“Gakkou Gurashi: School Live!” Anime Review: The DARK DONKEY

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Popular From PIXIV. ART BY: MERY

Story & Introduction

[Writer: Chrissy.C]



“School Live” saw immense success through the Summer Season. A label such as: “The Best Of The Year”, is quite the title, and does it deserve it? Certain shows such as: “Charlotte” & “Gakkou Gurashi: School Live”, have had rocky times, however they did fine jobs, at sealing their ends.


(MINOR STORY SPOILER) Yuki, a carefree & childish student is unable to see the actual events of a zombie apocalypse, unraveling in front of her. Due to a mental breakdown, that continues to reject such a belief. Her friends protect her & let Yuki be for sometime, but with their struggling lifestyle this becomes quite the problem.


Backdrop Information

  • The original manga, and anime have a bundle of differences between each other. Though, they both go within the same direction. (At least for most of the story.)
  • For English Speakers (ON ANN), “Gakkou Gurashi” was voted as the top anime of the summer. Both hitting huge success in Japan & The West, even when “Gakkou Gurashi” wasn`t an highly anticipated title.
  • The first episode, was extremely well-received and saw the manga sales grow 10x.




  • The writing. Kaihou Norimitsu & Higashide Yuichiro, Were able to change the story around, telling a stronger and more concentrated narrative than the original manga. I can appreciate the way they decided to end “School Live” it just makes sense. There is a redeeming quality of exchange at the end, it`s sad & works.

    Kurumi, Yuki chop. Animation TEAM: LER
  • Director Ando Masaomi, Makes a very colorful and absorbing atmosphere above the show. Certain scenes are horrific and shocking. There are some twisted and disturbing black static cut-ins their pretty morbid!
  • Art. Vibrant colors and good character designs. Animation by Lerche Studios, is great for the most part. Original character designs re-done & enhanced by Chiba Sadoru`s work.
  • Definitely they nail eerie & creepiness by the heart. With dark tones and shadowy visuals accompanying with slight audio cues. There is a specific section in episode 9 at the end that is chilling. In part with the writers and director.

+ Side Pro: Well done opening. Colorful and notebook themed. Also it’s enjoyable with the audio clips. That’s real cutesy.

School Live
Art By: Emeru.R


Yuki, slow tempo. ANIMATION BY: LERCHE
  • The reason for the out break is quite substandard. tacky, stuff.
  • There’s something under that’s going on and pursuing that would be a good idea. However they don’t, when they are given many opportunities to move such stages in “School Live”, they don`t. “School Live” tends to stretch out an important sequence, and keep you away from the end of it.
  • The endings to each episodes aren’t done well. They just end briefly.
  • As the series continues to roll. The animation grows stiffer & suffers visual problems in total.
  • Simple material. “School Live!” Works well with an interesting setting and story. However there isn’t anything compelling in its zombie-thriller counterparts. And, the moe-side holds the series from moving ahead of its self. There is also a lack of representation for knowing characters & convincing turning-points.
  • The show contains obvious commercial elements & sex appeal. Which can get in the way, from time to time.

6.5/10 Patched Up End

Megu-Nee & Taroumaru/VOLUME 5 MANGA COVER

Definitely, not a dark-horse. More of a dark donkey. Remember, donkey`s aren`t all bad. They carry quite the weight. This is what “Gakkou Gurashi: School Live” did, it carried the weight, even if it was too much. Till the very end and correctly placed it all down.

Below Is The Deceptive Opening Theme, Fun & Cheerful.


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