“Charlotte” Anime Review: Choose Awful Or Amazing

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Lead Cast, REVEAL. Art By: P.A WORKS

[Writer: Chrissy.C]

[This Review Contains: Minor Spoilers – Medium Spoilers]


Jun Maeda`s, original conception “Charlotte”. May become the last 6, in the triple six collection of Summer 2015. For anime: “Gakkou Gurashi: School Live”, and “Oremonogatari: My Love Story”. These 3 series, had the ability to pull themselves through the dumps and back up to the light, on multiple occasions. *Applause*. Though, the 2 still ended in ‘average’ grades. By the end of this review “Charlotte” may join, the two.

Everyone Fishing. ANIMATION: P.A WORKS/Courtesy: WanaBrar


In teen years, few are diagnosed with supernatural abilities. In a safeguard high-school, a Student Council group`s job is too find these teens and keep them from abusing powers. Before, they are caught by those who are looking for experiments.


Backdrop & Fine-points

  • Concept & head-writer Jun Maeda. Known for: “Angel Beats”, “Little Busters” & “Clannad”.
  • Yoshiyuki Asai, saw his first head-directing status on “Charlotte”. Credit In “Angel Beats” as story boarder and assistant director in “Tari Tari”, “Soul Eater”, & “Fairy Tail”.
  • Jun Maeda, also worked on the OST with Anant-Garde Eyes, & Hikarishuyo.

Source & Credits

“Charlotte” REVIEW



  • The ending of “Charlotte” takes innovative approaches at pushing against it’s dull run. Though not completely compelling, it’ll make you cringe a bit. Towards the final at the hospital, Yu is able to relax and have some cheerful moments again with the irrelevant main cast. Also share some emotional thoughtful conversations with Misa & Yusarin. Yu, grows by the end of the show and realizes he has an obligation to fill. There`s respect for that.
  • The villains were plain as ever. However, though not a deep enemy. They are just there to show you how frequent their troubles as super natural beings if exposed. Never expected it to end this way.
  • Freshly delivered with a bland plot. I applaud them for doing so well. Enjoyable characters. So one up for the writers, having to deal with mediocre characters. Jun Maeda brings up the characters with great ideas.
Takajo, Lunch Time. ANIMATION: P.A WORKS/COURTESY: WanaBrar
  • The main heroine, Nao is certainly an unpredictable character. Having her spices up the series.
  • There’s is a really turning shard in the series by episode 7. This helps the show continuously run with it’s heavy bag of mistakes. “Charlotte” pulls this again and it’s all a real good spin.
  • Why the series is named “Charlotte” is explained, right.


  • Modern and clean up to date animation by P.A Works.


  • Minor Pro: There is a low key and soft section in the opening theme that is really nice to look at. Just the way the little in animation collage, was done in the opening.
  • Minor Pro: Ed Theme 1 is pleasant and calm.

    Yu, Thumbs Up. Animation: P.A Works/Courtesy: WanaBrar


  • The final episode, they really make their rounds.

Directing & Cinematography

  • Solid directing and cinematography. It’s a quality of expectancy rather than something unique although some series just don’t require such a thing as the same with multiple films and TV.
  • From time to time glorious shots are to behold.



Yu & Nao, Arguing On Food. ANIMATION: P.A WORKS/COURT
  • Main character loses his touch and become a very typical protagonist and separates himself from episode 1. However, when he isn’t a straight man he returns to becoming a complete ass-hole. “Charlotte” seems to condone the main character’s bitter and rudeness.
  • In episode 6 a few more problems surface. A few gags like kicking one of the characters out of a window wasn’t particularly funny & felt like such a stiff joke. Another error was when the little sister’s attacker comes to pursue her. It wasn’t convincing enough. The delivery was very much expected. A sense of flare didn’t exist. By the end of it was a basic episode and stood out, negatively. However in light this episode is turned by a twist seen in Episode 7. Like spoke above.
  • The protagonist happens to meet a key figure to the story (ZHIEND`S Lead Singer). However it’s a mediocre and cheap way these two meet.
  • The turning point of goodness. The main character finds is flat. When he decides on the people in his life who were kind to him he doesn’t even think for a moment of the others in his club and just chooses Nao, to fill in a romantic void for the series.

  • Medium Spoiler: Yu`s brother`s story (Shunsuke Otaka), doesn`t come into play until the last leg of “Charlotte”. Which is the most important. Then there is a weak explanation, for why he doesn`t involve Yu & Ayume in his life. Overall, “Charlotte”, could have easily been in best lead by their older brother.
  • The main characters, introduced. Are extremely irrelevant, as the story progresses.
  • Yu, is extremely overpowered. Which makes everything so unfulfilled.

Animation & Production Committee Choices

  • Minor: CG People

5.4/10 Lows From High


‘Lows From Highs’, what this means is that the complete work of Charlotte”, comes from well-experienced and great staff + cast. This just happens to be one of their works, that doesn`t stand up very well. Good efforts and choices, are constantly pointed out. They tried their best. “Charlotte”, ended up scoring under a 6, leaving the Fall 2015, Triple 6 Phenomenon to an end.

Below, is a the opening theme. Performed by Lia, a long time contributor to Key & Jun Maeda, works.

Nao. ART BY: P.A/Courtesy: MiniTokyo

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