Jun Suzuki, Tsumugi Kotobuki, Mio Akiyama, Ritsu Tainaka, Azusa Nakano, Sawako Yamanaka, and Norimi Kawaguchi

SampleWonderwall? They’re a Wonderwall?

♫ Characters that make you’re heart melt and flutter.

♫ Characters actions are so adorable and cute!

♫ Characters feel very alive!

♫ Being around the characters can make you’re bad day go good.

♫ Dialogue exchanges are hilarious, adorable, original, and sweet.

♫ So much original movement and reaction to environment. 

♫ Always having a fun and terrific time.

♫ Completely immersed into their setting.

 ♫ Heartfelt moments are felt, whether they be sad or happy. 

♫ Moe at it’s best and finest!

Number Two: Love Live! “An Enchanting, Magical, Beautiful Miracle”

Honoka Kosaka , Umi Sonoda , Kotori Minami, Maki Nishikino , Nico Yazawa, Eli Ayase, Nozomi Tojo, Hanayo Koizumi, and Rin Hoshizora
🌟 Kotori Minami, Maki Nishikino, Nico Yazawa, Honoka Kosaka, Nozomi Tojo, Umi Sonoda, Eli Ayase, Hanayo Koizumi, and Rin Hoshizora 🌟

687284Can you really call it a miracle?

✰ A very thrilling ride from school student to school idols.

✰ Immersed in the environment and world of school idols.

✰ Moments of anger, sadness, and joy are all felt!

✰ Characters are too lovely, beautiful, wonderful, magical to be ignored.

✰ Characters has so much life to them!

✰ Music is pleasing and very catchy!

✰ All characters are original and provide so much to the story.

✰ Characters dialogue exchanges are very lovable and entertaining.

✰ You can’t help but cheer on these girls!

✰ Many breathtaking moments that leave you aw struck!

✰ Performances are sensational and outstanding!

✰ I fell in love with all the girls from Love Live!

Number One: Hyperdimension Neptunia vs. Senran Kagura

“The Ultimate CPU Versus Shinobi War”

 These two groups seem to always clash no matter what.
There is just no middle for them to meet at.
I love them both equally.
It’s either win or lose between these two.
One has the advantage at times but then the other outsmarts the other.
If one cannot be victorious then they will continue to battle until a victor is decided. 


Hyperdimension Neptunia: “Oh My Goddesses, I Only Bow To Thee”

Neptune, Plutia, Peashy, Vert, Histoire on Blanc’s head, Noire, and Nepgear

Purple Heart

sample-9270d511cfdd3601373047dc12122f4dWhy do you bow down to these Goddesses

♥ Very creative concept!

♥ Love the setting of the whole thing!

♥ Really enjoy the story of the Goddesses and their companions.

♥ Very thrilling journeys across the world of Hyperdimension!

♥ Wonderful, creative, lovely, fantastic, magnificent characters!

♥ Beautiful, cute, sexy, lovely looking characters!

★ I feel like i’m thrown into another world and into another dimension.

★ Always keeps me interested and focus!

★ I always enjoy the time I spend with the characters of Hyperdimension.

★ I fell so deeply in love with these girls that I cannot get back up and also I do not want to! 

★ In love with this series in general!

Senran Kagura: “Somehow An Ecchi Shinobi Series Became A Favorite”

★ Senran Kagura Estival Versus Crew ★
Asuka, Yumi, Miyabi, and Homura

So, why is this exactly on of your favorites?

✶ The characters of this series are all lovable when you get to know them.

Characters are interesting. It’s fun to get to know them.

✶ Lovely character design for each character. Very cute, sexy, and beautiful.  

✶ Although an Ecchi, the story can move sometimes.

✶ Sometimes the story pulls off some clever things.

There’s still a lot of humor and fun in this series. 

✶ I find myself really enjoying my time with this series. It’s very comforting. 

✶ Falling in love with the characters is what hooked me. 

✶ After falling in love with the characters I started to love the series. 

Potential Entries

Kantai Collection




Wakaba Girls



Valkyrie Drive (Not Anymore)

“Here’s Why”.


Space Dandy


If you’re reading this, you either skimmed down or read the whole thing. If you read the whole thing then thanks! I hope you found my list interesting! Tell me yours if you want! Thank you! See ya!
-Richard K. Moe.

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