“Tamako Love Story”ANIME Film Review: Love Is The End

Featured Image Source: Kyoto Animation

Tamako Love Story Selfie
Selfie Visual Key, Tamako & Mochizou from left to right. Credits: Kyoto Animation

[Writer: Chrissy.C]


Mochizou & Tamako, from left to right. Art By: Kyoto Animation

“Tamako Market`s” sequel feature film takes a spin on the original market-community story. Instead focuses on Tamako and her childhood friend Mochizou. High-school is fading away by the days & the kids are nervous about stepping into adulthood. Mochizou is heading out to college in Tokyo. He decides it`s time to hand his heart over to Tamako to see if she will accept.

Backdrop Of The Production

  • Original crew has returned to fulfill their roles once again!

“Tamako Love Story” Review & Evaluation

Slip Scene. Found On Tumblr: BurntSparks, Animation By: Kyoto Animation

+ Animation is as bright and lively as ever done for this feature film of “Tamako Market”. Clean, crisp and lighting dynamics help deliver “Tamako Love Story” as a visual success.

+ Spotlight director Naoko Yamada . Does her best efforts with cinematic cues and specialties with her visual style. Crafting around emotions of character interactions and independence: sitting alone, thinking or awkward conversations. Cinematography is vamped up to reach the cinema based expectations. Given film pans & zooms

+ Writer Reiko Yoshida . Well job on the little comedic jokes & conversations that aren’t hollow or plain. There is some basic wordplay people don’t use however Reiko Yoshida comes along and does such a thing. A great task has been done in dialogue exchange and the way they play around in the script is different. Like in the scene: Mochizou’s friends all give a little poke fight for cheers.

Mochizou & Tamako`s traditional String Speak. Animation By: Kyoto Animation, Found On: Reddit Forum “Convince Us To Watch An Anime…”

+ Music by Tomoko Kataoka & sound effect cues directed by Yota Tsuruoka, always do a good job at making “Tamako Love Story” more vibrant and quirky! The film’s opener theme is a nice light rock song off the original soundtrack.

+ Everything done in the power of the cast & staff creates a shine in the water, metaphorically. With differences in physiology and more expansive ideas carried in by the crew & cast for this narrative. The emotions that boil over in the film is presented so very well in this film. Complete staff praise! The sense of discomfort is so prevalent.


– Film ends briefly. Flies away so quickly. At credits it feels like it was all a long episode and doesn’t have a dynamic closure for the “Tamako” series (If this is the ending).

A Frantic Tamako. Found On: Tumblr From: Oujij , Animation By: Kyoto Animation

– A strong impact & character connection didn’t occur in the film. The last leg slams it foot down suddenly.

Minor Con: Odd comparison but “Walk The Line” the bio-pic about Johnny Cash also suffered the problem of characters not completely filling in substantial roles which I wrote here. For “Tamako Love Story” Tamako`s mother & father should have had a impact further on Tamako`s thoughts. However I praise their efforts in the constrained time-frame.

Minor Con: A disruption occurred when Mochizou decided to run and scream. It was very cheesy.

Tamako Love Story
Featured Image. Key Visual: Kyoto Animation


Last View: “Tamako Love Story” is a visual glory. The problem lies in it`s story telling & how it uses it. 

Watch the remixed theme for the film below, spoilers ahead. Video footage courtesy of tSukkie Pink.


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