Anime Film Review: Gen Urobuchi`s “Psycho Pass: The Movie” Beautiful Basics

[Featured Image Source: “Psycho Pass: The Movie” Theatrical Poster]

“Psycho Pass: The Movie” Visual Key Poster, Art By: I.G

[Writer: Chrissy.C]

Source – “Psycho Pass: The Movie” Wikipedia


Sibyl has begun to export it`s security system to different nations around the world. During a civil-war in the South East Asian Union. Akane goes under the light to do an investigation. 

Gif Found On: Tumblr By: Noory-Swan, Animation By: I.G

Backdrop Information

  • The film made around $1,000,000Million USD.
  • There are slight visual references to: “Ghost In The Shell”, “Innocent Venus” & “Blade Runner”.

Film Scan Of Akane & Kougami. Found On: Tumblr By: SugawaraKatashi, Art By: I.G

Film Review

Kougami & Ginoza. Found On: Tumblr By: SugawaraKatashi, Art By: I.G


– Definitely the animation is done well & clean. Unlike season 2 it suffered various animation issues. Flashy & eruptive action sequences. “Psycho Pass: The Movie” is one of the very few anime that use realistic-kinds of lighting & really is an astonishing gander in many parts of this film all together.
Art is done in quality. Everything from characters, material, objects and scenery is all high-quality.

– Dynamic cinematography & directing has returned in “Psycho Pass: The Movie” this time with higher technicalities to reach theater expectations. Katsuyuki Motohiro & Naoyoshi Shiotani work with the ever intense moments in this film. Crafting around moments in battle with lifting pans & visual shots. Action designs are put out very well. Especially in the last fight. Animation down the elevator was engaging. The new enemies come along as some very powerful fighters with visual techniques involved.

Opening Animation Of The Team. Animation: I.G, Found On: Tumblr, By: kanekicchie


Akane & Her Friend. Found On: Tumblr, By: seyeka-inactiveblog

– The Americans speak with broken English. Instead of hiring fluent English speakers. “Psycho Pass: The Movie” is a well-financed film, that should have been possible.

Minor Con: The frequent interchanging of languages is an irritant.

– There is a mountain of new material to work around. Within a series that already is in possession of so much. Instead of closing in what the TV Series had. Which was already a pile of components.

– A whole new cast of characters & elements that aren’t very convincing. The original story & cast is almost disposed of for everything in this film. Except for their mere appearance towards the edge of the film.

– New enemies do not stand up against the all-time character Mikishima. Even Kirito had more depth in “Psycho Pass 2”. These characters come along with very basic motives behind their actions and zero history.

– The ending is abrupt. The reason behind everything had no grip and just appeared. However a shock is still there.

“Psycho Pass: The Movie” Theatrical Poster. ART BY: I.G


Akane Walking On A Projection. Found On: Tumblr, By: Vetroci

Final comments: Impressive visuals & cinematography. Faulty story telling. This isn’t the end of “Psycho Pass” it’s not a way to start a new path.

Below is the New Cinematic Opening Theme From Long Tisute Sigure.


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