Anime Figure Review: Akagi Nendoroid

Writer: FatalEnd21

 Akagi is a character based off the actual aircraft carrier of the same name from World War ll but this version is from the anime/game series Kantai Collection which is about how fleet of girls based off WW2 ships are at war against an alien force named the Abyssals. This nendoroid figure is from Good Smile Company and sculpted by Shichibee. 




  • Beautifully detailed, really captures the character perfectly
  • Lots of accessories to choose from and pose
  • Very adorable 
  • Her actual character in the anime/game loves food and this figure sure does come with food! Even that is very detailed.
  • Zero paint errors and like the Kaga nendoroid comes with Japanese Zero planes that themselves are wonderfully detailed as well


(Like every nendoroid, you can change parts between them as shown her. I added in some Neko ears and cats from a different nendoroid)



  • Can be difficult to set up. Not as difficult as some other Kancolle nendoroids (i’m looking at you Kongo!) but still can be a hassle to have her in a good pose with her bow and arrow without her arms coming off. 
  • Like some nendoroids who have longer hair, the hair could get in the way of putting her in the stand well enough so I’d recommend having her head turned to the right. 


Rating: 9.5/10

Final thoughts: This is a great figure and is worth every penny if you can get her at a decent price. She isn’t expensive and you could snatch her up for a good price from any trusted seller (amiami,tokyo otaku mode, Japan Hobby). I got mine from Amazon and since they don’t really treat their packages very well you could end up with box damage so if you worry about that avoid Amazon. She is perfect to display next to Kaga, especially if you have them eating together as pictured above. 



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