Anime Review: Hara`s “Hello! Kiniro Mosaic: Golden Mosaic Season 2” Rolled Gold

Official Screen Visual Key: JC Staff. Animation Studios
[Writer: Chrissy.C]

[PG – PG 13: Mild Fan-service and Context]


The girls from “Kinmoza” return. A Non-linear narrative of events and vibrant times of Alice, Karen, Yoko, Aya, Shinobu and more friends!

(Alice and Shino ‘Studying’) Animation By: J.C Staff. Animation Found on: Tumblr

(Yoko and Aya ‘Be My Wife Scene’) Animation by: J.C Staff. Found on: Reddit Anime

Facts and Information

The second season to the hit moe “Golden Mosaic!”

  • The main cast has returned to fill in their roles.
  • The Director Tanaka Motoko and Writers Yunika Ayana have returned.
  • AT-X, Genco, AND Flying Dog, Are the production companies backing up the anime.
  • Hara`s “Kiniro Mosaic” has done many crossover art work with Koi`s “Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka”. Including Art Books.
  • Suprising: The lead female Shinobu was intended to be a male protagonist (Harem, most likely). The editor of “Kiniro Mosaic” had said.
  • Originally the story was of a girl transferring from a magical world. Instead it was opted out for an English Girl.
  • Expanded Script: This series is an example of a 4-koma or lightly written manga expanded by a writer. “Kiniro Mosaic`s” Writer: Yunika Ayana.
  • “Miracle Girls Festival”, is an upcoming rhythm game that features other anime series girls. This will include characters from “Kiniro Mosaic”.
  • The town of “Kiniro Mosaic” is actually modeled of real spaces in Japan.

“Kiniro Mosaic” X “Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka”. Collaboration Screen Art.


(Karen Running Circles) Animation By: J.C Staff


  • The characters are given more dialogue, it is distributed evenly among each other.
  • New comedy elements, written for the show.
  • Animation and Art is top-notch, even better than the first season.
  • Very well written this time around. The characters are even more fun to be around than Season 1.
  • The Directing (Tanaka Motoko) is great. It seems to be more vibrant and colorful.


(Young Karen Falling) Animation By: J.C Staff / Found on: Tumblr
  • The beginning was the best part of the show, but as it went on it reminded me of Season 1, it just wasn’t as good during the other half. However it still remains well-done.
  • Like season 1 it doesn`t end correctly. Over many episodes they don`t use their opportunities to make a solid impact.
Honoka & Karen
Honoka & Karen/ Art By: Hara & J.C Staff. From Left To Right


Yui Hara, Studio Gokumi, Kiniro Mosaic, The Secret of Kiniro Mosaic, Youko Inokuma
Hara`s Official Artbook Pieces from “The Secrets Of Kiniro Mosaic”.

A Good light-hearten series made it`s return for a fun time. It came along and patched up some mistakes. Unfortunately they replayed a few more errors. Still a good watch to feel comfortable and have a good time.

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