“Oremonogatari: My Love Story” ANIME Review: The Best and Worst Things, It Does

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Animation Still. From: MADHOUSE

[Writer: Chrissy.C]

Story & Introduction

Takeo`s Helping Hand and Buns. ANIMATION: MADHOUSE


Kazune Kawahara`s “Oremonogatari” the animation. Went up and down, quite frequently. The first half of the series, was reviewed here on SaechaoCirculation. It took home a mediocre grade. You may see the reasons it failed to do a fulfilling first half here. With 50% of “Oremonogatari” being decent, that really takes a hit. However, below may or will not repair it`s second side.  This is the second review, that covers 13-26.

Story Part 2

Takeo and Yamato, further their relationship as lovers. In many day to day, events. Accompanying them is their longtime friend Suna. Lovers, a child, new friends & obstacles, arrive on the scene for “Oremonogatari`s” second half.

Art By: Naoshi Komi (“Nisekoi”) & Aruko (“Oremonogatari”)

Backdrop Of The Animation

  • Based on the manga, with the same name. Which is illustrated by: Aruko & Story by: Kazune Kawahara 
  • A “Nisekoi” X “Oremonogatari” manga crossover, was spawned.
  • Director Asaka Morio: Chobits” to Chihayafuru”.
  • Writer (“Oremonogatari, is one of the only anime that has a head script by her.) Natsuko Takahashi,: From “Aikatsu” (Part Writer), “School Rumble” (Part Writer) and “Blue Exorcist” (Part Writer).

References –

“Oremonogatari 2” REVIEW


Takeo, fanservice. ANIMATION: MADHOUSE


  • Praise in writing from original writer Kazune Kawahara`s & animation writer Natsuko Takahashi. This show is still-funny. There are moments frequently that make you laugh. Not just from the bad animation. There are story fragments that tell such things that aren’t normally expressed in anime format (E.G: Takeo`s new family member.)
  • What a lovable cast. You just like to be around them. Especially Takeo, they are funny and have a lot of sweetness to them. 
  • Mariya Saijou. She is very like able and adds freshness to the story. It`s great how the narrative interacts with her. For this part you actually feel that “Oremonogatari” is moving.
  • Main Three, Looking At Stars. ANIMATION: MADHOUSE

    Certain sections actually have stronger qualities now. “Oremonogatari” does exceptionally well with story arcs.

  • Deeper connection with Takeo & the cast. More directly Takeo and how he decides not to feel emotional, if it`s for the best of others.


  • Side Pro: Takeo’s voice actor does shine a strong vocal range quite a bit. It’s sometimes hilarious.


Suna, Putting Out A Fire. ANIMATION: MADHOUSE


  • Art, illustration and framework is mostly low quality in this second half of “Oremonogatari”.


  • They drown in their own sand. Same jokes and gags are used over and over. Takeo’s funny faces, only work for so long.
  • Suna isn’t given enough time and depth. All though he does appear frequently he has almost no life. He is given such a passive role.
  • The ending is abrupt and dramatic. No time to soak.

Directing & Cinematography

  • The directing is flat and constantly recycles shots.


  • Overall the work in General is dragging. It feels like they are just churning episodes out.

6.7/10 Appreciated

What a show through Spring to the end of Summer. Rich elements, exchanged for dull givings. Though, applaud all “Oremonogatari” offered.

Below, is the great ending theme. From LOCAL CONNECT performing “Where To Find Happiness”.


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