Anime Figure Review: Kaga from Kantai Collection Nendoroid

Writer: FatalEnd21

Kaga is a character from the anime series/game series called Kantai Collection. A series that is about the Japanese ships/planes of World War 2 but as girls. This figure is sculpted by Shichibee and distributed by Good Smile Company who are sole distributers of the Nendoroid series. This figure was originally released Summer 2014 but got a re-released 2015 in the Summer. 



  • Kaga’s nendoroid is ridiculously adorable, probably the most adorable of any figure i’ve ever owned. Seriously.
  • Lots of accessories to mess around with, from Kaga’s bow and arrow to the Japanese Zero planes that are included. 
  • Perfectly priced, for around 3,000 yen, you can’t really complain. 
  • Sculpted wonderfully as every bit of detail of Kaga is represented accurately in the figure
  • Thanks to the awesome accessories she comes with, there is plenty of poses you can have her in. 
  • ZERO paint errors. ZERRROOO. 20150822_17304220150822_17593320150822_173925


  • Her little bow carrier on her back was a bit of a pain to put at first. You may struggle a big having her in the right pose without her stuff falling off. But she isn’t as bad as Haruna’s nendoroid who is also from Kancolle by the way. This issue is very minor and not everyone will have this issue. 



Score: 10/10


Final Thoughts: If you are a fan of nendoroids and a Kantai Collection fan. This figure is a must buy. Seriously. You won’t be disappointed. 


2 thoughts on “Anime Figure Review: Kaga from Kantai Collection Nendoroid

  1. Dang, Carlos. A smack of 10/10!

    The Kaga Nendoroid does have a great Paint Job. Most Nendoroids are real nice!

    I’ve been really having fun with the series Charlotte. I’m thinking if it’s still real good! Nendoroid!

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