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DAOKO GIRL Music Story

[Review Composition By: Chrissy.C]

Official Visual Key

[R-16: For Sexual Content & Mature Themes]

Premiered at Japan Animator Expo. Another symbolic story brought to you by the same team who worked with the infamous “Me!Me!Me!”. This narrative seems to bring in the subculture “enkou” (Usually: The exchange of gifts for sexual activities. Commonly between Salary Men & School Girls) & dives back into sexuality. Focusing it`s time on a female coping with such issues.

Read For Examination of “Daoko Girl” here by Yeo Niki: https://incomputers.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/daoko-girl-an-analysis-pt-1/

Music Video Review

GIRL - 日本アニメ(ーター)見本市 2015-09-16 12-24-13
Visual Key of Daoko`s “Girl”.


– Directing & Cinematography. Is huge. Covering high & low ground with various moving footage. A very quality short. With that work done by: Hibiki Yoshizaki for storyboard & main directing. Animation control was done by: Shuichi Izeki & handled by Hiroki Shinagawa.

– Amazing animation. Some of the most vibrant quality you`ll see around. Art brings in lovely creamy layers of color. Which was seen in the previous “ME!ME!ME!”. From the special team at Studio Khara

– Music. A Poppy kind of fluffy song. Sonically an enriching bundle of sound. Then there is the shift to a quiet smooth track. Great music provided by rapper DAOKO & with help by Hideya Kojima. Very silk & clean studio production.

– Story ideas coming from “enkou” and how one is looking for happiness in such a world she lives in. If you look for the cues & keys within the video it starts to come clearly. All of this accompanied by many figurative expressions. Which is expressed upon on Yeo Niki`s study here. 

5/5 Special

Final Comments: Quite the brief touching story about a girl in a world struggling with sexuality, freedom, inner peace & happiness in general. The crew behind both “Me!Me!Me!” & “Daoko Girl” bring in elements hardly expressed in anime format & along with solid tunes.

The Stream Will Be Up From Japan Animation Expo for some time. Click the image below for the link to Japan Expo stream.

Story Board of Daoko`s “GIRL”

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