Manga Review: Nami Sano`s VOL.1 “Sakamato Desu Ga?: Haven`t You Heard, Im Sakamoto” Superhuman Dwells In Highschool

Banner Image: “Sakamoto” Volume 1

Sakamoto desu ga? 1 Page 5
Official Manga Scan From Vol. 1. Source: MangaHere

“Haven`t You Heard? I`m Sakamato” Story

The narrative reports on Sakamato the ice-cool high-school student and his outstanding events in his life. From dealing with gangs, bullies, fighting bees & more.

Overview & Critique

Sakamoto desu ga? 2 Page 1
Sakamoto doing a clean-slide. From VOL.1/ Source: MangaHere


+ Ridiculous & Illogical scenarios lead character Sakamoto deals with & makes for himself.

+ High quality artwork, although character designs may suffer between times. The detail done on clothing creases, backgrounds and material is well-done + strong inking. Nami Sano does a fine job at crafting dynamic situations through artwork.

+ Definitely a spectacular protagonist that usually doesn`t take the spotlight in many series.


Some female modules are strange & plain-looking. Large faces, chins, and structures.


Final Thoughts: Some hilarious & well-crafted work by Nami Sano. The artwork definiteness helps to deliver this special piece.

Purchase a copy of this exciting thing here “Click Here”.


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