EGOIST’s “Extra Terrestrial Entities” Album Review: Like Stars In The Sky

Writer: FatalEnd21

About the album: Extra Terrestrial Entities is an album by the band EGOIST with singer Chelly who is known for working with the band supercell. This album was released on September 9th, 2012. Three songs from the soundtrack were used for the anime Guilty Crown. This is the only studio album released by EGOIST. EGOIST has done music for the anime Guilty Crown, Psycho-Pass and the video game Bravely Default20150914_205013

 (front of album: standard edition)


  • Although the lyrics were written almost entirely by ryo of supercell, Chelly really does make every song feel like hers.
  • Chelly’s outstanding vocals make this an album well worth checking out
  • Every song has it’s unique charm and no two tracks ever sound the same
  • Most of the songs in this album have multiple instruments that flow well
  • The song Kono Sekai de Mitsuketakono is nothing short of a beautiful masterpiece. It’s probably the best song in the album next to Plantees and Departures Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta


                                                                                (back of album)


(inside of album)


It literally took me over half an hour to think of a con for this album and I seriously could not find anything. This album is con free!

Score: 10/10

Final Thoughts; It was actually because of this album that I started getting into Japanese music and the language itself. I loved the flow of the music in this album and the great vocals. Chelly is simply the greatest vocalist I’ve ever heard. Seriously. This album is nothing short of greatness. It is the very definition of a masterpiece to me.


8 thoughts on “EGOIST’s “Extra Terrestrial Entities” Album Review: Like Stars In The Sky

  1. “You`ll Never Walk Alone!!!” That`s the song!
    Nice review, Carlos.

    Love the opening violin and soft vocals on この世界で見つけたもの R & B is what im hearing! In-fact im bumping it up! It`s Raw!

    Lol, spent an hour for a con, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, man kill that piano. Go Jerry Lee Lewis, on that thing with “You`ll Never Walk Alone”.

        Yes, that song is awesome. Thanks for sharing, Carlos. I`ll have to download that, now.


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