“Sound! Euphonium”: ANIME Review: An Average Music Anime

[Writer: Carlos (Fatalend21)]

This anime stars Kumiko Oumae who just transferred to high school after failing to reach the Nationals in middle school in the band she was in. She plays the Euphonium and has been for 7 years. Skilled she realizes right away when she meets the band for the first time in high school that they were not good. Persuaded to join she eventually does and meets and old friend that brings memories both good and bad from middle school which is her friend Reina Kousaka. She becomes very shy to speak to her since the last time they spoke with each other she saw her cry after failing to reach the nationals. In the band the teacher asks the class if they would like to play in concerts for fun or reach the nationals to win. He warns them that if they decide on going for the nationals then they would go through endless practice. The class ultimately decides on taking on the nationals and this entire anime describes their journey to do so by going through different obstacles in their every day life to become better musicians.



  • Beautiful animation with stunning detail that puts this anime on top of most other anime this year in terms of animation quality. Arguably one of the best looking anime by Kyoto Animation to date. 
  • Realistic. This anime really goes over the struggles of practicing in a band learning new musical pieces from learning the actual music and balancing out practicing with social life and school.
  • Unique characters that never feel one dimensional or boring. Each main character has a story of their own and why the play music and practice hard.
  • The relationships between characters change through the series that is very interesting to watch. hibike_2-3vlcsnap-2015-06-01-21h08m10s78


  • Slow story progression.
  • This anime ironically lacks much music at all which is a shame in a MUSIC ANIME. Be prepared to listen to the same tracks countless times over the anime. Sure you could say that they are practicing the song for their concert and it’s fine but they are not just playing one song in their concerts. There should have been a bigger focus on all the music they were playing instead of hyping one musical piece through the entire anime. 
  • There really wasn’t a point in the series that made you eager to know what would happen next. It became very predictable. 

Rating; 7.5/10

Final Thoughts: Worth watching especially if you used to play in a big band or orchestra. As a musician myself it was quite fun to watch but cringe worthy at times. Much fun is to be had watching this anime if you look away from these flaws. There is a reason why this anime didn’t get that much attention over the other anime this year and it is mostly because it is mediocre. I loved the characters and story. The experience was nothing spectacular but still good. I would watch this again. 

by FatalEnd21


7 thoughts on ““Sound! Euphonium”: ANIME Review: An Average Music Anime

  1. Glad, you liked it, Carlos.

    The animation is absolutely wonderful and the lovely character designs.

    I Actually found the characters flat & the story telling was too plain. So, I had dropped it.
    Though, character interactions & physiology was quite fresh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It took a few episodes to get good and I’d assume you’d drop it before it got to the point. In fact I almost dropped it as well but I liked the characters so much I decided to watch to the end and eventually receives it’s well earned score from me.

      Liked by 1 person

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