“Kekkai Sensen: Blood Block Battlefront” ANIME REVIEW: This Is What Everyone Was Talking About!

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Lead Cast from Libra Organization. ART: BONES STUDIO/COURTESY: MINITOKYO

[Writer: Chrissy.C]


A Passage to the beyond, opened in New York City. Which led to large-scale destruction and mayhem. Full of demons, powers, and overall supernatural phenomenon. Libra, is a team that must keep order in a city that constantly turns up and down.

Leo`s Eye Ability. ANIMATION: BONES STUDIO/COURTESY: Trafalgar-Law-Ya


One of the fairly popular series, that aired in Spring of 2015. “Kekkai Sensen: Blood Blockade Battlefront” A dark comedy, and expansive action series. A very rich anime with many components, to enjoy. 

Black, White, Leo`s Sister and Leo
From Left to Right: White, Black, Michella & Leonardo. ART: BONES STUDIO/COURTESY: MINITOKYO

Backdrop & Fine-points

  • New York City, structure in “Kekkai Sensen” actually draw`s heavily from real areas and places in NYC.
  • Writer: Kazunao Furuya`s, first script happens to be “Kekkai Sensen”.
  • Rie Matsumoto, directed “Kyousou Giga”, making “Kekkai Sensen” her 2nd, head directing position.


“Kekkai Sensen” Anime Review



From Original Mangaka: Yasahiro Nightow & Animation Penned by: Furuya Kazauno.


    The numerous themes in “Kekkai Sensen” is huge. Many people will enjoy such a series. It doesn’t completely restricts it’s self to pure anime tags. It’s much more than that.

  • Love the characters. They are written so well. You’ll enjoy your time with them especially the lead. He isn’t such a basic protagonist. I praise the script, it’s an amusing ride with the team.
  • There are various pockets of events and life throughout the city of this Unnatural New York. This is a strong suit of work that is more than what it looks. It’s not a simple or basic super power series. “Kekkai Sensen”, packs content which includes creative & deeper waters than other super natural project.



Background OST by: Taisei Iwasaki. Theme Performance: “Hello World!” By Bump Of Chicken. Ending Performance: “Sugar Song To Bitter Step” By Unison Square Garden.

  • Soundtrack is smooth. Soft ballads, jazz music and strong vocals on background songs. Powerful stuff, led by Taisei Iwasaki.

Directing & Cinematography

D & C, provided by Matsumoto Rie.

  • Truly an expansive and dynamic anime. Extensive camera shots from view points, complex structures, engaging battles and more. Matsumoto Rie, sets the bar for the year in visually complex cinematography. Beautiful sights to behold within the run of this piece.

Animation & Art

From Studio BONES.

  • Zap, climbing. ANIMATION: BONES STUDIO/COURTESY: Kemonozume

    Attention to detail is a solid strike for this series. Little animation cues, that are subtly amusing. Animation & art, is continuously prime quality work.

Minor Pros

  • Minor Pro – Concept and work done on the ending theme. Such a feel good party. Along with Square’s night life guitar lines. *Animation & Music*
  • Side Pro – The English voice actors are convincing. They fit their roles well. Especially Leo, it’s nice to hear a fresh voice from Aaron Dismuke & Zapp’s performer is hilariously done by Ian Sinclair. *Voice Acting*
Kekkai Sensen Art By: Yuna/Made On: Picisto



Issues with the composition of story.

  • Leo’s sister isn’t very relevant to the story. With that the cast is also extremely large and don’t have enough time to fit people within it.
  • Disappointing that rescheduling & a 45min special, didn’t rise to the light. The ending lacked the grand appeal. The whole show, was heading to. With a few dull battles at the end and not enough depth of characters: Black & White. Who close “Kekkai Sensen”.

Minor Issues

  • Minor Con: Pacing may be conflicting. Never exactly letting you know the event in the time line.
  • Minor Con: Sections with the spirit who posses Black, and tries to be wicked & cool. Is just a tad laughable. So, cheesy.

8.7/10 Endings Mean A Ton

“Kekkai Sensen” with Matsumoto Rie`s, dynamic vision. Nightow`s original work & Kazauno`s new script. Along with musical efforts by Taisei Iwasaki, and the team at Bones. Brought such a special series to production. However, an ending mean so much to a series. That`s all to be sorry, about.

Below Is The Extravagant Ending Theme.


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